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U.S.: The Enthralling Presidential Race

“May none but honest and wise men ever rule under this roof.” — President John Adams moving into the new White House in 1797.
(John Adams, a remarkable political philosopher, served as the second President of the United States (1797-1801), after serving as the first Vice President under President George Washington).

White House (Image:
White House (Image:

Predictably, the next President of the United States this Fall will be Hillary Rodham Clinton. The road to Golgotha is always thorny; the path to the White House has never been easy in the United States. It has always been a rumble-tumble to victory for the previous successful candidate. That is what makes an American president thick and respected in the domestic and international arena.

All Presidents of the United States have different temperaments to address issues that are germane to the U.S. Hillary Clinton brings to table her experiences in domestic and foreign affairs with facts and figures. She is a policy wonk. She knows policy inside out. She marshals questions with very simple and commanding answers. She looks very smart and presidential and seems very ready from day one to be president.

I trust the judgment of the American people. The then Senator Barack Obama looked vulnerable in 2008, but the extraordinary judgment of the American people brought Obama to the White House. The quintessential Obama and his achievements in the last seven years, in spite of the Republican party, speak volumes as one of the best presidents in the United States’ history.

In the last Democratic presidential Town Hall meeting by CNN in Iowa, Hillary Clinton looked presidential with her forceful but subtle sense of discourse. Her extemporaneous elocution, impregnated with confidence and experience in the Town Hall meeting will definitely be sending jitters into the spine of GOP party. This resourceful woman is ready to be president.

As the die is cast, Donald Trump is trumping GOP’s establishment with his daydream government of exclusion, his endorsement from Sarah Palin is comic relief in the marketplace.

Ted Cruz is cruising haphazardly in his evangelical voyage to the amazement of the swing voters and other independent American voters. Ted Cruz is the most scorned senator in the Senate house. Republican and Democratic establishments hate Ted Cruz for his uncompromising stance on national and international issues. He is an expert at filibustering the legislative procedures in the Senate. He single-handedly helped to shut down U.S. government in 2013.

Marco Rubio, the son of Immigrant has been so disappointing. His rabble rousing and flip flopping on issues like immigration are not working for him amongst the conservatives. His misplaced elocution and disrespect for President Obama are his deadliest shortcomings. Rubio has alienated himself from the moderate and the independent voters.

In this troubled world, Dr. Ben Carson, a world acclaimed neurologist and a gentleman; a man with benevolent demeanor that cast him as an outcast on his gaffes on foreign affairs. His greatest undoing was his uncomplimentary comments on Muslims and the African Americans. Unlike President Obama, the brilliant doctor got it all wrong to be the U.S. president.

A recalcitrant Jeb Bush refused to listen to his mother, the former First Lady Mrs. Barbara Pierce Bush. The former first lady admonished his son not to run to avoid Bush dynasty in the White House. Jeb Bush overdue and ineffective jabbing on the trumping Trump’s persona to insult his way to presidency isn’t working for him. Trumping Trump at this time by a jabbing Bush is inconsequential. In spite of Jeb Bush’s stupendous campaign contributions, his poll continues to plummet.

Other GOP’s presidential candidates are impatient spectators pandering on stage into the fears of the loving American people. Obama remains their political weapon and a nightmare that has prevented his adversaries and haters from depending on their own intelligence. A noxious Trump is GOP’s inevitable frontrunner. A beautiful gift for Hillary Clinton in the fall of 2016. President Obama and some of us in the Democratic Party are very proud of the formidable presidential candidates in our party.

Democratic Party has common goals that have been the distinct and central cardinal points of the party; and the continued progress and uniqueness of America.

Congratulations to former Secretary Clinton in advance.


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