Your Grip!

by Felix-Abrahams Obi

When I thought you were so far away and silent. When I felt you were unresponsive to my heart’s yearnings. When I kept your Word far from my heart and eyes. When I starved my soul and spirit out of neglect and wantonness. When I shut my heart from being wooed by your Spirit. When I thought to throw away my vows and plunge deep into unwholesome pleasures. When my weaknesses and darkness glared at me and I looked powerless…

You stepped in to rescue me. You raise a cry and a lament in my soul. You cause a stirring and a hunger for you. You make me hear the testimony of those you had rescued from the depths of sin and shame. You make me read the testimony of them that denied you as atheists. You make me be reminded of your testimony in creation which science has so validated. You draw me to your heart to worship you. You pull my heart with your gentle love that to run away or to ignore you becomes a burden I can’t shoulder.

Stir my spirit to long and yearn for you like never before. Rouse me from the place of complacency and make me fervent in the spirit as the lukewarm and cold-hearted have no share in you.

Bring me to the cutting edge of the prophetic that I may know the priorities of your heart in this age. Sharpen my senses to discern your will. Set my heart to desire what things you desire and to choose what you have chosen already. Let me want what you want for my life not what my whims detect for my heart; for your plans are better than the most-thought out of man’s plans.

May I humbly and in worshipful heart accept your master plan and will for my life; for your desires and plans for me make me become a beacon to shine forth and reflect your glory. Make me the instrument for the expression of your Love to humanity. Let Mercy and Grace, flow unhindered from my heart to others. Cause me to be touched by the brokenness and wounds that have plagued our world.

In all that I do, let your Healing Balms flow from me to refresh, heal and restore the wounded and the weary. I look up to you!!!

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