Wisdom Azubuike: One Year In Memory

It’s 11:15 am today Wednesday the 8th of August…today my father Wisdom Azubuike has just turned one year in memory since he passed away.

I’ve just come back from Mass. A memorial service was held for my father-as I booked it… On the radio, as I sit in my room reminiscing old times, ‘The City of Angels’ soundtrack by Google Dolls and Iris is playing. Strange it has to come on now.

As these lyrics…

‘I don’t want the world to see me
Cause I don’ think that they’d understand
When everything’s made to be broken
I just want you to know who I am’

…filter through my ears, I understand the amazing words. No one would have understood my father, if he opened his mouth to relate this story of mine. (click on link)

He had to die for the truth and awareness to come out. Things had to be broken and shattered for the world to know who he is.

One year on, and the fire has still not died out in me. I am relentlessly working towards the eradication of the Victimization of Widows in Nigeria…a trailer documentary is gradually in the making, (which is to be submitted, viewed and accepted before being commissioned for a long concise documentary by a TV station.) It’s going to drain me from lack of funds, but with determination and your moral support, God give me strength, there will be a revolution for all daughters, sisters, wives and mothers in Nigeria.

My desired goal in this quest?

I seek a Legal framework that will protect women in their homes, communities, and states in Nigeria. A law that outlaws domestic violence and entitles them to own property and recognizes their right to inheritance. I want a Parliament that will adopt and pass on an Act.

An act that addresses archaic traditional inequalities women have faced in family relations, inheritance and ownership, bringing customary law and the constitution into closer alignment with international human rights standards.

The Act should be seen as a leap forward in regards to women’s long walk to freedom

As I fight to stop the Victimization of Widows in Nigeria, I cannot forget to thank everyone of you that encouraged, and morally strengthened me when the incident hit me the first time, and your comments on the blog as well. Everyone of you who contributed in your own little way.

‘First cut’ is always the deepest. I am grateful to you all, ‘strangers’ and ‘known faces’ for your comforting words that fateful August.

Best Wishes to you all, and God bless.

Chinwe Azubuike.

Written by
Chinwe Azubuike
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  • excellent work.she just said the truth that hides within the african inhumane tradition especialy in nigeria. let the lord bless u.

  • Time heals all wounds,though the scar remains.It will be well with you and your's.Was wondering where you disappeared to after the write up about the injustice your mum and siblings suffered in the hands of your uncle/relatives. My sister, this is what our mums/sisters/aunties/female friends go through.It's indeed pathetic.Looking forward to the documentry.Keep your head up,we know it's not easy in the white man's land.I believe you're a success.keep keeping on.Make yourself, mum and everyone who cares about you(even those you don't know) happy.