“You Are All Impotent”

by Churchill Okonkwo

Last night we had a meeting on the state of affairs in motherland and I have been mandated to communicate our dismay to you all.

The last time I checked you still have Maurice Iwu as your INEC chairman even after the monumental fraud of April 2007. I have wondered, I have wondered why he should still be standing and talking of conducting another election. I wonder what all of you are waiting for to ensure his removal and constitution of a truly independent electoral body. You succeeded with Etteh. What makes you think you can’t succeed with Iwu?

“Every lizard lies on its belly, so we cannot tell which has a belly-ache”. But you know that Iwu and INEC have both belly and head-ache the administration is unwilling to cure and all you do is sidon look?

Where is your potency? What happened to the spirit of our generation that brought independence to the nation? Where is the resolve and determination to engineer change in the polity?

You blow your trumpet on how your are succeeding on the fight against corruption and how that has deterred serving governors and elected public officials from embezzlement and mismanagement. I say give me a break. You have forgotten that “No matter how many spirits plot a man’s death, it comes to nothing unless his Chi (personal god), has a hand in the deliberation.” You forgot we have been fighting for motherland from the spirit world and that you have to complement our efforts by talking less and doing more.

You have failed to rehabilitate your refineries, failed to publicly privatize them without resorting to nepotism and corruption. Now, the prize of crude oil in the international market has been increasing and very soon, there will be another price increment the domestic refined products, followed by another round of strike by organized labour.

So I ask again; what have you learned all these years?

Yesterday it was Uganda and South Africa when you talk of AIDS pandemic, today you are taking over and nobody seems to care.

Yes, I know what you are thinking; we are digger and it thus follows that we should have greater %. Or like Mbeki, are we claiming that the fight against poverty and corruption you are not equally making any headway in, is more important than saving the heart of the nation form the AIDS calamity.

If you accept a bigger percent of people living with HIV,; why not economic growth as well? Why not good governance? Or are you now embracing evil at the expense of good?

Agreed, your government ostracized you for speaking out, tried to destroy your means of livelihood, passed laws to shut you up, put you on trial and you fled the country. So, they literally tore the flesh from the bones of brothers and sisters you left behind.

“When a mad man walks naked, it is his kinsmen who feel shame, not himself.” Don’t you fell shame from your hide out?

Currently during the night, a strong wind sprang up, driving clouds and rain away, worn out with emotions and fatigue, everybody slept. But they were not sleeping soundly. How could they? When they sleep with one eye open thinking of put food on the table for the family when not waiting for the armed gang to strike.

One day

Just one day

Our faint cries for help

From God you don’t believe in

Will filter through the present airbrick

This present total internal disarray

To be heard in the back of the beyond

Maybe then

You will be able to distinguish

Between the cry of a snared animal

And that of a woman giving birth

Until then

You are all impotent

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