Thiery: Migration Of A Play Maker

by Bob MajiriOghene Etemiku

Arsenal FC fans like Ben Ejimandu believed that Thierry Henry has all the makings of a consummate and an international football marksman. Fleet footed, subtle and deadly. He says that Thierry is imbued with stealth and a combination of speed, space and skill that puts him in a class of his own. But recently, Ejimandu feels disgusted and somewhat relieved with the football ace’s much vaunted move to Barcelona Football Club this summer. Friends of Thierry from Barcelona like Eto’O had boasted that the Gunner Captain would join them soon, despite the spirited denials from Arsene Wenger and Thierry. But Ejimandu says that even though Thierry helped the Gunners reach an unprecedented and an illustrious position two seasons ago, he thinks the footballer recently lost the nerve and verve that led him to the captainship of the club after Patrick Viera.

But soccer analysts like Ben Omorogbe, banker and Chelsea fan, is quick to point out that Thierry’s move from Arsenal to Barcelona to be with his friends, Ronaldinho and Eto’O Fils is not one made out of emotional nostalgia. He says that of recent, migration of such team mates like Ashley Cole and Patrick Viera took the shine off Thierry’s play and made him virtually redundant. He disagrees with the speculation that made the rounds that Thierry’s legs had become wobbly and was now too old, too slow and of no useful use. ‘’Very soon, you’ll find that a combination of the quartet, Thierry, Ronaldinho, Mesi and Eto’O for Barca will be one of the deadliest’’, he affirms.

Barca bugs at Abbey corner, a hang-out outfit tucked in the underbelly of Anthony Village feel elated that a top gunner has moved over to their camp. Lawani Akindele is one of them. He says that come next season, Barcelona FC will be the dominant team in the whole of Europe and in all international football engagements. But while some Barca fans feel this way, other Arsenal fans apart from Ejimandu express a sense of trepidation at the exit of their play maker, Thierry. ‘’He has been the life wire of Arsenal for the past three seasons’’, says Segun Ebitomi, a medical doctor. ‘’With his leaving and with Arsene Wenger’s contract expiring next year, I don’t see Arsenal doing well in a very long time, unless they do something desperate’’, Ebitomi continued. Since Thierry’s move has not really been signed, sealed and delivered, Ebitomi suggests that Arsenal must do everything to win back their play maker.

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Toba September 1, 2007 - 2:58 am

Henry lost motivation as soon as viera left arsenal for juv.. Arsenal should not have sold veira ……. now ashley cole ,veira and henry are off the team.. Its gonna be hard to bring arsenal back..arsenal is going down


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