Third Slavery and Ways to Be Free

by Michael Oluwagbemi II

The first wave of slavery was slavery, as we knew it- the actual enslavement of the people of Africa; first by the Arabians and subsequently by the Europeans. The second wave of slavery is the slavery of our land and of our mind that saw the enthronement and the deification of European manners, etiquettes and ways of life. They call it colonization; I call it slavery- because, that is exactly what it is! The third wave of slavery was conceived, initiated and implemented in Washington DC by the Breton Wood Institutions masquerading as international aid agencies. They call them World Bank and IMF, yet they are the agents of this third wave of slavery that should be resisted. The strategy for resistance is what I would enunciate below in this article. For if our appeals in the first article falls on deaf ears, we definitely have not exhausted our options- there are one ways than many that we can achieve our purpose.

The first and most feasible option for African countries is sure as medicine but slow as death coming! It is simple- good governance, coupled with the strengthening of the democratic institutions of our blessed continent. For when we have achieved a good level of leadership practices, economic prosperity would naturally flow from the golden ebbs of our continent, and we might not even need economic aid or even debt cancellation. It would require restoring the integrity of the electoral process, putting in place measures to guarantee freedom, free market economy, eliminate ‘sit-tight’ syndrome and ensure the mechanisms that uphold the rule of law are in place. It would require building consensus, spending less on defense, eliminating corruption, fashioning indigenous democratic systems that work and increasing government support for business and pro-growth policies. It would require an immediate increase in intra-African trade, a veritable means of Trans-African transport and elimination of undue barriers to trade and foreign investment.

The second option is an option of looking inwards. It requires an introspection that would see to it that all looters of public funds in the past are brought to book and made to refund all the monies they looted. It would require the government of the day setting up a Public Debt Trust Fund to invest these monies along with a fixed amount equal to about 25-50% of money used for debt servicing in high yield foreign and local investments. That would potentially yield greater than the debt and fund future debt servicing after the initial 10-15 years of contribution to this fund. The fund can even be used as a future bargaining chip to negotiate down debts, as threat of withdrawal of such funds from nations hosting these investments in a single day could potentially be fatal to such countries and prove extremely disastrous comparable to offering lower rates on these debts or completely canceling them.

The third option is what I would recommend for only African countries rich in resources or foreign direct investments. This solution is quick, effective and very practical. It would require the foreign ministries, finance ministries and the political institutions of the nations that would be involved to act concertedly, decisively and in consultation with every nation involved with this option. It would only be effective if at least five to ten countries carry this out, while instituting the first option. For in the absence of good governance, the countries that would be involved in the third option run the risk of alienation and blackmail by the industrialized world. This solution is hard nosed and I like to call it “The Putin Method”. I have named it after the Russian President because he has effectively implemented it against his political enemies with little or no consequence. This method involves promulgating laws that would retroactively charge taxes equal to the national debt of the nation on the most lucrative foreign investments in the nation. This would tie the forgiveness of such ‘legacy taxes’ to the foreign company lobbying their home country on behalf of our nation and obtaining full debt forgiveness equal to such tax dollars to the last cents. It is common knowledge that most of the foreign oil and mining concerns in Africa are politically influential in the homelands, and it smacks of corporate irresponsibility for them to continue turning blind eye to the problems of the nations where the make obscene profits. These companies should be charged interest rates on these unpaid ‘legacy taxes’ equal to the rates charged by their home nations on our debts and should be made to pay back in a stipulated period, failure to do so may eventually lead to losing their investments. Repatriation of their profit should also be stopped immediately these taxes are assessed and they are informed.

Last but not the least, African countries can look eastwards and turn their backs on the West. This would involve the immediate boycott of all Western products, repudiation of all debts owed to western nations and the boycott of all institutions like the United Nations, World Bank, IMF as well as any organization they control or belong. This would also come with negotiating with China and India to fully supply the resources they require for growth in return for setting up a Southern Hemisphere styled World Bank that can be referred to as the ‘Global Bank’ that would effectively compete with IMF and World Bank. China foreign investments as well as India’s should be effectively guaranteed preferential rights to the continent of Africa, while handling over the keys of European Investments (since I consider the most uncooperative of all industrial powers on this matter, especially France and Germany) to Chinese and Indian industrial concerns. This option must be implemented even with our progressive southern American counterparts like Venezuela, Bolivia and Brazil that aren’t tied to the tutelage of western interests. African foreign missions must also implement a divide and rule strategy that would effectively grant America some access while fully denying their European cousins; this would keep the channel open for further discussion on this matter.

The future of our continent is in our hands and it is only by our actions that we would determine to be subservient to suffering while we lose our children to poverty, disease and wars while the children of the west feed fat on our resources and charge our children obscene usury on unused capital or free ourselves. The time to act is now, and it can only be done with effective purpose and reason in mind. Rise O Ye Mother Africa and save your children!

