United Nations: The Failure of Man-made gods

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

What God has promised to do on earth since Creation, He has dutifully been doing and HE will continue to do, till time indefinite. The man-made gods of earth, politicians, bankers, false prophets, seers, witches and wizards, occultists, magicians, evil men, war-mongers have proved incapable of creating the atmosphere for abundant life on earth.

On the contrary, they have created divisiveness and hatred on planet earth. In our Universe of Man, God has always caused the sun to shine, the rain to fall, the stars to shine, the rivers, seas and oceans to flow to all parts of the globe, without ceasing. He lets the air and the wind to flow freely to sinners and good people around the world.

>From the vituperations we heard during the last United Nations General Assembly Meeting, if some leaders were God, they would cause the blessings we enjoy to be denied other states. They would decree darkness and calamity to be the portion of states they disagree with. Man is not God- Madu aburo Chukwu!
You should never worship man-made gods!

The man-made gods have spoken at the United Nations. Some tabled their problems, which were caused by their former and present leaders. Others discussed events linked to historical injustices, which time and season can no longer untangle.

The most important lesson I learnt from some of the speeches is that you may keep what you have and successfully advocate that others do not have a right even to aspire. This goes against the Greek adage, “That things that are equal to the same thing are equal to another”. Euclid and Pythagoras advanced human intelligence through didactic logic and the force of empiricism
What is good for the goose is good for the gander, but the gander must only lay eggs. There must be serious reasons why military intelligence directors are warning of an impending catastrophe. Action and reaction could set the Middle East on fire.

The reverend intercessors must call on Jehovah Nisi, Jehovah Adonai, Jehovah Rohi, Jehovah Rapha, El Shaddai, Jehovah Sharma, to rescue the world from the gathering storm of nuclear ashes and their disastrous consequences world-wide.

Rutherford’s studies of nuclear reactions postulated that
they “were those caused by incidence of nuclei on beams of nuclei particles such as neutrons, protons, deuterons, alpha or gamma rays.” Rutherford first observed that protons were ejected from nitrogen nuclei bombarded by fast alpha particles. The yield from relevant reactions increases markedly with the energy
of the incident particle up to an energy of several million of electron volts. If the incident particle is charged, the electrostatic repulsion makes it difficult for slow charged particle to enter the nucleus.
Nuclear reactors can be made to operate at any power level. The IAEA does not seem to have published its final report on the status of the Iranian nuclear bomb in order to assuage our fears.
A lot of proclamations were made on the Syrian crisis, but no solutions were proffered. This reminds me of a popular story, which I first heard from my grand-mother, Orotse.

She told me of this imaginary land, where rats lived. A cat was tormenting them and eating them up. So, they called a meeting. There, every rat made vociferous suggestions on how to deal with the cat. Its tail should be cut off. Its whiskers should be pulled out one by one. One rat suggested that the cat should have a bell tied around its neck, so that they would know, when the cat approached, they would all know. An elderly cat asked, “Who will bell the cat?”

Nuclear technology has its advantages and disadvantages. Its advantages are often immersed in social misery as the Japanese, Bhopal, Chernobyl disasters have warned us.
In as much as we are worried about nuclear disasters, we should disallow states that cannot supply electricity to their people, but wishfully discuss obtaining nuclear technology!!!

On 26th September, 2012, The Nigerian Senate urged the Federal Government to file an appeal against the October 9, 2002, ICJ ruling on the Boundary and Territorial Dispute between the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Republic of Cameroun.

This followed the Nigerian President’s speech at the United Nations in York on 26th September, 2012. The Senate, it was reported, also advised the Government to” take advantage of the opportunity provided by Article 61(5) ICJ statute to file the appeal ahead of the October 10,2012 deadline, when the Green Tree Agreement will into final force.

I have written and debated extensively over the Bakassi issue from international legal perspectives in the Ahmadu Bello University Law Journal, No 1 of 1981, Indian Law Journal, 1980, and I had a lively academic debate on the subject with, my friend, Professor Ignatius Ayua in 1993, when he was the Director-General of the Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies in THE GUARDIAN NEWSPAPER.
Around 1983, when the Bakassi palaver was at its height, the then Senate President, Dr. Joseph Wayas sent for my article in the Ahmadu Bello Law Journal and requested for other studies on the matter. The Law Library at OAU,Ile-Ife has these documents as reference materials. Contributors by some Senators were ignorant assertions and wishful thinking.

In 2001,I was commissioned to prepare the legal papers for the Bakassi case by my late learned friend and Attorney-General of the Federation, Honourable Bola Ige. I submitted three files to him, before we could attend the International Court at the Hague, Holland, he was killed.

I also commented extensively on NTA and the local and international media Other academics also erred their views on the Bakassi dispute.I focused on human rights and humanitarian issues.
Now that the Senate of the Federal Republic has very belatedly asked the President to do the impossible, I would like to add some footnotes.

“ Delay defeats equity.” Vigilantibus, non domientibus, jura subveniunt. Meaning that the law protects he who is vigilant and not he,who sleeps over his rights. Where was the Senate all these years? There is no need crying over split milk.

David Mark said that we should appeal “even if we lose”, by then he would have, perhaps created wealth for popular fat lawyers, who are famous or notorious for defending “ARRANGEE” cases for the Federal Government in the last decade.

The Federal Government can enter into “ ad misericordiam” talks with the Cameroun authorities with the participation of ECOWAS mediators. I have a model. Just like I was not paid for my work on the Bakassi case files, I do not and will not ask for payment for the new initiative.
I never worship man-made gods!!!

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