Who Needs Nigeria?

by Charles Sogbesan

I guess it is copious to underrate the very sentiment with which I see my cosmos.

The very essence of my endurance, presence and authenticity, all of a sudden I should buy into some green white green fictitious patriotism. A deceptive frame of reference artificially created by some drunken Brit.

They pitch Tribe as some colorless fellowship, something to be ashamed of? Better you tell that to the Quebecois or the Slovaks.

A 160 million concocted hodgepodge is something for aspiration, ego and repletion. A bungle is to be glorified, while my very essence is to be deserted. Like a contemporary fatalist, they want acceptance of bankruptcy at the expense of assurance.

My essence, that makes me welcoming, captivated, industrious, peering should now be sacrificed at the altar of some chimerical nonsense. Yet, the commonality, an effortless, manageable starting point should now be bootlegged, the HUSH HUSH.

Nice try, the eyes with which I see the world, which makes me approachable or amiable or dignified or capable is not Nigerian. I get that from my vicinity. From that view, we can be better friends than we currently are.

Up Nigeria? Up yours, you factitious Hogwash

What is Nigeria?

My point exactly

Spare me

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