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Why and How Obama shall be Re-elected in 2012: Obama is a Winner

Who becomes America’s President is every one’s concern. This is the reason the whole world will focus its attention on the dominance forth-coming American presidential elections in the United States of America.

Over a hundred years ago, many men and women fought to maintain its oneness and political union. The federalists were thinkers, erudite men, whose political writings have been quoted for centuries. Their ideas did not only build America, but served as indices for political engineering and statecraft.

Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln were statesmen. They trusted in God and this was enshrined in the American Dollar. God prospered Americans.

Barack Obama possesses those qualities and erudition of American founding fathers.Unecumbered by America’s past imperialist culture and geo-political attitudes, he successfully extricated the US from its economic down-turn and turnaround the sector of the economy that could still be redeemed.

As a democrat, he has matured inexorably. He has pushed through social democratic policies, in keeping with his campaign promises. Obama is not a socialist. He is imbued with the concern for social justice, social equity and the democratic principles that sustain the national interest in a democratic society.

Immediate past American presidents seemed to believe that America is a peaceful nation, which must fight wars to prove it.

Obama has shown that he is capable of dealing with US enemies and that defending America is a matter for intelligent choices and not restricted to the butcher’s solution only.

President Obama did not create America’s financial and strategic problems. He has used his ingenuity and audacity to solve many lingering domestic and international problems. This is good for America

The American people are impatient with the Tea Party musings and the obstructionist Republican stratagems to frustrate the Obama administration.

It has become obvious that Republicanism has become an anachronism. In this age, when states are striving to solve socio-economic problems and cater for all citizens; it becomes difficult to see how a party made up of rich men and women can bring themselves to work to uplift the poor, the marginalized under-achievers and those crawl about in society.

The mental inheritance of Republicans is indifferent to the other social class. Any policies that are fashioned to ameliorate the conditions of the working class are frown upon. The Republicans have perfected the art of name-calling, which is aimed at instilling fear into the property-owning class that Obama is bent on the socialization of their societal advantages.

This campaign does not add up as the economic status of the middle class has grown progressively worse, not only in America, but also in Europe.

Having frittered away America’s wealth in fighting wars that only satisfied the geo-political interest of the military/industrial complex, Republicans should find ways to co-operate to find solutions that would bring back the prosperity America once enjoyed

Under the Obama administration, race relations seem to have improved. Those who seem to question the Creator of the Universe as to why he created different people may never get an answer. Any doctrine on race differentiation is flawed, morally unjust and socially and morally condemnable.

America has strategic concerns in the Middle East and in North Korea and Iran. He had promised to look into the Israeli/Palestinian issues, with little success, should not give up his efforts. We all know that the problems are intractable.

President Obama may wish to exercise restraint in his involvement with the elections of a new President in Russia. If Putin loses, the Communist Party of Russia will be in government and a new ideological political era will be re-kindled. This will lead to antiquated rivalry and the pursuit of narrow interests.

President Obama may wish to change the US diplomacy in dealing with the new situation in North Korea and with the new Chinese leaders, who are more urbane, well-schooled and knowledgeable about China/US complex relations.

The new Obama administration should relate more closely to Africa in all spheres of political, economic and diplomatic relations. America cannot complain about China’s involvement in Africa, while staying away from the new economic and investment potentials the continent now offers. The evidence can be seen in Equatorial Guinea, Angola and Botswana. Congo is a gold-mine and its diamonds are very good collaterals, that can guarantee heavy capital outlay for any state that seizes the opportunities available.

Recently, Obama participated in the Pacific/Asean economic forum, in order to widen American trading orbit. His participations in the G& and G8 summits are always constructive. He quickly sees a point and he addresses issues with a masterly pose and not the belligerence of a Texas cowboy.

Obama’s social policies like health-care, equitable taxation, housing and prison reforms are to ensure social stability.

If these issues are not addressed now, they may accentuate the social disorder, inherent in systems that neglect the needy. The “Occupy Wall Street” phenomenon was a surprise. The American citizens, who expressed their discontent in such agonizing way, may vote for the Republican Party.

The social media is awash with protestations that the Republicans may score points as critics of Obama, but are losing heavily since they have not provided alternative solutions to America’s social progress.

