World Diplomacy and the Limits of Human Intelligence

Men and women who get into political office either by hook or crook, quickly adopt counter-insurgency measures to remain in power. These measures range from military intelligence operations, diplomacy, geo-politics, realpolitik, dirty tricks, scheming, intrigues, subterfuge and hortatory political statements that permit hopes, but which are not meant to be dashed without apologies. It is universally acknowledged that the great instruments of political power are the army, the revenues and the courts.

When disastrous political failures deal a coup de grace on the government’s career, such a government hardens its political stance, throws caution to the winds and resorts to muzzling the opposition parties, individuals and then turns on some states in the international community to demonize them, as a way of making her citizens to look away from its bad policies.

Unfortunately, there is limit to human intelligence. The governments ‘measures are soon seen as counter-intuitive by the populace because of the countervailing effects on government policies and on the nation.

In the last one month, the world has been inundated with diplomatic secrets, military intelligence operations, and glib statements by not-well-cultured diplomatists and politicians, who did not seem to mind their choice of diction.

These educationally and diplomatically subnormal operatives have played into the hands of people, who are in the journalistic sensation business.
Mr. Assange, who impresses me as someone with a Cromwellian disposition, has an effete mien that harbours a will as steely as Kruppstahl.
He has embarrassed the World diplomatic community, in no small measure. But how necessary the whole exercise is, will be put to subjective and objective analyses as the events unfold.

Assange was effusive in his condemnation of the information he distributed world-wide
His effrontery was very confident but also, at once rude and without any feelings of remorse.

How correct is it that America has control over our national affairs? Some WIKI LEAKS disclosures are disturbing. If we are adopting consensus candidates, federal legislators to be automatic members of their parties and that “there is no vacancy in ASO ROCK, “then why should we waste time and money organizing elections in 2011?

While world leaders were gathered in Cancun, Mexico, to rehearse old slogans on climate change, chilly weather and floods were ravaging Northern Europe.

I once lodged an appeal to the United Nations that a multilateral agreement be concluded allowing people, who live in inhabitable geographic regions to move to and develop some arid areas of the Sahara Desert in Africa.
These areas can be leased for one hundred years from the African Union. The Sudan, Chad and Niger, will benefit from such a deal. Also Japan will expand more to put its ingenuity to better use, within a big space!

World diplomats, who should be thinking positively on how to prosper humanity, have been engaged in the promotion of wars and manufacturing formidable, atomic, nuclear and thermo-nuclear devises in arrogant display of their love for power politics and geo-political prowess.
Post -Second World geo-politics has been based on utmost hatred between Western and Eastern European states and the United States of America.
Mutual espionage, insulting the intelligence of opposing states, hostile news dissemination, disinformation, misinformation, blatant lies, fabrications, distortions of facts were the norm.

Luckily for me, I understand Russian, German and English. These have enabled me to weigh in on where the truth lay in the information they always disseminate.

The inherent advantage and disadvantage of propaganda is that since these distortions flow from man’s puny intelligence, they have limitations.
No matter how adroit a man is in telling lies, because his life has a limit, his lies will live after him. Those, who take joy rides in lying, are not heaven bound.

No dirty tricks diplomacy, will be hidden forever, because” There is nothing hidden under the sun”
The Russians scored a brilliant, diplomatic victory in their bid to host the FIFA World Football in 2018. I hit the bull’s eye when I correctly guessed in a dispatch to CNN’S INSIDE AFRICA programme that RUSSIA would be given the slot.

On October 12, 1962, I landed in Moscow from Paris, France, in a World War 11 refurbished jet plane. I learnt the Russian Language, studied Law and Diplomacy at the University of Kiev, came top of the Class of 68 and proceeded to the University of Cologne in West Germany( as it was then) where I earned to degree of Doctor of Jurisprudence. The experience has been very useful in appreciating the geo-politics of Euro-American and Russian states.

While in Russia, the press defended their state system (socialism). In West Germany, the press supported capitalism. The ideological, geo-political disputations were conducted at the highest intellectual level.

