Xi Xingpinocracy and the New China

The  grooms its leaders in all fields very carefully. The Party has cordial relations with the other eight non-Communist parties in China.
The election process is   usually peaceful and orderly. This is because the struggle for power  by hook and crook methods, killing political opponents, defaming opponents in the media, has no place in  the Chinese political system.
The difference between the Western political system and practice is that these parties represent ruling class group interests, while the Communist Party acts as the vanguard of the people’s social concerns.
China has made visible progress under Xi
Xingping. As soon as he took power, he travelled extensively in Asia, to Southern Africa, Russia, the USA, and Brazil etc. He embarked on expanding the transportation systems in Asian states.
Not only did he approve of loans to Nigeria, he has signaled assisting Nigeria to construct a rail system that would assist Nigeria to enhance its economic development.
chinaThis year’s Communist Party Congress in Beijing was successful and there were good reports from the various Committees. The legal reforms, which are aimed at introducing the rule of law seems to be moving towards more insistence on the role of statutes than party directives.
The fight against corruption under Xi Xing pin is biting hard on corrupt officials. The democratization of the Chinese society is gaining acceleration in the right direction
CHINA DAILY reported recently that “China’s monthly trade surplus hit a record 60.6 billion dollars in February as exports grew and imports slid back. Exports were up by 48.3 per cent, year on year to 169.2 billion and imports dropped by a fifth to 108.6 billion according to the Chinese General Administration of Customs”.
The growth in exports can be linked to efficiency, corruption-free public service delivery and a new governmental ethos.
Although Beijing does not want to overturn the international order in the South China Sea, it is fortifying its maritime strategic policies in the region.
Its military spending has increased
Ocean intelligence has resulted in multiple and single sonar systems. In the Yellow Sea and the East China Seas, the US has increased its surveillance. So has Tokyo and neighbouring Asian states.
“There will be no more Nanjing ever” said Lee Chiang, a Chinese Foreign policy analyst.
The democratic process in China has taken hold. This can be seen from the ebullient, no-holds-barred comments by delegates at the 2015   party Congress.
Armed with higher degrees in law, political science, economics, Chinese leaders are groomed before they are appointed to high posts. NO FEDERAL CHARACTER! NO SQUARE PEGS IN ROUND HOLES. NO CORRUPTION OR SYEALING IS TOLERATED.
In China, past leaders do not meddle in politics unlike in Nigeria, where “former presidents” see themselves as “CO-PRESIDENTS FOR LIFE”, re-cycling ideas that failed.
China has benefited enormously from the drop in oil prices and has been able to stock up.
Chinese are visiting other nations widening the citizen’s horizon. This has impacted on the cultural values noticeable among Chinese.
China is playing a major role in BRICS and has demonstrated that it is a reliable partner.
I was very correct when in 1998, I wrote an article in which I predicted that China would be the giant of the 21st century.
The peaceful nature of Chinese political order, recommends itself to nations than the cut throat politics of some states.
The emphasis on social security and the well-being of citizens is very important. It is a powerful political ideology that will remain sacrosanct, immutable and good for all times.
The AZATA/NEPU Party believes that a national ethos based on the advancement of the race is far superior than wanton individualism, greed and selfish pursuits.

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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