Hispanics, African Americans, left-wing intellectuals, disgruntled Republicans and fair-minded voters will support Obama for a second term.

Women voters, who suffer from disparity in wages and old people, who are in need of medical -care, will support Obama. Young Americans, who identify with the progressive politics of Barack Obama, will both campaign and also vote for him.

The Republicans will rely mainly on the support of fringe extremists, who have sworn not to look at the evidence of Obama’s performance on the job, but would react to their prejudices in their choice.

In an article I published in The Guardian, in January, 2009, I wrote that “there those, who would not be impressed by what ever does or does not do” The trenchant criticisms by the Republican Chiefs and the Tea Party political mal-contents support my predictions of 2009.

Obama enjoys the goodwill of the ordinary members of the international community and this will weigh heavily on American voters.Obama relates successfully with other world leaders excluding those, who want him to solve age-old, antiquated rivalries that defy rational judgment.

Republicanism is seen as rich, spoilt men, with their noses in the air. There is that far-away look in their eyes which is meant to remind lesser mortals that they operate on a different wave length.

While I was teaching a course on Human Rights at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, the then Nigerian Minister of Foreign Affairs, General Ike Nwachukwu invited me to attend the Republican Convention in Houston, Texas, in 1992.

Some affluent members of the Republican Party came in their private jets, which carried their Rolls Royce cars. Their wives were decked in diamonds and the men wore gold button jackets. This close encounter with capitalist opulence was very impressive.

I wished that the American society can be so structured to enable a majority to fairly acquire such wealth, and display their treasures.

It is no longer possible to retain the social inequalities in America. Die Fetten Jahren sind vorbei! The world has changed in many ways and America cannot pretend that “It is alright Jack”.

The Republican candidates may be opulent and can throw cash around but they do not

have the qualities of acceptability, which Obama possesses, in the Era of the Gentiles, Atonement and the Brotherhood of Man.

Obama’s presidency has put a stop to the maltreatment of “BLACKS” by law enforcement agents, who in the past associated every black person with criminal tendencies. We still remember the Rodney King episode!

The minorities have been given responsible positions contrary to the practice of the past. Minorities now walk tall on the sunny side of the streets of America.

Banks are now more liberal in their loan policies. More minorities are prospering without making it obvious. The social justice policy must gain acceleration in the direction of a new social order.

In defiance of Republican frenzied cries of a socialist take-over of America, the Democratic Party should push to establish an egalitarian society, in which those who fly should be given more wings, but those who crawl or who do not move at all,( Don Williams)should be catered for.

A democratic society, which ignores the silent majority that suffer neglect, will regret, the spring rolls, winters of discontent or the golden autumn winds blow away the greedy and unfeeling noblemen. Social justice stabilizes any socio-economic system.

In America, there is a deep-rooted misconception about socialism. This is the consequence of years of misinformation and disinformation on the social science philosophy that propagates the virtues of social consciousness, social justice and egalitarianism.

During the Cold war years, a school came into existence in the United States that had the immaculate duty to discredit socialism in magazines, in lectures, books, films and other mass culture hits.

Class struggle was portrayed as a revolutionary tendency that would rob the rich to pay the poor, a sort of Robin Hood-like worldview. Socialism was associated with dictatorship, violation of human rights, orthodoxy, ruthlessness and a conscious policy to raise revolutionaries to overthrow their governments.

The Arabs and North Africans, who have overthrown their decadent oppressors, are not socialists, but socially-minded individuals, who could no longer stand the decadence of monarchic dynasties and sell-out of state power to foreign centers of control and manipulation.

Some academics, with grasshopper minds seem to have designed belligerent policies for America that ended in critical failures. I will illustrate my thesis thus.

In the 1990’s, America adopted the policy of helping the Taliban to rout the Soviets from Afghanistan. The Taliban has now turned against the American installed government in Kabul, leading to colossal waste of financial and human resources.

The Americans groomed Osama Bin Laden, who later turned against America, causing damage to its economic and political power-base. Then the US groomed Saddam Hussein, armed him to fight Iran. At the end of it all, America spent colossal financial and human resources in Iraq, only to push Iraq into the bosom of Iranian Shiites. Iran has become a regional super-power and now can hold its own.

