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Understanding the end-time turbulence: the era of the Gentiles (2)

In the Era of the Gentiles, Atonement and the Brotherhood of Man, the Gentiles will be the beneficiaries of the fruit of the spirit. With the fall of the Soviet Communist system, a series of events encompassing all spheres of human life, have divinely been set in motion on earth.
The Soviet Communist system was a satanic design to put a large portion of the earth under a system of Godlessness, which could have facilitated the reign of the anti-Christ. There are still other empires, where the people have not heard the sound of God’s name. They, too, cannot hold on for too long.

The promise is that the shaking of the World will destroy all man-made systems, satanic scientific establishments, oppressive ancient regimes and man-made security arrangements. The only security one can be sure of is the one God, the Father provides in these end-times.
There have been pestilences, food shortages and rising food prices, floods, earthquakes, wars and the on-going democratization struggles in the Arab world.

These frightful events will cause the Earth to be “filled with the Knowledge of the glory of God as water covers the sea”, thus bringing the desire of the nations to God, the Father himself through Christ Jesus. (Habakkuk, Chapter 2, verse 14).

After the Second World War, the Luciferian hierarchy, inducted a number of European scientists into its academy by enhancing the comprehension of the secrets of the atom, nuclear power, low temperature physics, nuclear physics, nuclear magnetism and inductions, isotopes, nuclear fission, nuclear forces, multiples of the atomic weight of hydrogen etc, etc.

The work of Becquerel (1896), Marie and Pierre Curie had shown that “the heaviest elements in nature, uranium, thorium and polonium sent out radiation alpha, beta and gamma rays.”They won the Nobel Prize for physics in 1903.

At the fictional and esoteric levels, I was present at that award. However, seeing the future disaster that awaited mankind as a result of their work, I decided, in this incarnation, to pursue a career in international peace and security studies.
Rutherford, H.G.J Mosley, F.W Ashton, W. Bothe, F. Joliot, Sir James Chadwick, Sir William Crookes H Geinacher etc, advanced in no small measure, nuclear technology.

Between 1903 and 1958, numerous nuclear scientists made phenomenal progress in studies in nuclear physics. Nuclear weapons, thermo-nuclear, atomic and all formidable weapons of mass destruction have been satanically commissioned since the end of the Second World War. The Western nations and Japan have now discovered that “If one rides a tiger, one cannot dismount” according to a Chinese proverb.

The world is following with trepidation, the nuclear crisis in Japan. On Friday, March 11, 2011, a huge earthquake shook Japan. This earthquake affected the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, causing high level radiation, which has affected human health.
As at the time of writing, 11,000 people are reported to have died, while many have still not been accounted for.

Although a joint task force had been set up, by the Japanese government, full disclosure of the material facts has not been undertaken by Tepco Ltd, which runs the nuclear facility. This made it difficult for international Atomic and nuclear expert to properly assess the magnitude of the crisis.
South Korea had offered boric acid. Some experts think that “some heavy, atomic nuclei may have broken up into two more or less equal nuclear fragments”. There may also be strong forces that existed between disintegrating neutrons and protons in atomic nuclei, which may lead to a transmutation of the elements that cause the white smoke that was seen over the nuclear facility on March 13, 2011.

This led to the evacuation of people within a twelve mile radius, as a security measure. Fifty workers at the plant were overwhelmed by the sheer weight of the labour of containing the disaster. The smoke that we saw at the Fukushima nuclear plant look like the atom bomb test explosion at Yucca Flats,Nevada.

The tsunami, which swept through the area, made matters worse, as well as the wintry weather. Now, we can better appreciate the Biblical injunction that “we should not build treasures on earth…”

One remarkable thing stood out clearly in this disaster- the character of the Japanese. There has been no looting as we have witnessed in some states. Perhaps, Shintoist spirituality has kindled in the Japanese, a Stoic disposition and moral uprightness, anchored on the power of shame.
I had drawn the attention of the international community to the possibility of nuclear blow-out in the first article of the same title published over a month ago, in I asked the United Nations to set up a nuclear monitoring unit to report on the state of the worlds’ nuclear arsenals and let the people gain assurance from such a report.

This is now being discussed more seriously around the world. The German government has issued instructions on measures to ensure nuclear safety. France will not cut back on its facilities, but would regulate the nuclear industry more
rigorously. China, which is erecting twenty-seven more nuclear facilities, would have to be vigilant.

I utterly discourage Nigeria from toying with the idea of engaging in any form of nuclear adventure. We do not have the discipline, the ability and the resources to dabble into such a venture. We should not succumb to the whims and caprices of idle foreign affairs analysts, who love to mimic Western practices.

Those nations, which had played the geo-political and hegemonic politics of the Cold War Era, are now quietly regretting their decisions, which were based on hatred, arrogance and flamboyance.

Realising their folly, they have engaged in signing regulatory treaties and conventions since 1890, when the Brussels Treaty was concluded. Then followed the 1906 Act of Algeciras, the 1919 St Germaine Convention, the 1925 Geneva Convention on the Arms Trade, the various disarmament conferences and post-World War 11, innumerable efforts to check the proliferation of nuclear weapons.

The doughty notion that strong nations must be armed to the teeth has proved a failed concept and this failure is costing nations trepidation, insomnia, regrets and treasury depletion.

There is need for a new humanism that transcends geo-politics, gains from armaments, power politics and hegemonic aspirations. In the past, the Japanese have been put under the rod because of such aspirations. They have managed every adversity with determination.
The were beaten in the Battle of Iwojima. The United States were pushed by Japanese imperialism to drop atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They survived. From occupied Japan in 1945, they rose to dizzy heights in world economy and the production of quality goods.

They are a force to reckon with in International trade, with a supply curve that has been consistent and sound implementation of monetary policies.
I once suggested that Japan may wish to negotiate with the African Union for a hundred years lease to enable them move into the Sahara Desert, turn it around, domesticate it and abandon their tsunami and earthquake-prone island.

In the Era of the Gentiles, Atonement and the Brotherhood of man, that universal brotherhood shall become a reality.
The establishment of the Glorious Church “without wrinkles and blemishes” will set the stage for man’s spiritual revolution.
As the Era of the Gentiles, Atonement and the Brotherhood of Man, inaugurates the spiritual wholeness of Man, issues about vain ambition to dominate the world will become trite.

Only those things and those persons, which/who are founded upon God, the Father through Jesus Christ will survive the shaking of the World. Then the Kingdom of Light on Earth shall be established, before the Second Coming of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

We are watching,

We are waiting

For the dawning of that glorious day

When our Saviour with all his Saints

Will come down in bright array.

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