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Shine12 March 22, 2011 - 4:50 pm

All he’s saying is the Indians and the Chinese are forward looking economies who have recognised the damage the west are capable of doing and have taken a stand for themselves. Also they are not looking for nations to turn to their “puppets” which is what Nigeria and most African countries are to the west.Obviously provided we too ar enot going in for a Puppet to Master relationship.IT IS TIME FOR NIGERIANS TO BE POSITIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pirato February 2, 2010 - 7:52 pm

Ha ha ha. So we should exchange Western slavery for Eastern slavery from the Chinese and Asians???? Colo mentality never stops

daga December 26, 2009 - 9:03 pm

Good article…

As usual the “it can’t be done” negroes will rush in and say it can’t be done and all about how powerful the west is, blah, blah, blah…

It’s a damn shame that these same type of people are in charge in African countries and comprise the African Union (a gathering of slave negroes for the perpetutation of western European superiority).

We have to make a choice, if Africa wants to be like the west, we must be willing to steal from, kill, rape, murder, enslave and destroy a lot of foreign people to further the interests of our continent, it will take longer to achieve supremacy of the African continent…. That was how they did it… By willing to do all sorts of dirty deeds…

lanha November 11, 2009 - 1:49 pm

to be honest me too i would like to talk with you personaly, so this is my e mail address ,please send me yours so i can continue this conversation with you.

khony kakota January 1, 2009 - 2:57 am

to be honest brother ur article is good just for the simple fact that it creates awareness am a black law student and because i have a 3000 word portfolio on globalisation and human right i need to hand in in 5 days ive been recently doing some research on that area from which i came to conclude that unlike certain popular beliefs that the western countries we live in induces us with such the west supporting the third world trough humanitarian aid it is actually the third world countries that support the west through the means of this IMF institutionalised debt slavery

kingchima December 25, 2008 - 10:59 pm

keep shopping, sell out.. This brother makes a good point and all you can do is Reflect modern stupidity, people such as your self are ignorant and you live like Zombies.. while the whites and east asians are ASSURING that they will never be slaves or under anyone else by tredding very carefully.. You sit and bask in shame.. This is not lala land, its chess.. And you are a sucker.. Your shopping at Forever 21 ignorant to the fact that of all people.. Your children are the “most likely” to be Slaves and Raped on the planet.. Im a proud african and i could never feel comfortable living knowing this.. You have issues

dewe August 28, 2008 - 10:49 am

your writeup is an important and interesting one, you did a great job; slavery is an act that de-humanizes an individual and it ought not to be encourage but unfortunately, people are still enslaved in one way or the other in the name of making life better…..or in the name of civilization and adopting the western way of life: Africans have to by stoping neocolonization and be free indeed! the choice is our:

sugabelly January 24, 2008 - 7:39 pm

Babe, what you’re asking for is so NOT going to happen. I like shopping at Forever 21 a stellar and very western clothing store. Boycott ain’t gonna happen. Deal with it.

sesan October 8, 2006 - 7:04 am

penchant and decisive. excellent in addressing core isssues facing Africa today.

Anonymous August 11, 2005 - 9:14 am

Good governance and strenghtening democratic institutions are words that sound great but lack meaning because they can mean almost anything. Perhaps you care to define what exactly you mean here.

The second and third options you propose hold great potentials for a growing economy with matching risks.

Your last proposal is perhaps the most feasible but it would require the involvement of not 3 or 5 countries but the entire continent. The AFrican Union is supposed to do this but from experience one can frankly say that the west have measures already in place to counter any such mobilization. Perhaps there is a method to combine all your good ideas along with other good ideas out there and implement them all as one gigantic economic restructuriing program. Hopefully the west won't know what we're doing until we are well off the start mark at which point it'd be too late to turn us back!

PRINCE KENNEDY IYOHA August 8, 2005 - 6:10 pm

Mr Michael Oluwagbemi II. your article is interesting and i think that the solutions you prescribes are a little radical.

In the first place what you labeled Mental slavery has gotten its roots as Africa nations were preparing for their political independance some 40/42 years ago. Its not as if this obstacles can't be push aside the reactions of the very powerfull economies like the Europeans and the United states will not fold their hands and watch you pull down a solide infastructure that has been in place for years by the above mentioned economies to garantee their stability and growth. The African economy and indeed the entire world economy is tired to this infastructure. any attempt to break away from this cicle will provoke the anger of the achitacts of this program. I promise you that they can go a long way untill you will be forced to come back or face a military invation like was in Iraq.

China has grown beyound the influance of the west and she is indeed an authority to be rocken in the global economic institution. however she still depends on the world trade organisation and everyother instutution put in place by the west. Indian and South Africa are fast growing economies that cannot succed without the assistance of the west. infacts this above mentioned economies depends on the westan institutions. The putin systems is achiving its gools because russia has a solide economic infastucture in place since the comunist era therefore she could impliment the putin strategy without hindrance and the west could not lift a finger for her military potencias.

Transafrica trade is a most and can garantee growth in the continent promotion and support of the local producers in Africa is also fundamental to provoke changes in the African economies solide and lasting political infastucture is also a most and finally quality education for the African youths are the basic instruments that can help eradicate poovaty and malnurishment from our comunity.

I agree with your observations and pray or hope that some of your suggestions can get to the people responsible for policy planning in Africa. have a goodday brother.

Anonymous August 8, 2005 - 3:33 pm

omo take am easy

Anonymous August 8, 2005 - 10:32 am



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