Understanding The End-Time Turbulence: The Era of the Gentiles

Politics and power in the Era of the Gentiles are the essence of the
following essay. The issues to be examined are as diverse as they are
relevant to comprehending the end-time turbulence.
The Gentiles have grown in Biblical wisdom and have totally accepted
Jesus as Saviour, whose Second Coming we eagerly await.
In John’s Second Epistle, at paragraph 7, it is written, “For many
deceivers have gone out into the worlds, who do not confess Jesus Christ
as coming in flesh.

This is a deceiver and an anti-christ”Take heed that no man deceives
you. Have they not said the same things since recorded history? Where
are the fruits of their promises?
For over fifty years, the rulers of Nigeria have not been able to frame
the synthesis for social development like we have witnessed in China,
Singapore and Malaysia.

For over thirty years, the rulers of Egypt, Yemen and for over twenty
years, the President of Tunisia, deceived their people. In this Era
of the Gentiles, Atonement and the Brotherhood of Man, all falsehoods
will be overthrown.
The Earth is being cleansed of karmic remnants as the state of the world
remains precarious. Winds, rain and ice are now as destructive as they

The shaking of the word is to re-establish God’s glory and quicken the
Second Coming of Jesus, the Christ.
Of course, the human agents of satan and the anti-christ are demonizing
the world through sins of new magnitudes through the mass media,
especially television and other mass culture hits.

Those who walk in truth shall survive the end-time turbulence. The
present euphoric and cacophonic eureka about clues to Nigeria’s problems
by virtue of elections in April 2011, and thereafter, are euphonious.
We shall soon discover after the elections that the problems have not
been solved but swept aside. When all sorts of presidential combinations
have been tried out, we shall discover that prices of common items of
foodstuffs will still be rising, that portable water is scare, that our
educational system has not improved, that unemployment and
under-employment still need some credible solutions.

The inequality in the wage remuneration structure remains acute, with a
sharp division between the populace. The people have been very patient,
but for how long?

Is it that our political aspirants are unaware of these societal
failings or are they just indifferent to the mass agony veiled in forced

Nigeria has long adopted the free intellectual tradition of free speech,
which has addressed the short-comings of the feudal and semi-capitalist
production relations that has kept the gap between the populace

There has not been a material base for an economic upsurge that could
benefit the people. The unremitting struggle to achieve Nigerian unity
cannot succeed if the only way to make a living is through defrauding
the state and companies.

The World has been shocked by two events,
the WIKI LEAKS disclosures and the protestations against ancient
regimes in the Arab homelands, which have been under the blind-fold of
imperialism for decades under various flattering names.
In this Era, the spiritual underpinnings of the problems of man’s
predicament will be fully comprehended. Eugenics has failed as one
observes that the mental and spiritual characteristics of human beings
world-wide have deteriorated inexorably.

Incessant murders and serious crimes violate the Biblical injunction,
“You shall not murder” Romans 13(9).In Europe and America, criminality
seems to be escalating.

In Nigeria, serious thinking must go into our national affairs. Larney
politics which promises jumbo salaries and frivolous entitlements cannot
be accepted as a societal norm. The many larrikins in the National
Assembly must be voted out; we must shake off utopist optimism, which is
responsible for immunity and reckless behaviour by office holders.
I am a good listener to those, who speak on Nigerian politics, economics
and cultural development. I patiently read many Nigerian newspapers; I
attend a lot of national and international conferences, where I keep
learning how other nations conduct their national affairs.

In Nigeria, there is too much pomp and pageantry, gaiety and social
festivities. When do our leaders sit done like Chief Obafemi Awolowo
used to do and ponder over the myriad of problems that baffle the

In my book, AWO IS STILL RELEVANT, 1997, I tried to explore the profound
political economic thinking of one of Nigeria’s foremost politicians,
lawyer and publicist.

AWO was both a thinker and pragmatic, developmental undertaker.

In Nigeria, pronouncements about intentions to execute policies have
failed to move to policies implementation and there are no reports to
the nation about what has been accomplished.
Also, how the funds were spent are usually not announced and
published. So, how can we make progress? We can achieve a lot through a
system of national planning, scrupulous national audit and
accountability in motion.
This must be the new governance philosophy; otherwise it will be the
same ten pence and half, even in 2039.

Nigeria harbours formidable negative spiritual and diabolical forces.
The most sinister elements are to be found in the high echelons of the
political class. The cherubs have decreed that the Nigerian Luciferian
hierarchy must be overthrown, before the Light of God will shine on the

So, the current events in Nigeria have both spiritual and political
connotations. The chestnut trees have fallen in the primaries and
those, who cheated the nation, even by a kobo, their transgressions will
not be blotted out.