I had access to TIME and NEWSWEEK magazine s and I still enjoy their vibrant defence of the American way.
That Britain and the USA were absolutely furious about FIFA’s decision to award the Russians the honour of hosting the 2018 FIFA WORLD FOOTBALL COMPETITION brought to the fore, the long-existing antagonism between imperialism and communism. Their newspapers were rife with rancour.
It can be recalled that when the Soviet Union was permitted to host the 1980 Olympic Games, the United States and some allied states, engaged in a flurry of diplomatic activities and successfully boycotted the games and the Russians retaliated by equally boycotting the Olympic Games in the United states in Atlanta, Georgia.

With the cordial relations Obama and Medveev have been trying to establish and which has permitted hopes that the ancient attitudes have been RE-SET, it would appear that old animosities tend to die-hard.

When Queens and Kings ruled Russia, American intellectuals were not well disposed to Russia since America was under the oppressive sway under King George 111. Then came the Socialist Revolutions in Russia and China engineered by titanic intellectuals like V.I. Lenin and Mao Zedong.
American intellectuals influenced their governments to unleashed diplomatic pressures on Communism, an idea propagated by Lenin and Mao, which was to form the ideology of government in Russia and China.

The diplomatic attacks were to become strident as the Communist parties in Eastern Europe insisted on a World Socialist Movement that would extend the socialist ideology to Africa, Asia and Latin America.
That was how diplomacy took on the cloak and dagger hatchet culture. It is remarkable that the post-world war investment on war-games and hostile geo-politics did rob the states of the needed resources to sustain decent living for their citizens.
They frittered away the human and material resources in armaments and geo-politics.

The unwarranted disclosures of military/industrial, diplomatic information are proving very embarrassing.
Anyone who has acquaintated himself or herself with the Russian language, literature and history, will appreciate the rich Russian culture and its spirit of survival.

“The Slavs are first heard of in the lands North of Carpathians. In the 7th century, some of them moved west to the Oder and Elbe, some moved over the Danube, while some moved to the Dnipier and north to Lake IIem.
From the “Times of Trouble” (1598-1618) to the appointment of Michael Romanov (1613-45) and later the rule of Peter the Great (1682-1725), which brought in advanced statecraft ideas from France, England and Holland, Russia was struggling until Peter the Great’s metropolitan attitude changed Russia.

Russia and China have suffered from British, French, Japanese, German occupations, at various times in history. In later centuries, Russia and China have learnt to accommodate the diplomatic onslaught of Western


As a result, there is a RUSSO-CHINESE rapprochement, Chinese-DPRK closeness and ASEAN co-operation, which leans towards China and Russia.
International economic diplomacy should replace war diplomacy. The enemy mentality should be jettisoned, so that progress can be achieved world-wide
In spite of pretensions by powerful men and nations, they are usually not amused when opposing views are triumphant. One man’s dissident is another man’s hero.

Man’s ability to think, learn and understand in a logical way is always hampered by self-interest, ego and sinister world-view. Man relies more on artificial intelligence rather than spiritual insight.
So, man is prone to erroneous calculations. When God’s Light floods the soul of any man, he will not pursue mundane objectives like being the President of a country, in order to govern man he did not create and does not understand.

He will be watching, he will waiting for the dawn of that glorious day, when our Saviour with all his Saints, will come down in bright array.
As a curious researcher, I am finding it difficult to reconcile Liu Xiaobo’s defence of freedom of speech and information in China with Wiki Leaks defence of freedom of information and free speech in the free world. Well, it depends on where one is squatting on the imbroglio.
Mrs. Mubarak, the First Lady of Egypt will host us in Cairo soon for discussions on Human Trafficking. I will use my presence to raise the issue of political trafficking that affected the Muslim Brotherhood Party very much.

Egyptian diplomacy has played a strategic geo-political role in Middle East politics but its internal political systems need critical review.
Diplomacy of extreme romanticism was practiced by Russia, when the King sent three diplomats to Britain during the reign of a noble Queen.
The names of the diplomats were Stroganoff, Putyatin and Neveroff. The Queen thought they would be formidable diplomats.

A Russian diplomat was asked by a Turkish politician,” Is it true that Russians are stupid?” The Russian diplomat answered that in Russia, every stupid man is called a Turk.

Diplomats can often talk rubbish especially when the diplomatic party is nearing its end and the bottle has taken effect.
Diplomacy is regulated by Diplomatic Law, especially by the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Practice of 1961 and the Vienna Convention on Consular Practice of 1963. These are norms of “Jus Cogens “and no derogation is permitted, no matter how powerful the state is.

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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