Yewa and Gubernatorial Brouhaha (1)

by Taju Tijani

Ogun state is in a political arm lock. The vermin called Yewa is infecting the state and convulsing the hearts and minds of other gubernatorial candidates who see Yewa’s factor as a political stumbling block to be destroyed and dismantled brick by brick. Specious and emotional arguments that lacked political merit have been proffered in favour of Yewa/Awori. There is the sad cry of political maginalisation and tribal apartheid against Yewarists who occupied the Western District of Ogun state. Angry Yewarist blackmailers are brawling for political war. There is generational tension driven by years of political oppression and denial of equal representation since the creation of the state in 1976.

Yep, from the standpoint of fairness and idealism, a Yewarist should be the hope of 2011 and rightful occupant of Oke Mosan. But in politics both fairness and idealism are the straw of the Political Unready of which many Yewa politicians are helpless victims. Presently, they are ensconced in a political bubble of delusional grandeur hoping that the political savannah is their exclusive grazing ground come 2011. No sirs! The green pasture of Ogun state is too lushful to be left alone to the Yewarists. There are the Ijebus who are not prepared to obey the laws of fairness. And neither are the Egbas ready to contemplate an end to Ogun infinite cake. We live in interesting times and Ogun 2011 will provide us with more interesting upsets in its future gubernatorial logjam.

There is presently impatience and mandatory conceit among the Yewarists in the noisy articulation of their political right. There is a detectable flattery in all the syrupy and emotional support for the cause of the Yewarists. In politics, flattery gets you nowhere. So, when we unmask the veil of sentiment from Ogun 2011 gubernatorial race, can we all foresee the triumph of the Yewarists? If the race is not to the swift and power is not served a la carte, then all the pretentious and enraging encouragement heaped on the Yewarist is mere political brouhaha.

Last month, I was among the crowd that graced Oke Mosun for the state PDP summit. It was a gathering enacted to educate all political aspirants on the danger of political desperation. Otunba Gbenga Daniel’s speech was no vapid musings but a sagacious, apt, sharp and rebellious rebuke to all contestants to avoid the revolting bastardy of do-or-die politics. The timeliness of his remark got us all gobsmacked.

We applauded the governor all through his reasoned and wise political discourse. Beyond the speech and the political truth propagated was a clear call on the Yewarist to end the sad cry of ‘marginalisation’, ‘our turn’, ‘political fairness’, ‘veiled desperation’ and other monumental and dreadful myth of a Yewarist governor, come 2011. The whole world seems to be saying to the Yewarist that their projection of fantasy must stop to allow for possibilities among the Egbas and Ijebus who are, as yet, not ready to concede the hot seat.

Ogun is a muscular and robust state with envious, abundant manpower and natural resources. Ogun is a highly enlightened city and at its heart is peace. But underpinning that temperance is the restive, freedom loving and mercantile Ijebus who are agitating for a separate state. There is a century-old tribal and cultural apartheid against the Yewarist. The received orthodoxy had always been that the Yewarists are despised, ignored, deprived, sidelined and treated like third class stakeholders in the state. This tribal apartheid could not have been successful without the Yewarist support, affirmation and co-operation anyway.

Now let us purify the discourse. The Yewarists have been dormant, silenced and walked over for the past 34 years. They are the caged tigers since 1976 when the state was created. Suddenly, the leaders of the Yewa, out of political prescience, have decided to overthrow the irrational mystery of their political, social and tribal subjugation in Ogun state. And the only chivalrous option is the Government House in Oke Mosan in 2011.

The road is rocky, threatening and unpredictable. Compounding this is the state of Yewa’s political education. It is distinctly dodgy! There is no proper articulation of their political maturity. There is no political sophistication and readiness among their so-called leaders. There is no correct interpretation and expression of Ogun state dynamic political evolution. The paradigm of change is not yet in favour of the Yewarists. The Yewarists and their timorous leaders are mere newspaper tigers who parade their bizarre delusions on a daily basis catalyzed by bitter disunity, stuffy conservatism, underperformance, political ignorance and catastrophic hope in Oke Mosan which may yet turn out to be a mirage.

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