Waiting For The World To Change No More

by Enitan Doherty-Mason

As in the lyrics of John Mayer’s song, “Waiting for The World to Change”, I finally have to acknowledge that too many of us have been waiting too long for the world to change. We have absolutely been waiting much too long. While we were waiting the United States slid into a recession, decent hardworking people we know lost their jobs and their homes, more valued friends died from cancer and other diseases, Mr. McCain pulled an overly ambitious inadequately qualified female out of a hat to ruse uninformed citizens, Mrs. McCain insulted every American of African origin when she pulled two unsuspecting Africans out of nowhere and declared on national television that these two unsuspecting token “Africans” are among her list of “new” friends, Ms Palin said if the problem of teen age pregnancy is common place it shouldn’t be examined in her now public family, families continue to fall apart, the tension in schools rise as some parents fight to avoid paying service fees since school is the United States is supposed to be free, teachers continue to spend a reasonable percentage of their limited salaries buying added materials to keep pace and peace in classrooms still praying for a work free summer and consistent quality classroom support, school systems continue to provide buses and services to students …

Mr. McCain who repeatedly declared that was on the right path while more people continued to lose their sons, turned against President Bush whom he supported vigorously only a short while ago. Where is honor? Who is this new McCain? Where is he apt to lead us when he denies old friends publicly at a moments notice and announces new ones that will further his career? Mr. McCain who scorned Mr. Obama for touting a need for change is now singing a song that claims change is coming? This brazen magician’s slight of hand by Mr. McCain and his associates must came to a halt. He changes masks at will and seems to assume that voters are not very smart people and that voters absorb very little of what goes on around them, how much more right before their eyes.

Alas! Will Mr. McCain deny those Americans that don’t further his purpose as he abandoned President Bush. Does he really believe in the bovine mentally some people have erroneously attributed to voters? Does he really believe he can herd voters in any direction he wishes with a little trick here and a little trick there? Will Ms. Palin decide that the spread of venereal disease or other any other disease is a private matter too? Only tyrants, dictators and those who have much to hide avoid the press as Ms. Palin seems to want to! Voters may not all be bulldogs, but they can tell the difference between a serious presidential candidate and a national circus. No one can rearrange the world stage to suit Mr. McCain’s style and the people of these United States can no longer wait.

YES! Change will come and change must come. Mr. Obama has been a consistent and honorable man of integrity. Mr. Obama alone represents change. I for one would not miss an opportunity to have a president who stands for what the United States should stand for. The values that Mr. Obama demonstrates represent the values good American citizens admire and would like to emulate. I am no longer waiting for the world to change. I’m starting right here and now by voting to get Mr. Obama into the White House come Election Day.

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