We Must Impeach Obasanjo And Atiku NOW!

by Bob MajiriOghene Etemiku

Those who are current with what is going on in the state of Israel should know that that President has not escaped impeachment. Plans were being put in place to impeach him for making lustful advances at a woman, before a political arrangement for him to go on leave was brokered to save his lustful bosom. We are not going to advance the notion that that state wants to impeach their president because Israel is the birthplace of our Lord Jesus. No, not at all. We just want to establish that people who are privileged to find themselves in positions of public trust and respect, no matter where and who they are should not abuse that trust under any circumstances. But the man that was selected to hold the highest office in the land has again and again and again committed so many impeachable offences. Why are we not going to impeach him?

Look at the former American president Bill Clinton. He was the most powerful political person alive when he was president. He managed to create jobs and made the American economy stronger than he met it. In the history of international peace and diplomacy, he was the one man that brought the warring Palestinian gladiators to shake hands and call a truce that was later to collapse much later, however. Bill Clinton gave the American people a sense of belonging with his Medicare program and was the one that employed more blacks in his government more than any other government before and after him. But when the time came for him to be impeached, it was his own people, the Democrats who were the arrow heads of his impeachment. His faux pas was that he had a fling with an intern, Monica Lewinsky. When all of that impeachment hoopla was going on, there were many of us that laughed the matter off. We were really amused that much more serious impeachable offences were being committed here by our president and nothing was being done. Talk about different strokes…

But the man here, President Obasanjo, has committed every impeachable crime in the book. He has abused his office so many times that we cannot even keep count any more. At first, when his nemesis Na’abba went for the jugular of impeaching Mr. President, a lot of people felt that he was being legislatively rascal and exhibiting character unbecoming of one who had the interest of our young democracy at heart. But just after that, we began to observe that even with the agbada of zero-tolerance for corruption that the President wore, there were so many inconsistencies in his crusade against corruption. Let’s not talk about the mansions that his immediate family members are said to have overseas. Let us not even say anything about his university, his farms that suddenly began to experience an unprecedented growth with the injection of suspicious funds into his personal businesses. All of these as far as we are concerned are some of the perks that accrue from the goodwill that the position of president may generate for business such as his. Are you honestly trying to tell me that if you were president and you had businesses that you would not allow a measure of your goodwill generate rub off on your family and businesses?

What really gives me reason to ask for the impeachment of Mr. President even if he has just five minutes to the expiration of his tenure is this: He has been the major sponsor of a lot of the corruption in the executive arm of government. Oh please ignore and forget all of that rubbish that he has used his position as president to go after even his closest friends like the former IG, Tafa; and that Wabara and Osuji and Afolabi. These are mere smokescreens with which to go after those who were never in his good books. Mr. President, let him deny this if he could, actively participated in nearly all of the attempts to impeach a lot of the governors who were not in his good books. At first I thought the man was doing a good job and I wrote those glowing essays singing his praises to the heavens. Much later however, I found out that there were some people that were cows he could never ever touch. I found out that he was not as serious as his face about fighting corruption a little of the way Rawlings fought the good fight in Ghana. In fact, events began to show that he who lived in a glass house was hurling the kind of stones that could hurt the Empire State Building.

Sometimes I wonder why it is that our memories are a little too short. Please do not take this for an insult but it is the truth. Can’t somebody at least remember that the impeached Governor of Plateau State once told us that all of the monies he was accused of stealing were part of the monies that went into the Obasanjo-Atiku campaign train of 2003? And that it was after this allegation that the president refunded the monies and continued to pursue Dariye with renewed gusto? Have we all suddenly forgotten that when the PTDFgate scandal broke, that Mr. President began to again hurriedly refund the monies he shared with his deputy? Have you forgotten all so soon? Are these offences not impeachable offences? If they are not please remember that there are people like Tafa, Wabara, Osuji, Afolabi who committed less than serious offences and were hounded to their villages by Mr. President, all in an effort to tell the world that he has zero-tolerance for corruption. Is Mr. President greater than the Bill Clinton who did so much for the American people yet was impeached by even his own people for desecrating the dignity ascribable to the office of president by sleeping with somebody he was supposed to be a guide?

Let us make it abundantly clear to the National Assembly that they owe it a duty to this nation to begin impeachment processes and proceeding against Mr. President without any delay. We should make it clear that their positions as honourable members place upon them the responsibility to cast the party line aside and impeach Mr. President without much ado. If they do not do the honourable thing now by impeaching Mr. President with his deputy over the PTDFgate scandal, when we begin to compile the names of those who chose to be weak when they should have been strong, their names will be written in capital letters and underlined for posterity to peruse.

Mr. President has been lying to us. He has been dishonest. He has done a lot of those awful things that bring the office he occupies to disrepute. The National Assembly must impeach him now and send that much needed message abroad that we indeed mean business.

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Anonymous March 24, 2007 - 10:23 pm

We are not yet in the month of April so I will pretend I never read this piece until April 1st. The piece does not forsee that impeaching President Obasanjo now will result in indirectly installing a certfied rogue as President. The writer should have been constructive enough to tell us his proposals for succession after his impeachment proposal is carried out. His reason is unsound because Nigeria does not need to impress the world that it is serious in its fight against corruption. We fight corruption because it denies our people funds meant for development. For the information of the writer and apart from the fact that his so-called impeachable offences are frivolous and unfounded, there is no moral standing for the present National Assembly to impeach ANY Public Officer. These are Honorable members that are afraid to disclose their remunerations to the Nigerian Public. One of the reasons the "Satanic" Naaba wanted Obasanjo Impeached was that the President insisted on FULL Disclosure of Members remunerations and expenditures.To date NOBODY knows the monthly remunerations and Allowances of National Assembly Members. To date, NONE of the has paid TAX on the kick-back collected to pass Departmental Budgets and approve Ministerial Appointments. Only one Minister refused to pay. They must also account for huge pay-outs collected for backpeddalling on previous impeachment threats. So, you see, my brother, the impeachment will start from the National Assembly. These are grevious State Crimes, as serious (if not more) than the ones you allege against Obasanjo, Bill Clinton or the Israeli P.M. I reserve further comments on this piece until April 21, 2007 when members of the National Assembly return from recess.


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