Recently, Western Intelligence Agencies are publicly saying that Al Qaeda sent jihadists to Libya, but Kaddafi himself had said in a press conference that he had refused to let Al Qaeda operate from Libya. If it is true that the jihadists were sent to Libya, then, NATO paved that way.

Anti-China propaganda, robbed the US of a golden opportunity to engage China in bilateral trade relations in the 1960’s, only to now borrow from the Communist state, in humiliating circumstances.

The failed attempt to export the American way of life, the jeans culture, rock’n roll and soul music had only temporary success, because more serious issues have beset the world and its people.

There was a veiled attempt to contain those nations and leaders, who were seen as non-conformists. This was the reason behind Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma, Grenada, Cuba, Nicaragua, Chile, Congo, Korea etc.

The simplistic and at once arrogant policy of conquest manifested itself in the saying that “there is no Panama Canal but that there is an American canal in Panama.” Noriega became a victim of circumstances.

President Obama has deviated from this imperialistic mind-set of America. He has dispelled the fear in the world that America is a peaceful state, which must occasionally go to war to prove it.

How could the Republicans not know that you cannot fight wars without depleting the American treasury? How would they convince anyone that it was Obama, who initiated right-wing policies of belligerency that has bankrupt America? What else do they want and what else can they offer?

Republican McCain understands a lot of American politics, but cannot resist the use of war as instrument of national policy. He should review the Brian/Kellogg Pact of 1928 and tell us what is wrong in adopting the provisions of that Pact.

The Democratic Party is more likely to give the relevant impetus for America to move forward, than a Party that lives in the past. The social media in this technological age will play a major role in Obama’s re-election strategies.
I hope that during the electioneering campaigns, Jonathan Mann will not recite his “Someone could get hurt” mantra and that his “Political Mann “programme will not resurrect. Whatever his motives were, he failed in his intentions.

There are Americans, who will vote for Obama based on a reasoned assessment of his performance so far. They are agreed that he deserves a second term to advance the cause he has so well pushed with audacity, hope and tenacity of purpose.

If unreason prevails, the “Occupy Wall Street “campaign could find reason to re-enact its anti-greed and anti-conservative protests.

These customized views are strongly held and I hope that a New America will get into motion to reclaim the years the locusts ate up.

The present Iran/US disagreement over the Strait of Hormuz should find a diplomatic solution, and so, should disagreements between Israel and Iran.

2012 could be a year of peaceful co-existence or a year in which conflicts of serious nature could play themselves out to the detriment of the race.2012 will be a year in which only diplomacy and good judgment will save mankind,

In Egypt, the heady days of optimism seem to be over as reports say that the NDI and other NGO’s in Cairo were raided. The Egyptian authorities are reported to have promised to stop the raids.

The emergence of Islamic parties in North Africa and the Middle East could pave the way for popular administrations, whose actions may not be in tandem with Western expectations. If, however, the people approve of their actions, it will be difficult to stop the popular movement towards a peculiar Arab democracy.

Among my New Year messages, I found a note from a Hellenistic mystic, Christos Papadopoulos, who asked. “Who are you?”

I answered, “I am from Adachi Kingdom, in Fugar, Edo State Nigeria. I am a Professor of International Law, the Academic Chancellor of BOSAS International Law Bureau, the President of the proposed Afemai University, Fugar, a Pastoral Intercessor in the Glorious Church, an essayist, an author, a polemicist and a good husband to Barrister Mrs. Elizabeth Ngozi Esiemokhai, the Legal Adviser of Nigeria Re-insurance Corporation, Abuja., Nigeria. May the blessings of Almighty God, the King of kings and the Lord of Lords establish HIS REIGN on Earth, Amen, Amen and Amen!!!

The re-election of President Barack Obama will give the United States and its people the opportunity to rekindle the values enshrined in the Constitution of the United States of America. People everywhere will breathe a sigh of relief that the world will not abruptly come to an end, as a result of hard attitudes that inflame passions in international affairs. All the Churches in Ameri

ca are interceding for world peace, so that all can enjoy the increase of God’s Glory.

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