by Michael Ewetuga

This was not a good weekend for me, not by my own reckoning anyway. I lost my wallet and with it some valuable documents and other stuff. That was on Friday. The incident kind of slows me down on Saturday and thus was unable to do anything worthy of remembering. Today is not all that different except that I had no choice but to finish working on the cases I have tomorrow, I also had to finish working on my website.

Before doing all the other stuff enumerated above, I read some stuff about politics simply because I am intensely interested in what is going on between Clinton and Obama in the Democratic Party. I read something on yahoo politics where it was stated that the Hispanics would just not vote for an African American and my mind went to the song of Bob Marley, Top Rankin which I have running on my website this week.

To be frank, I was one of those who did not give Obama a chance but I am humbled by his progress so far despite the perceived popularity and likeness that I believe people have for former President Bill Clinton which I thought would translate to votes for his wife.

Like some other people that had some doubts about the ability of the minority to make any meaningful progress in the political arena in this country, I started paying some hard attention to Obama after he started “dusting” the former first lady. When you are referred to as dusted in my country, it means you are left behind, the image created is that of two cars racing and one out accelerated the other, leaves the other behind with dust raised by the first covering the other.

When the debate started for both the Republican and the Democratic candidates the man that captured my attention was Ron Paul of the Republican Party, he struck me as a candid person but we all know candid people have no place in politics.

Between Obama and Clinton, I thought Clinton would put up a better fight for the Democratic Party in the general election because, of course, racism is still alive and well in this country and because of that I have my doubts about whites voting for a black president.

There was this debate when it all started, the question was and probably still is: “Is America Ready for a black or female president?”

When question like that is being asked it makes you wonder, should the skin or gender of a candidate matter or should they be judged on the same scale as everyone else?

It is also preposterous to say that black people would vote for a black man no matter how moronic the fellow is. That generally is an insult to the black people; it says volumes about how some people regard the black race. We are capable of deciding on a better candidate and in this case if majority of black as well as people of other races happens to think Obama is a better candidate than the rest, so be it. Obviously Obama hasn’t been wining on black votes alone.

Obama wining the presidency is in fact a boost to race relations in America and a pointer to the fact that it is a land of equal opportunity as it cannot be so referred if some races are under the impression that they cannot get to the number one position in this country.

It is also incredible that women could be regarded as being unfit to be president in a country that speaks strongly about gender equality, what happens to what a man can do?

As a matter of fact Obama can be claimed by both whites and blacks since he is a child of a union between two people from both races, he has half brothers and sisters who are from both races.

was not going to write about Obama anyway because there are thousands of articles out there in support or otherwise of this gentleman.

However, I will like to say no one should fall for the divide and rule tactics that is about to be employed, that of Hispanics will not vote for a black man. That also is a slap on the face of Hispanics because what it claims is that the Hispanics are so dumb that if there is a man who they feel merits their votes because they agree with his messages they will not vote for him because of the color of his skin, in other words they are calling the Hispanics racists too.

We should all unite, people of all races, to vote as the president of this great country a man or woman deserving of the honor. If I could vote, I know who I will vote for and I know all those who have the privilege of voting will exercise it wisely and vote whoever they believe would best serve their interests.

Let your vote, for whatever candidate; be on the merits, it is your privileged use it wisely and in tune with your conscience.

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