You Will Laugh Again

by Odimegwu Onwumere

There comes a time in every one’s life when the big question – why me? – is asked. You could be in this situation right now. The answer is it couldn’t have been any other person that was why it was you. But no matter what happens you have to cultivate the habit of being happy. This habit comes from inner self. You should be pursuing this, because happiness is a choice. You must make that choice today, not tomorrow. You will never regret this if you do. Understand that favour earned worth more than the favour which was pleaded. Never be too hard to please yourself.

What many people do not know or realize is that contentment cannot be bought with money, although money is very necessary in life. Contentment should not be measured by material acquisitions, but by the satisfaction that comes inwardly. The desire for more possessions of material wealth cannot be equated with the possessions of happiness. This is said because not all the financially rich people are happy and not all the financially poor people are unhappy. Never allow anybody to make you envious of what he or she has, because the person might also be envious of what you have which you don’t notice. Life is all about living with change: it may have been good yesterday but bad today; be rest assured that you will laugh again.

All that you owe yourself to laugh again when things are very rough in your life is to be diligent in work. Engage each new day with new idea. Idea rules the world, just as radical issues need radical approach. For those who believe in the Christian bible, the contemporary English version posits in Galatians 6:4 thus: “Do your own work well, and then you will have something to be proud of. But don’t compare yourself with others.” This is a Golden Rule no matter what you are a believer of.

When you are not comparing yourself with people, SIMPLE could be your other name. Simplicity means being contented with self. It is the proud spirit that slaves you for things you do not have. It makes you to judge yourself for the things you do not have. It makes you to judge individuals first contact with you. It makes you to relegate people for whom they are, but accept them for what they are, whereas simplicity does not have any barrier.

If you are proud in spirit, you may not laugh again. It is nice you forgive yourself of any guilt and begin to build a life laced with personality. The later is very essential in everyone’s life. The habit to succeed should not be a fight, even though that life is a struggle. Imagine that if our parents are to be alive forever, all of us would have been very lazy. It is when we remember that they would go to the great beyond one day, we begin in the morning to carve a niche for ourselves. This is why you have to use your time and make it work.

You will laugh again, only when you don’t sit there crying all day. Cry doesn’t solve any problem, except in a situation you want to attract self-pity of which if you don’t cry for leniency as the only option, your life will be gone. Always try to train yourself if you can’t afford the money for others to train you. Understand that education is in everything and not only when you go to the school of learning. Always read “good” books and attend at least free seminars. With these, you are laughing again and forgiving yourself and wearing smiles again.

You are your greatest friend to laugh again or your greatest enemy not to rise again. When you see a particular person as your greatest enemy, you are running yourself down. Don’t even run anybody to ruin, but for gains. We need each other to grow. You are not doing the world justice if whatever you laid your hand is to the detriment of others. You can never be the boss or the servant forever. Use every opportunity that you have to empower other people you don’t even know, not only your wards and cronies. It is always better to get more done with less worry. Work yourself to the top with smiles and habit that will create not war/war situation between you and others. It should be win/win, not war/war.

The book of Ecclesiastes 5:10 quotes: “A mere lover of silver will not be satisfied with silver, neither any lover of wealth with income.” It is good you love people around you so much instead of hoodwinking them when they looked up to you as their leader. Many people do this, because of material gains, which do not bring about the innate happiness some rich people, have not bought with their money. True love can never be bought with money, but money is very important to oil love to last. John 15:13 quotes: “There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving.” This is one!

A lot of people are at the top today, because they lack the win/win thing in their character, they do not know that they are truly at the lowest ebb of human relationship. They don’t know or realize that position and how financially rich doesn’t make one. Always talk, but listen more. Let each be done appropriately.

You will laugh again. Take forgiveness like a football training, which when you indulge in it every day, the better you become. You can never be perfect in something you do not have interest in or have not devoted your time to practice, as if you don’t want to see tomorrow. You don’t have to complain when you are ‘fighting’ to rise and shouldn’t quit, when you have not risen. Make people around you to feel wanted today and not reading on the pages of the newspapers by tomorrow that they are ‘wanted’ by the authorities.

Helping people is more important than helping yourself, albeit when you help people you blush inwardly with radiating happiness and joy. There should not be a half-baked help, as many people do and call it help. However, you shall not excel in all endeavors. The quotes on Luke 6:38 admonished the need to practice giving so that people will give you. If you give love, you receive love. If you encourage people, you receive encouragement. If you hate people, you receive hatred. These are just natural laws. But mind you, whatever that occupies your heart rules your life.

The bright side of every thought is forgiveness. When the people you hoped in give you hate, reward with forgiveness. You are laughing again when you do this. No one regrets in forgiving. No one gets old to forgive; rather oldness comes by not forgiving. Unforgiveness makes you to lose your memory, but forgiveness makes you regain your whole self. Forgiveness is a SAVIOUR. You can go to anywhere in the world with forgiveness. Things which are impossible with hate are possible with forgiveness. A life without forgiveness is like a seed without soil. There will never be progress in the world if forgiveness does not begin with you. You get the best in your community, county and the world when you forgive. Somebody may want to give you a token of/for remembrance when you forgive yourself and are on the ladder of laughing again. You may be popular with hate, but posterity will never forgive you for that. Forgiveness is something to be thanked for. People go to where there is forgiveness than where there is war. Make forgiveness something that you didn’t know yesterday, and you will laugh again.

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