Why Donald Trump Shouldn’t Dare the Smiting Power of Women

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Donald Trump should be advised not to thread the uncharted territory of women. He should be admonished to read a book titled: “Anatomy of female power” written by our own erudite and funny Nigerian writer, Chinweizu. The book is a masculinist dissection of matriarchy. I have read this interesting book my than 20 times. If Donald Trump reads this book, he will understandably be forced to get acquainted with the smitten power of women. He will simmer after he must have perused this carefully-crafted-book-of-humor. He will also understand that women are existential beings with indispensable aura.

Image: Pixabay.com
Image: Pixabay.com

Without mincing words, Women are terrestrial beings with mystical power. You do not wage war of attrition against women to gain power, you will never win. You will not only loose; but the power will be ashamedly taken away from you by their smitten power.

Time immemorial, from Adam and Eve to the last “woman” born several seconds ago, women are catalysts for everyday life. They are determinants of what men become in life. No man has won any war of words against women. The notion that woman is weaker sex doesn’t hold water. It is a farce considering the anatomy of female power. When you surreptitiously act against a woman’s power, you do that at your own domestic peril. If you’re a politician with no modicum of respect for women, you’re unconsciously committing political suicide.

Recently, Twitter is awash with exchange of tantrums between Donald Trump and the most fearful and charismatic woman-politician in Washington, Professor Elizabeth Ann Warren. A no-nonsense woman who apart from being a politician has distinguished herself in academic world. This is the woman Donald Trump wants to trade tantrums or words with in the political war room in the current US polity.

Professor (Senator) Elizabeth Ann Warren is an astute American academic and politician, who is the senior U.S. Senator from Massachusetts. She is a member of the Democratic Party, and was previously a Harvard Law School professor specializing in bankruptcy law. She is a darling “husband” to Wall Street guys and a terrifying individual to 1% stupendously rich Americans. Elizabeth Warren is an outspoken intelligent senator with much experience to engage Donald Trump and put him in his closet. Her intimidating credentials is what Donald Trump should study carefully before engaging her.

Donald Trump has played on the intelligence of his teeming supporters. He is a profound political con actor and master manipulator. He is extremely calculative when it comes to diverting attention from his moment of travail or decline. He would come out with forceful unprintable statement that will color the headlines and social media. He also knows that media are at advantage through sensational journalism by airing his antics. His antics are always comic relief to his warped admirers and lovers of entertainment or reality shows. Donald Trump’s behavior is beneath the integrity of what America stands for.

The loquacious presumptive nominee of the GOP knows his onions when it comes to bully his way out of debate, and to energize the disgruntled supporters and his fisticuffs campaign. He understudied his political opponents in the GOP’s circus shows in the last primary debates. He gave them names and bullied each candidate, and they all reclined into their political cocoons or whither away into political oblivion.

Donald Trump will be making a big mistake to use the same bullying tactics against a formidable Hillary Clinton. His repulsive art of intimidation, blustering, bullying and bigotry will not work in the general election. He has become a schism between the GOP. He has thrown them into political disarray. Donald Trump’s hideous past with ugly baggage will soon start to come to fore with much scrutiny. The impending revelations will be falling down like rotten mangoes. But the good thing is that GOP might come out stronger from this political Waterloo without Donald Trump’s vulgarity, inconsistency and anti-inclusiveness.

The only individual who understood Donald Trump during the shameful debates is Carly Fiorina. She never gave Trump an inch to get away with his abusive and vulgarity against her. She unleashed the female power on Donald Trump on stage, Mr. Birther literally became a jelly and succumbed to Carly Fiorina, he never messed with her again throughout the debate.

Megan Kelly of Fox News is another media guru who understands the psychology of Donald Trump. She discerned Donald Trump’s SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat). Megyn Kelly penetrated his weakness; she disorganized the mind of Donald Trump, he had no option than to result to abusive and vulgarity to defend himself. He has always been lacking in substance; and with inadequate articulation on substantive issues. Women cannot be easily bullied.

Donald Trump will not be the president of the United States. His temperament is antithetical to the exceptional values of the American people. The biggest mistake GOP has made was not to have coalesced around Carly Fiorina to break the wings of Donald Trump before he metastasized into a phenomenon he is today.

The forthcoming general election is going to be the defining moment in the US history. As the die is cast, the terrific Obama political machine will be put to use; and unleashed it to dismantle Donald Trump’s cesspool of indecorums; defeat the GOP’s intolerance again and again. Democrats are contrivers with standby formidable women like Elizabeth Warren, and others political warriors with political weapons to stop the repulsive attitude of Donald Trump, the presumptive republican presidential nominee in the fall general election.


Written by
Yahaya Balogun
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