They shall be swept into political oblivion. In this Era, their
permanent enemies are the Nigerian people they have robbed in the last
50 years. They will be cast off and be broken down.
Other more righteous people will take their office. This is a new
Confederal Republic of Nigeria in the making. Nigerians are now better
educated, more aware of their rights, more conscious that a boy, who
comes from Otuoke, armed with a PhD in Zoology can aspire to be
President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria!

In order to succeed, Jonathan needs to create an economic situation that
conforms to social justice. He should re-design the present way of
running the affairs of state and enshrine a belief in our ability to
determine our destiny and make our Confederal Union work for the benefit
of all.

We deserve an organized society based on legality, good behaviour, a
society intelligently and free run to enhance all-round development. We
must deal completely and radically with all aspects of backwardness,
superstition, laziness, in Nigerian cultural, social and economic life.
Right now, there exist a spurious and malformed society, in which the
“AGBATA-EKE” order has been fully entrenched and which promotes
lawlessness, impunity, a care-free attitude to judiciousness and merit.
This has made our society to be stagnant, backward and rotten. There is
need for a revolutionary transformation to take place in Nigeria. This
can be achieved by punishing delinquent behaviour, strict adherence to
the rule of law and morality. Equal access to state power and privileges
for all, should be a dominant state practice.

Our political practices must be regularly subjected to penetrating
analysis and profound, positive evaluation and scathing criticisms that
are aimed at telling the leaders that after all, they are only men and
women, with obvious all-round limitations.

As I have said many times, “God is overturning Nigeria”.
In those d

ays, before General Ibrahim Babangida broke the stranglehold
of the majority Nigerian nations and had the audacity of giving the
minority their own states and societal rights, the helpless minorities
were enveloped in the umbilical cord of Hausa-Igbo-Yoruba hegemony. One
could only survive if one was lucky to get a job in Enugu, Ibadan and
Kaduna. Babangida changed all that for which he is partly hated by
those nations, who would have preferred to continued coo-ing and
operating, with- out caring about minorities.

Today, that liberation struggle has resulted in some measure of
equitable distribution of national wealth. Although the wealth has not
quite trickled down to the grass-roots because it has been trapped by
the executive and the National Assembly but there is a national movement
to bring about change.
This election is about the minorities consolidating political power and
directing the new Confederal states to gain acceleration in the right

Afemai University under my watch will overthrow the old university
concept and replace it with a campus-free, computer and systems
information distribution, to all towns and villages.
We have just acquired ten thousand square meters of land in Abuja, FCT,
for the purpose. Huron Blue Company Ltd, Michigan/Abuja, will soon
embark on the DUBAI/Nigeria project.

We shall teach courses, not solely based on Euro-American philosophies
and ideologies but we shall add new vistas to knowledge that would
regenerate our traditional frameworks of African wisdom.
The Euro-American culture has introduced negative, obstructive morality
into our social structures. Our new vision will extirpate the negative
hip hop culture that has gripped our youth. The Big Brother Africa
ideological implant of negative morality must be uprooted. It is

I have watched political presentations by some political aspirants
including the rantings of the prophetic pastor, now a Vice Presidential
candidate. I hope his prophetic visions will become clearer.
Since he admitted that God did not send him, then who did? He will soon
discover that false prophecy and hard political disquisitions, for which
he is poorly prepared, are difficult to reconcile.
This nation is tired of politicians, who are thrown-up just by dint of
political permutations or chance happenings. They come empty handed and
go they way of the eagle.

By the way, how has Ribadu become relevant in the Nigerian political
equation? From what I recall, he was a Deputy Police Commissioner, who
quickly became a Commissioner of Police and before he could settle in
his rank, was promoted above his seniors to AIG. He was adroitly
deployed to deal with both political and societal misfits, who were
deemed in the subjective judgment of his employer, to be corrupt.
He operated selectively, leaving Farida, at great personal risk, to make
verifiable returns. Since then, Ribadu has been transformed to a “cult
figure” and a political magician, who can do all things. What a nation!
What a people!

Nigerian politics should go beyond our being hood-winked by strong
disciplinarians. We need political, economic and social thinkers.
Hon-eyed politicians, renegade vote-riggers and political mavericks,
have a limited range.

Nigerian politics is still at the stomach level this is why Bisi Akande
would opt to join the PDP!
I was very impressed by the leader of the National Conscience Party, who
presented a speech on concrete solutions to our national problems. I
watched him on AIT television. He is different from those, who have made
a God-awful mess of our nation.

Nigerians must lift up their voices and blow their trumpets in order to
condemn injustice, corruption and poor governance.
Nigerians must control their political leaders. You should not fear or
condone their bad politics. Your children will be victims of bad
government. Stem the tide of your selfish ambition. You know better that
things are not on course, yet your personal greed blindfolds you to play
along with characters that you ordinarily should not associate with. How
do you look when you look in the mirror? Have you degenerated so low?
The laundry list of societal problems in the world is overwhelming.
. My Tunisian friend, Abu Fawaz, grew fat sitting in the Presidential
Villa nodding to wrong policies until the revolutionary tide drove him
away from Tunisia.

