Welcome to Sociocracy: Against AK-47 Democracy in Nigeria

It is the Western man and not the African that owes allegiance to Greek orthodoxy and so the rightful inheritor of Greek political values and culture.

From what we have experienced during the years of the Nigerian “democratic rule” or the lack of it, we have come to the irrevocable conclusion that democracy as imposed by Western colonial states in their former colonies has not worked.

ak47Also, the imposition of Western education, language and religion, deflated the African ethos and values from their futuristic path.

In politically matured Western nations, the acceptance of defeat has grown firmly. In African states, the spirit of political sportsmanship is woefully lacking as contenders go to court, when they lose, or cause social dislocation, as we have witnessed in Ivory Coast recently and elsewhere.

In Nigeria, beneficiaries of the status quo have publicly declared that they would go to war if their candidate loses. This is because the pain defeat inflicts on people without good education, viable means of livelihood; compel them to act as touts for political contenders in the hope of a better tomorrow.

This is why political struggle in Africa takes on a do or die configuration.

The “demos “in African states are usually spectators as the political process is too sophisticated for them to comprehend.

Lack of education and political awareness account for the exclusion of the “demos” from political participation. Of course, they are cajoled to cast their votes through monetary and other inducements, but not according to informed choice.

This makes a sham of the African democratic process. Some vote along ethnic and religious affiliations. This robs the people of an informed assessment of the leaders’ performances or the lack of it.

In contemporary African political mimicking of Western democracy, we have recorded deaths, destruction of the sons and daughters of God, social dislocation, civil wars and retrogression in some African states.

African scholarship is restricted to mimicking other people’s way of doing things. This is also noticeable in the arts, music, apparels and governance.

Innovation and revolutionary thinking have long been eclipsed by Oxbridge brain-washing. They still confuse the national project with their hackneyed political prescriptions tailored along Western world outlook, but which do not work in African states.

We are encouraged by the explosion in social media influence on world affairs to propose that a sociocratic political theory be introduced to replace democracy in Africa, which has become an anachronism.

Democracy, as we have observed during the Nigerian elections is very divisive, rancorous and damaging. The whole system can be described as a catastrophe for the race.

A scientific approach to social problems is the theoretic and philosophical underpinning of the sociocratic system of statecraft.

The guiding principles of sociocracy are anchored in humanism, promotion of socio-political ideals, promotion of societal virtues through knowledge, division of labour and insistence on popular participation in governance, nurturing social and political institutions, advancing educational and moral institutions, amicable settlement of conflicting claims to power, state regulation of the means of production distribution and control, with allowance made for innovation, research and technology.

The sociocratic system must encourage hard-work, a stoic approach to nationalism and statecraft, patriotism, honesty, and healthy thinking.

The Government must account to the people every three months and wait for and adhere to recommendations by the universal community.

The officials must undergo annual reviews in order to weed out incompetent officials.

The fees paid to register political parties must not be so astronomical that only the rich can contest for political power,

The sociocratic system of government must ensure that the state is self-sufficient in the areas of food production, health—care and citizens’ welfare.

When our Lord, Jesus Christ, the SON of God fed the multitude, he created the foundation of the sociocratic dispensation.

Legislators, politicians, lawyers and judges must obtain higher degrees in law and social science.

The universities must be well-funded and university staff must be well catered for. International scholars exchange must be a cardinal policy of universities.

The sociocratic state must aim at high standards and should not encourage mediocrity, in any form.

Freedom of speech must be guaranteed and freedom to obtain information must be permitted.

The economic base of the sociocratic state is the judicious application of national resource, indigenized private sector, and encouragement of international trade and sound fiscal control to prevent wastages of the people’s wealth.

Any corrupt practices must be visited with high-handedness and there should be the possibility of tracing national wealth anywhere and everywhere.

Sociocracy subscribes to philosophical radicalism and the theory of later-day liberalism. It modifies the complexities and philosophical ambiguities of resurgent capitalism, which demeans the social contract.

This has resulted in the widening gulf between the middle class and the dot com billionaires. Some are now willing to pay more taxes to avert a social revolution.

In pursuance of its corporate social responsibility, the Management of HURON BLUE COMPANY LTD, is worried about the AK 47 and KALASHNIKOV democracy in Nigeria, which has prompted SOS reports to the International Criminal Court.

The Company has commissioned this study to inquire into the introduction of a new political ideology, which could entrench principles of statecraft away from the cut-throat politics, now prevalent in Nigeria.

Turgot and Condorcet advanced the theory of progress, which is the foundation of the sociocratic state.

In a sociocratic state, the general will must be clearly defined and must prevail at all times.CNN and Western media promotion of cult personalities is flawed. It robs society of the input by a silent, but discerning part of the society.

The personages, who regularly appear to comment on world affairs, have demonstrated their limited  comprehension of the details on the other side of the coin.

In the last ten years, they goofed about Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria.

They heralded the “ARAB SPRING”, a capital misnomer, gutted by hare-brained analysis, tailored to please media and government directives.

ONE WORLD, ONE TRUTH has proved to be a fiction of the fertile imaginations of pundits and government spokespersons. A quick rush to the microphone, with inchoate facts and figures, which the power of shame prevents their correction, has been rife and misleading.

A sociocratic system of statecraft will not impose ideas on ancient regimes, because a people convinced against their will, will be of the same opinion still.

John of Salisbury propagated “universitas hominum”, which appears to be misunderstood by meddling in affairs of states very far away.

The decadence of political philosophy of the muse is responsible for wars, civil disorder and social dislocation. You do not patch a torn shirt, it will tear again.

Monopoly capitalism gave way to digital capitalism, which has been well manipulated by the commercial gurus, the IMF, the World Bank and their allies. To sustain this economic hegemony, occasional elections are held to give a semblance of transfer of democratic power and the right to govern by the same political formations.

In Africa, this has not worked. We see rotting carcasses, burnt-out buildings and desolate enclaves.

During Nigerians electioneering campaigns, centrifugal and centripetal forces were unleashed by political aspirants and they exerted both their potential and kinetic energies which produced mayhem and disturbance, which shook the foundations of the nation.

Foreign leaders had a field day lecturing Nigerian leaders on the need for peaceful elections. What a shame!

Karl Marx’s dialectical materialism and Lenin’s revolutionary doctrines have been modified by Chinese communism, with market related logical embellishments.

China’s announcement of the AIIB Bank is causing disquiet in the US, which sees the development has a challenge to its monetary hegemony in international economic relations.

That many Euro-Asian states have consented to join the China-led bank is evidence that a sociocratic system, which is what the new China represents, has a chance to enter scientific discourse, and expansion.

The above is just a synopsis of the political and social philosophy of the sociocratic state, we are adumbrating.

The Huron Blue Company Ltd, BOSAS INTERNATIONAL LAW BUREAU and the AZATA/NEPU Party, which will soon apply for formal registration after the elections, invite scholars to join in the dialogue about a sociocratic state movement.

We should not allow the so-called “white people” to lead every facet of life on planet Earth. Learn to think!!!

As we pave a new scientific, socio-economic consciousness, active discussion can only enrich the discourse.

Nigeria is in the crucible of karma and rebirth; a sociocratic system will save her from self-destruction.


IMAGE: Brian.ch

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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