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Tragedy at the Boston Marathon 2013

In these End-times, when the anti-christs have unleashed terror on humanity, we pray that the Almighty God hides us from the secret counsel of the wicked, from the insurrection of the workers of iniquity.
How can men born of women design wicked acts against humanity in such mind-boggling ways- maiming and killing with impunity?

In 1991-92, I was a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Michigan, at Ann Arbor. Michigan. One of my most thrilling experiences was watching the Boston Marathon.

Winter was over and the glowing sunshine heralded the spring freshness. It was an opportunity to socialize, cool off with ice cream and build friendships with the academic community in Boston.
Men, who encourage themselves in an evil matter often upset humanity by perpetuating heinous crimes. These are not normal humans but human agents of satan, who rise from the pit of hell to the lock-down of Boston.
They search out iniquities from their wicked hearts, which is deep. Eternal vigilance will, as from now, be the price of liberty.

Humanity has been oppressed by evil men and the situation is getting worse. People use religious, race and class differentiations to inflict mayhem on nations and peoples.

The miscreants bombed a social event at the Boston Marathon, they proceeded to unleash terror on peaceful inhabitants of Water town and neighboring towns in Massachusetts.

Two men were identified as the perpetrators. One was killed and the other went into hiding.
As a result, residents were instructed to remain at home, while the manhunt lasted.
All colleges and universities were closed down. A police officer was killed by the terrorists, who were said come from Chechnya,

with possible links with international terrorism.

Radicalization is a product of sensitization, ideological inundation with hatred, racist permutations, religious bigotry and evil posturing. Frustration with one’s social condition, in which hopelessness stares permanently in the face moves social humans to want to take it out on society.

Part of what radicalizes young people in the West are exactly those lifestyles the West pride themselves as free societies; the use of excessively intoxicating drinks, smoking cannabis, using cocaine, hard drugs, rock music, video games depicting macho behavior, the availability of guns of all sorts and promiscuity, casino culture and gambling.

Terrorists engage in violent acts to frighten, kill or maim civilians in order to create fear among the populace. They may also wish to obtain concessions from governments. Some wish to achieve publicity for their cause, which may or may not be justifiable.

At times governments also use terrorist TACTICS AGAINST THEIR OPPONENTS- the clandestine operations of intelligence operatives in the Stalin-led Soviet Union was a classic case.

In such cases, the citizens could organize resistance like the French did during the Second World War. Also intervention in other states conflicts is ill-advised.

Since one violent event follows another, it is good to conduct human affairs in a humane, considerate manner. Race hatred, religious bigotry, denigration of other human beings stokes the embers of discontent, which could lead to desperate acts. Anger usually ends in cruelty. The world will be a better place if justice, moderation and humaneness guide human and international relations.

I have a problem with the way some Western scholars handle foreign affairs. A lot of what they postulate is at times exaggerated, often based on anti-socialist, anti-communist sentiments and a desire to ridicule or denigrate any world-view they disagree with. What am I leading up to?

One of the remote and immediate causes of terrorism is ineluctably linked with the Euro-American attempt to integrate East European citizens, after Russia disbanded the Soviet Union, as a result of the growing Russian nationalist movement to use perestroika and glasnost to relieve Russia from the burden of carrying the Soviet Republics, East European states, and world revolutionary movements- a Herculean task.

The attempt at integration failed woefully because it was not a well-thought-out plan. It was based on euphoric hyperbolic hurray-communism had collapsed and Reagan and Thatcher are erroneously credited as the architects of the demise of communism. What arrant nonsense!

The East Europeans that invaded Western Europe and America were expecting to pick Dollars and Pounds on the streets in order to enjoy the good life they have seen in Hollywood films. They are the victims of propaganda, which depicted the West as paradise.

I have met many of them in various European cities. Many went back to their states. The less qualified were sentenced to doing menial jobs. So, their expectations rankled into anxiety and anxiety into despair.
My knowledge of Russian language has enabled me to eavesdrop into often vitriolic attacks on the West, as a result of their disappointment with the Western way of life.

Their frustration with their condition results in their being easily recruitable by organized crime groups, political dissidents, left-wing and very radical groups to commit acts of terrorism.
Where such social humans fall into the hands of political malcontents, political dissidents, evil-minded men, intelligence officers, they become malleable.

How can a 17-year old young man muster the intelligence to throw a whole city into chaos? Criminal mindedness by association is rife among idle émigré youths in Euro-American cities.

They cannot hold down jobs. The break into peoples’ homes, rob innocent citizens and because Western societies are open societies, the often get away with their terrorist acts.

The European’s failed attempt at integration is partly responsible for the heightened insecurity situation now prevalent in Euro-American states.

I was impressed by the service that was held at the Boston Cathedral. America must seek God’s face once more, because He holds the peace we so need.

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