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Gov. Obaseki
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After the initial postponement, consequent to negative security reports emanating from across the state, the much awaited Edo 2016 Gubernatorial Election was finally held on the 28th day of September, 2016, producing a popularly elected winner in the person of Dr. Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki of the progressive All Progressive Congress (APC), who bested other contestants in a keenly contested duel to win the honour of succeeding Comrade Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole as the next Executive Governor of Edo State.

Image: electgodwinobaseki.com
Image: electgodwinobaseki.com

Without any modicum of doubt, G.O’s resounding victory was not only a true testament to his unassailable popularity across the state, and the general belief that he can do a good job as governor, but a re-affirmation of the people’s unalloyed faith in the ongoing All Progressive Congress-championed revolution in all facets of governance in the state; a loud vote of confidence on the impressive feats being churned out by a group of goal oriented musketeers committed to the onerous task of “providing the greatest happiness for the greatest number possible” for the past seven and a halve years.

Once again, the good people of Edo State have vociferously spoken their minds, using the most effective weapon at their disposal – their fundamental freedom of choice – to succinctly express their desire for the continuation of the new progressive order, just like they’ve been doing since 2008. By this latest victory, they have demonstrated unfettered faith in the ongoing APC-orchestrated revolution across the state by electing a proven technocrat to stir their ship of state to the fresh shores of plenty; expressed an unquenchable yearning for the better life.

It is remarkable to note that despite all the fiery salvos that were ceaselessly fired at the governor-elect by his preying detractors, prior to D-Day, he forged on undaunted in his legitimate quest for the governorship diadem, buoyed by an altruistic resolve to serve his people by helping sustain the Mammoth achievements of the incumbent administration. That all the murderous campaigns of calumny directed at this irrepressible gladiator failed to deter him from pursuing his sacred quest for the Kimono of office, was down largely to his resilient and fearless demeanour – key strengths that are bound to define his tenure in Government House in the next four years.

Yes, the tasks ahead of the governor-elect are Herculean! But there are strong feelings within enlightened quarters that Edo people have collectively made a wise choice, out of the numerous options that stared them in their faces on polling day, by electing G.O, a proven financial mastermind, an administrative genius and statesman per excellence to run their affairs for the next four years. Anybody who has gone through the impressive resume of this noble champion will concur with the widespread optimism that compared to the opponents that challenged him for the governorship Tiara, he has more of the required qualities to successfully mount the saddle of leadership in Dennis Osadebey Avenue and take Edo State to the height of heights.

However, as all the progressive elements in the state continue basking in the euphoria of this heartwarming victory, they must realize that the task of governance is a collective duty for both the leaders and the led.  Good leaders succeed when their followers support them. Thus, it is incumbent on the people of Edo State to give the incoming administration all the support it needs to succeed in the task of sustaining and improving on the achievements of the outgoing government. Synergy comes through cooperation. Now that the much awaited election has come and gone, it is time for all hands to be on deck as Edo State prepares to travel on a new administrative trajectory.

For the losers, my advice is that you accept the outcome of the election and see it as the will of the people, which can be construed as the will of God. Edo people have exercised their civic duties by voting in their preferred choice of governor – a collective choice that must be respected by all stakeholders in the state and beyond who subscribe to the democratic principle of “Majority Wins the Vote”. There is no need for anybody to plunge the state into any form of crisis by trying to heat up the polity through subterfuge, mudslinging, unsubstantiated accusations and other barbarously banal acts of sabotage. Every contest must have a victor and a loser. That you lost today doesn’t mean you won’t be victorious tomorrow. Whoever wants to contest the outcome of the election should approach the electoral tribunals and other judicial bodies vested with commensurate jurisdiction to entertain electoral complaints to register their objections.  Please, let’s give peace a chance!

In the midst of the pomp and pageantry accompanying the APC’s recent electoral victory, I join the APC family, the good citizens of Edo State, and the state’s friends and well-wishers to formally congratulate Dr. Godwin Nogeghase Obaseki for a justly deserved victory, and praying that the good Lord imbues him with the strength of Hercules, the wisdom of Solomon, the understanding of Odysseus, the knowledge of Janus, and the resilience of Sisyphus to make a resounding success of his stewardship in office. We look forward to better days ahead, as you prepare to succeed our darling Comrade Governor, Adams Aliyu Eric Oshhiomhole as the next Chief Executive Officer of Edo State. Welcome to the saddle, sir!

God bless Edo State! God bless Nigeria!

Written by
Jude Obuseh
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