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Why Aisha Yesufu Goofed!

In security parlance, officers are trained to be firm, fair and consistent to safeguard their safety and the security of the society they protect. By complacency, if an officer reneges on one of these professional nuances, the officer jeopardizes his/her security, societal safety and the ethics of his/her profession.

In a parallel universe or in real life, in spite of our fallibility, there are three things that we need to maintain to succeed in life, or be at par with our mindfulness. They are: values, principles and dignity. If you deviate from your principles out of political expediency or ulterior motives, then, it means your supposed good antecedents and values were premised on grandstanding and political opportunism. This is what I have discerned in Aisha Yesufu and other opportunistic cyborgs on social media.

Having just watched the video of Aisha’s jaundiced admonition to president Buhari, I could see that Ms. Aisha Yesufu has political agenda to grind with Prof. Osinbajo, the Vice President and the Acting President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Her tantrums and wails are repugnant and pregnant with meanings if you can read her agitated disposition, psychology and methodology of her advice to the President. If Aisha doesn’t know Professor Yemi Osinbajo, I hope other well meaning Nigerians should urgently lecture her likes the quintessential persona of the Acting President and his humbled family and religious backgrounds.

Meanwhile, the best way to be at peace with yourself, your subconscious mind, and bring the best out of you is to compete with yourself; do not be satisfied with your performance, develop insatiable and penchant for knowledge acquisition, even from your worst enemy, and the environment you’re dwelling. The best competitor you can have in life is you. Once you start to compete with others, you’ll open yourself to flaws, dopey mistakes, unnecessary drama and unhealthy competition. I see all these in comrade, Aisha Yesufu.

As I was watching her YouTube video, her command to NASSty house to impeach President Buhari for being mainly sick is preposterous. I see in Aisha’s undertones as an unrepentant political fundamentalist who has developed political wings with hidden agenda. Sentimentally, Aisha Yesufu may either be subsumed with “born to rule” tendency, or she may be a grandstander who has failed to get what she wanted from this government. It could be both? Her backsliding is a typical Nigerian political syndrome. Though, the syndrome is incurable but it is unpardonable under the current Nigerian polity. The political atmosphere in Nigeria is fouled with hypothesis of hypocrisy. It is extremely difficult for warped minds to understand the political grandstanders and opportunists around them. But, it is comically easy for good intentioned individuals to identify the grains amongst the chaffs.

I am an unrepentant and unapologetic Buharist. I am also an advocate of one-term presidency of president Muhammadu Buhari. My opinionated stance on Buhari’s one-term presidency is predicated on Mr. President’s health, his fragility and to peacefully enjoy the twilight of his life. Buhari’s honesty and dreams of a disciplined society has influenced and mentored me a great deal in all spheres of my personal life. Buhari and Osinbajo are two in one. The two quintessential individuals epitomize one-man battalion in a nation at war with itself. A complex nation struggling for national identity. Nigeria is lucky to have these two providential and consequential honest men at this period in our nation’s history. If we fail to support these gentlemen in their quest to fight corruption and indiscipline in our society, the next generation may not forgive this unserious generation of Nigerian youths.

Nigeria is currently going through a moral crisis, and some other negative idiosyncrasies of life. The crisis of a wealthy nation is our national signature. How Nigeria and her citizens can morph into one nation under God with indivisible entity, liberty and justice for all is a billion dollars question waiting for an unending answers. Innocent Aisha Yesufu is one of the victims of political melodrama in Nigeria; she is becoming one of the misama oozing out from the pipe of our politics. More of Aisha Yesufus will undoubtedly resurface, and in reality, will still be consumed by our impending political apocalypticism.


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