What is wrong with the World? The Need for a World Peace Conference

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

Many years ago, I read an erudite novel entitled, “Suspect Every-one, Trust No-one” , written by Jules Vern, an adventure series.

I sense a fresh inspiration that Godlessness, lack of unity, solidarity, internationalism, arrogance and the rule by the ideological fanatics who appropriate to themselves “knowledge” perpetual and eternal, are some of the factors that have resulted in the state of fear and discord world-wide.

Anyone, who watches television, will observe that opinions offered by pundits, totally exclude the views of the majority in the world. The pundits, some say, do not adhere to Satyagraha principles.
Some TV anchors are existentialists and are demagogic in their professional style.
The imposition of one-side views laced with propaganda and ridiculing of the positions of other states create bitterness amongst nations.

When it comes to construct validity, they do not err on the side of caution.
The reports on the Zimbabwe elections and the disparaging and unwelcome comments by the Australian Prime Minister, who is precariously perching on power, is undiplomatic.

Some states are questioning the South African President’s congratulatory message to Robert Mugabe.
This is unbecoming of those states that should subscribe to peaceful co-existence. There is visible arrogance in trying to comment on everything under the sun.

States should organize their own societies before poking their noses into other states’ affairs and denigrating them.

Ridiculing the sixtieth anniversary of the North Korean victory celebrations and mounting propaganda against the state is in bad taste.

Reports on the military coup in Egypt, which is now provoking resentments in the Muslim world, should teach nations lessons in objective appraisal of events, instead of tongue-in-cheek permutations of obvious reality.

The reports on the Tunisian crisis, the under-reporting of the Turkish demonstrations and the Libyan collapse, misrepresent the truth.

The type of reports filed by CNN’s Ivan Watson, with hyperboles and slanted curling, result in doubts and amazement,

All these create annoying circumstances that affect the sensitive passions of mankind.
The qualities of intellectual discussions have dovetailed. They now center around the views of rap artists, singers, programmed pundits, whose names sound louder that what they say, pundits who have never visited the countries they talk glibly about, publicity-seeking actors and spokesmen and women, who merely present government views on issues, without espousing the future repercussion of hastily taken decisions.

Remember the decisions to bomb Iraq, Libya and aiding Syrian rebels and the consequences we now smart under.

There are rabid haters of other races, who look down on other opinion and treat with contempt, views that are opposed to their own.

They permanently refuse to publish opinion different from those approved by producers. Where is press freedom?

They are not wiser than others, but their positions are pushed by arrogance.
These and other problems have put the world in crisis.

Between 1961 and 1968, the world was in crisis. The Vietnam War raged. Robert Strange McNamara was appointed Secretary of Defense, by President John F.Kennedy. McNamara introduced systems analysis in public policy and re-organized American defenses.

He led America into a war, the consequences, he later deeply regretted.
George Bush is yet to recant his Iraqi misadventure .The scares are showing though.
McNamara in his lamentations said “ If we cannot persuade nations with comparable values of the merits of our cause we better re-examine our reasoning.”

How then did the US hope to persuade ancient regimes in North Africa and elsewhere that Western -mode democracy is good for them and proceeded to spend billions of dollars and human lives in a wild goose chase?

According to McNamara, “Coercion, after all, merely captures man, freedom captivates him.”
Some states in the Middle East seem to carry the burden of karma. It is only brotherhood and atonement, not democracy that can help them. This is difficult for some people to understand.
At the Elihu’s School of Prophecy in Egypt, we were taught that only the universal brotherhood of man will save mankind.

Satanic forces do not want peace and the brotherhood of man. So using their human agents in high and low places, they foment trouble through political and religious palaver to destabilize the world.
In the 1960’s, I was fascinated by the wit of American defense experts and diplomats like McNamara, Roswell Kilpatrick, Cyrus Vance, Clark Clifford, Paul Nitze, Thomas S. Gale jnr., Henry Kissinger, Brzezinski etc

TIME Magazine and Newsweek reported their activities learnedly.
When I ruminate over the political style of Senator McCain and some Republicans, I get the burning sensation that they have learnt nothing and forgotten nothing about contemporary American political history.

A restless run of visits to troubled spots may impress Clausewitz devotees, peace missions are better.
Until America’s intellectual rigour returns, the fractious politics between the Republicans and the Democrats will continue to plague the lack of consensus in the social political sphere.
Imagine a world in which America continues to innovate, leads in modern technology, advances medical science, leads in space science, is at peace with every nation, expands peaceful co-existence efforts and bridges the race relations divide.

Some may not seek a paradise until they have exhausted the American bliss.
The dividends of peace will make Americans richer, happier, and safer. Its enemies will be tornadoes, wild fires, and other natural causes.

Arms manufacturers will receive few orders, there will be fewer guns in circulation and there will be fewer deaths.

In order to address the issues of world crisis, we call again for a WORLD PEACE CONFERENCE, where every dissenting voice will be heard. Peace is cheaper than wars.

This was what happened at Dumbarton Oaks in 1945, before the now Mal-functioning United Nations Organization, came into being.

Heaven will help the states of the world if they seek peace. The Prince of Peace will preside.

This article is dedicated to Caroline Kennedy, the new US Ambassador to Japan.

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