In Europe, Ireland, Portugal, Spain. Greece, Britain and France, have
gone through unprecedented unrests. The Tunisian crisis proves that no
matter for how long the people are kept under oppressive sway, their
liberation is assured. In Egypt, Algeria, and other Arab states, there
is need for democratic change.

The Arab homeland, about which the Ba’thist Movement made up of Arab
intellectuals, tried to apply intellectual, scientific approach to its
governance, is now in revolutionary turmoil. The Movement was decimated
by monarchical and right-wing reaction for over forty years. Its leaders
were imprisoned, exiled, assassinated and one was beheaded.
In my political correspondences with Fawaz, a Tunisian friend, I told
him, last August that the Tunisian murmurings would soon reach a

I reminded him of the Leninist aphorism that “when the government can
no longer govern except in the old way and the people can longer live
according to the old way, then a revolutionary situation exists, which
will manifest in due course”.
I told him that the Tunisian people must be freed from the medieval Arab
mentality, which impedes their movement and hinders their free advance.
The enlightened intellectual traditions of the Tunisian people became
adulterated by feudal cultural cleavages, the actions of the secret
police and wire-tappings.

In this age, suppression of information and oppression of the people
will no longer be possible because no-one can control information any
This Aquarian Age is the Age of Spirit Consciousness. The age of Baba
Olorisha, small ju-ju practices has come to an end. Those, who have not
accepted JESUS, are riding on the late train to nowhere.
Mathew 24(6-7) has confirmed the fact that these are the end-times. Have
we not witnessed turbulence? Have we not heard of wars and rumours of
wars? Have nations not been rising against nations?

However, it is not yet time except that those nations with nuclear,
thermo-nuclear, biological weapons can no longer store them properly.
Therein lies Nostradamus 2012 end-time musings.
Will it be wrong to suggest that the climate change is attributable to
nuclear heat? The United Nations should set up a Committee to “Ascertain
the Storage and Preservation of Nuclear Arsenals World-wide.”
A report will assist to assure all of us.

the Gentiles, Q-Communications Ltd, Lagos, 1996), I wrote that many
Christians are increasingly belonging to the Order of Melchizedek so as
to render service to the ALMIGHTY GOD. There is need to hearken to the
voice to become GOD’S battle-axe, His avenue, His root, so that GOD
may use us to destroy the works of satan, satanic agents, the
occultists,, who wickedly sow discord amongst brethren, between
employers and employees, who continually cause disharmony, rancor and
contentious engagements.

Their tongues are deadly arrows. They speak deceitfully; these are the
human agents of satan, who escalate human sufferings, misery and
turbulence in these end-times.

As the present dispensation runs the rounds, please let no-one bore us
with the 20-20-20 escapologist permutations. Those performers, who climb
ropes, chains and boxes will a

lways, do better. Nigerians feel insulted
by such hare=brained disquisitions.

I will be prepared to debate the escarpment issues in such hallucinating
escapism. My studies in ethnology showed me clearly that of all the
members of the human race, African are more gullible, are full of hope
that it will be alright even when the facts point the other way. They
also hero-worship anyone in high office in the hope that the leader will
extend some advantage to groveling adherents.
As a result, the leader is regarded as “God-sent”, forgetting that other
former “God-sent leaders” are now roaming the cities looking for
recognition, basking in the “former this and that” appellations. What a
cheap way to live!

We see political light-weights and political neophytes pushing
themselves into our attention. Among them are Destroyers of the
CONFEDERATION! and they are well-known to us all.
We, the People are not impressed .Please take sometime out and go out
and register to vote. We shall vote out unworthy political touts. They
are mostly absent from the National Assembly and when they are there,
they hardly contribute to debates. Yet, they earn jumbo salaries! What a
nation! What a people!

BOSAS INTERNATIONAL LAW BUREAU, Abuja was present at the National
Assembly on many occasions to watch our representatives perform. The
report we filed was dismal.
We, the People, insist that only University graduates should be voted
into Parliaments.
The eschatological appraisal of the political death and judgment of some
politicians is being reflected in our elections, in which they will be
voted out.

In April 2011, there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth as political
touts lose their seats. Some have borrowed monies for the business.
Those leaders, who have not performed; will be subjected to
ignominious exit and humiliation. What has happened in Tunisia, Egypt,
Yemen and Jordan, point to deep discontent in the Arab world as a result
of the people’s neglect.

Scholars will now critically study the causes of the broken tripod, the
state of stability in the Middle East, the impact of the Muslim
Brotherhood, Iran and the liberated army of political mal-contents, the
Egyptian armed forces and the concerns of Israel
The End-time turbulence must be put under God’s control, not under the
World Bank, the IMF, G-8, G-20 and other such human formations that
ignore the wisdom of the victims of their centuries-long wickedness.

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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