These Pugilist-leaders

by Odimegwu Onwumere

The scuffle which was reported on September 17th 2013, to have occurred in
the Nigeria’s House of Representatives, is a mark the (dis)honournable
members have scored, showcasing their incompetence to handle the affairs
that bother to the reason the electorates elected them.

It was in the event of the meeting between the seven governors of the new
Peoples Democratic Party, and members of the House of Representatives, that
the fight ensued.

This is a pointer that President Goodluck Jonathan should watch his
purported second term ambition in 2015, because aggrieved nerves and
different interests are sending their prepositions of the bigger brawl that
might occur in the country should he re-contest.

It is also another indication that some persons or group are not happy
since it came to the public notice that President Jonathan is interested in
deciding who should come out to contest in the aforementioned year and who
should not.

In an indication that Jonathan should give up his ambition for a new term,
it is imperative to say that a patriotic statesman or woman is not lured by
over possessiveness of power, but is accentuated by the love of his people,
and is ready to send any of his or her ambition that may jeopardize the
system on an errand.

Nevertheless, the show of shame at the House of Representatives is a
negative representation of Nigeria before the comity of nations. Our
talents in harnessing the nature-given resources of this country should not
always be explored and exploited in sorry states. And those who were
fingered in the fight might not be bathing their eyelids to tender their
resignation letters. Yet, we are crying and shouting on top of the roof of
corruption, when many are oblivious that a public office holder caught
desecrating his or her office with open fight, is also a corrupt person.

Only our ancestors know who these people are representing, when they cannot
show themselves before the people as gentlemen and women. In the recent
past, precisely on June 22, 2010, the same Representatives engaged
themselves in a free -for-all hostility and battering, not elsewhere, but
on the floor of the House.

The recent fight has shown that the House is overdue to be scrapped, as it
could be deduced that the members lack the spirit of organisation and
comportment. They can never be seen as leaders, when they are leading us
with wars. Their character and attitude is a show to Nigerians to embrace
the negative lifestyle, which majority of us churlish.

Diplomats are not known to behave like thieves and prostitutes whose major
occupation is to fight at the slightest provocation without caring what
they teach their wards since the end aim is to make their
mischievous-money, but diplomats are known to doing things that are
praiseworthy and impact positively on the onlookers they represent.

It is time those leaders represented Nigeria and Nigerians very well.
Protestation is not about fighting and being over ambitious for position.
Those so-called leaders should stop being involved in shameful acts, as

We are not in the military era. They should not make us to re-think that
not everybody in clothes is supposed to be allowed to walk the street as
sane person. Likewise, not everybody in clothes in the House of
Representatives is supposed to be allowed in the House.

Those leaders should not make us and the international comity to think or
record in the security index that the House of Representatives is now one
of the dangerous places to be in Nigeria. We are not even fighting about
their over-bloated salary otherwise christened mumbo-jumbo pay that can
be used to improve the country, but they are the ones messing us up with

President Jonathan and his co-leaders should understand that it is not a
crime to swap words, but it is not gentlemanly to engage in an open fight
that breach trust of people. We would have applauded them if their fights
were to defend the populace. But regrettably, they were fighting for power,
their pockets and possibly plunge the country into ultra-chaos, which only
we the poor masses would bear the brunt upon the hard conditions we are
already facing.

Those leaders who fought in the glaring eyes of kid should understand their
mannerisms are of nincompoops’. If they are truly leaders, they should
resign, as an apology is not enough to douse the molested psyches of
Nigerians who once trusted them they have sent to the cleaners.

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