2015: The Recrudescence of Otiose Political Disputations

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever”. Beauty must be maintained with diligence. Pa Ebinum of Onobo, always reminded his beautiful daughter, Alice, that “if one neglects that which makes one beautiful, the beauty will fade”

Among the most beautiful creatures on earth are beautiful women. At Moulin Rouge in Paris, you will see them at the Cabaret. They have soft touch, in sharp contrast with the ranting of some vociferous, cantacarous, disproportionately fleshed Amazons, who have been spewing hatred, venom and insults in the name of politics.

If you   are ever in doubt where the funds of the parties are being spent, you should look closely at the upper and lower mid-riffs of the Amazons for evidence and the reason, why the ORIAKUS of PDP and other parties insist on not relenting in their campaigns.

Caught in this political theatre, are political neophytes, whose campaigns oscillate between the effusions of power-drunk minions and the exuberant crudity of thoughts flowing from poisoned chalice.

The osmotic pressure this has put on the nation is weighty. If this ossifies, it could tear the nation apart.

In the absence of socio-political and socio-economic sign-posts for development, the political parties have no choice but to engage in otiose political wrangling.

Recriminations about mundane, inconsequential disputations will continue to hinder robust thinking on the way forward.

Our burnt-out Republic deserves much better in terms of revitalizing those political ideas that have worked in Western and Eastern Europe, during their periods of rehabilitation and reconstruction.

Looking at the poor curriculum vitae of some critical players in the Nigerian political scene, such information has not formed the corpus of the human intelligence index of our politicians.

In important respects, political science knowledge has not been subpoenaed by most politicians, who ignorantly assume that political knowledge is unnecessary as long as federal character will net high posts in the High Councils of the land.

Political disputations are treated with the cavalier stance of children’s stories.

In Nigeria, rumours, unfounded tales, muck-raking,, tribal considerations, ethnic jingoism, satanic invectives, crudity of thought, hatred, becloud the national vision.

Allowing alalus homos into governance and ruler ship induce dubiety into the national road map.

The AZATA/NEPU Party urges the nation to give scholarship more space and not to give ignorance a lofty place, which it does not deserve.

Until scholars find accommodation in governance and statecraft, the untutored will continue to create confusion, opinionated voluntarism, political dissensions, recidivist behavior, that lead the country nowhere.

During our last weekly seminar in London, the discussants embarked on intellectual permutations on the 2015 elections. The findings form the secret of the coven of living souls. It is well.

Skimming across the Nigerian political pond is fraught with disappointments. Only the fittest survives.

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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