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UN and Agreements for Arms Control

Scholars who have been engaged in studying the United Nations efforts at arms control will tell you that the newly signed Treaty on Arms Control will end up in the diplomatic archives of Foreign Ministries.

A critical survey of the arms control agreements over the decades yield the result that formidable interests by arms manufacturers, arms dealers and the huge financial gains from the arms trade are responsible for slow progress in the field of arms control.

When Samuel Colt hilariously presented his gun years ago, he did not know that the Luciferians had used him to sow the seeds of violence in all nations for all times. Nations became powerful, not by virtue of their right living, but by their control of nuclear weapons, high caliber guns, chemically stuffed ammunitions, which other nations must be restrained from having. The illogicality in that position is what is raising eye-brows in the nations that can’t get it.

It is not surprising that Iran, North Korea and Syria refused to subscribe to the agreement during the recent arms treaty meeting at the UN.

Those, who voted for were in the majority which permits hopes of a short step forward. Those states that had reservations will harden their stance. So, the processes of ratification will be sorely stultified.
When the United Nations declared that the `1980s would be the Second Disarmament Decade, one had enjoyed the optimism expressed in the Declaration.

Under Ban Ki Moon, treaty-making has been parlous and international law ceased to be a regulator of international relations.

Massive and recurrent violations of the United Charter, which had served as an instrument of restraining the political and diplomatic activities of states, became rampant.

Power politics became the order of the day. Notions like regime-change, aiding rebellions and fuelling the embers of opposition groups became fashionable.

Banki Moon rarely spoke against violations of international law, but occasionally and belatedly puts out well- censored statements that have neither depth nor legal meaning. So, illegalities have adorned the international system and so, here we are. Remember Dr. Kurt Waldheim, Peres de Cuellar, and my learned Egyptian international law teacher, who was virtually hounded out of the UN job.

If Banki Moon had visited North Korea with a high level delegation, perhaps the dire situation that has gone beyond rhetoric’s range could have been nipped in the bud. The UN has lost its international legal authority inexorably! This is a shame.

From 1963-1980, disarmament talks were a feature of international diplomacy. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, a unipolar world emerged that subdued diversity in political thought.

Both local and international wars became rife. Peaceful relations amongst states were replaced by belligerency, hard talk, withand psychological attacks on states that were considered deviant states.
With the emergence of Communist China and Russia and other ebullient emerging economies, with the US economy bogged down by the effect of military spending in Iraq and Afghanistan, a tripolar world emerged.
BRICS states are consolidating their financial power, which would outwit the World Bank.

There are states that rake in huge fortunes from arms sales. If the new treaty is allowed to regulate the arms trade,this would further weaken the economies of Britain, France and the United States. It is, perhaps, exactly this fact that would render this well-crafted treaty that boldly addressed the issue of ammunitions a non-starter.

The display of military technology by North Korea is evidence of the range of irrationality that has gripped mankind that is now at risk. As the Russians say, SCHEM CHORT NI SHUTIT.

The rigorous implementation of this treaty, drives to secure ratifications are important indices that would ensure the success of the treaty.

From Luciferians of the deepest darkness, from arms manufacturers of weapons of mass destruction, from maverick and dare-devil political and military leaders, and also from propaganda-journalsts, may the good LORD deliver the sons and daughters of God. AMEN!!!

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