Why Is A Nation So Rich So Poor?

by Fola Ojo

I am highlighting this news brew in case you missed it while bustling about in your business. I will bullet the points so you don’t forget easily.

• Lagos State Governor Fashola recently explained how much money was spent on party life in his state.

• The Study was carried out in five local governments including Agege, Mushin, Ifako-Ijaiye and Ikeja and another local government.

• Study carried out on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, three days every week for four weeks which was 12 nights.

• In 12 nights, 1555 parties were held in these local governments.

• More than N36 billion was spent on 1555 parties held within the period.

• N3 billion monthly Spent on drinks DJ, MC, food and drinks, Aso-ebi

• Aso-ebi (family uniform) gulped at least N1.2 billion monthly

• This money was spent by Nigerians and for Nigerians.

• There are definitely lots of activities in this sector of the economy which is great.

• Broke and impoverished people don’t throw parties, rich and affluent people do.

• It means there are hidden riches in the land.

• Nigeria is no doubt a rich and blessed nation, but why so much poverty in the land?


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