30,000 Mexicans Killed In Drug War, Violence, Made in the USA!

by Paul I. Adujie

This is a story about American appetite for drugs and narcotics which has and is still ruining many lives in America and many neighboring nations, particularly, America’s southern neighbor, the nation of Mexico.

30,000 persons, Mexicans, fellow human beings are dead in a short time period in Mexico, America’s neighbor to the south, as result and consequence of Americans’ insatiable appetite for drugs or narcotics.

30,000 persons are dead in a couple of years in Mexico even though Mexico, quite unlike Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and Libya, Mexico is not officially engaged in armed conflicts or wars with another nation, as America is with so-called terrorists in so-called global war on terrorism and against terrorists in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq etc, and yet, 30, 000 Mexicans are dead!

This cannot and it is not an acceptable cost of doing any business, legal or illegal, particularly, illegal business! This is an unacceptable overhead cost of doing any business and it too high a price to pay or to be termed and dismissed as mere collateral damage

No human being, particularly the Americans would accept the death of 30,000 persons, Mexicans or Americans, as necessary cost associated costs for, say, shrimping, whaling, or salmon fishing for any purpose, whether domestic, and or, industrial consumptions.

Americans through Endangered Species Protections rules in America strives mightily to preserve bald eagles, and bison and strives mightily to put poachers of elephants for their tusks out of business. But why are Americans not up in arms in reaction to the needless deaths of 30,000 Mexicans in the demand and supply of illicit drugs or narcotics to satisfy Americans humongous appetite for harmful substances?

It cannot be stressed enough that the average American is a good and decent human being, who would have been known to do everything, move the government and corporate behemoths to prevent needless deaths in America and in far-away lands, whether in opposition to wars etc and more so, in neighboring Mexico where 30,000 are killed in a mere 24 months as a result of the conflicts, struggle and competition, vicious competition, to supply illegal drugs to meet the endless demands by Americans and yet, not a murmur of protests are heard in America about 30,000 lives cut short in their prime in Mexico to please Americans!

I have known the average American to be more decent and more caring than most. I have known the average American to protect complete strangers and to go all out or go to bat in defense of human rights, but why is it different regarding these 30,000 needless deaths which are directly connected to American consumption of drugs and or narcotics? Americans care about strangers and even animals, whether domesticated animals or farm animals, so, why are Americans not animated and concerned about the 30, 000 dead Mexican neighbors, killed so that drugs and narcotics can flow to America?

Demand and supply for drugs or narcotics by Americans is what fuels the drug trade in Mexico and much of North, South and Latin America. American guns and the easy access to guns in America facilitates and accelerates-exacerbates drug violence or wars in Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, and Panama etc.

America has spent or squandered billions of dollars in a so-called drug war, for several decades, and drug trade as a consequence of drug or narcotics abuse continues unabated, unfettered and unhindered in America. The United States has collaborated with Colombia, Afghanistan and Mexico etc, in efforts to stem drugs and narcotics trade and consumption.

These American efforts have been direct and indirect, in which there are efforts to persuade growers-farmers of poppies to revert to the less profitable but traditional farm crops. America has also in Afghanistan and Colombia, actively engaged in military intervention through seizures and destruction of farms where raw materials for narcotics are grown and this has not changed much of the habits, whether from the demand or the supply standpoints. Americans demand drugs or narcotics is huge and there are extraordinary profits which acts as magnets for growers and traders in drugs and narcotics

The drug violence in Mexico has reached a crescendo of violence, full scale violence, but, the appetite for the consumption of drugs or narcotics remains high in the United States and the profits which is the incentive for the suppliers, remain equally seductive for would be narcotics-traffickers in Mexico, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, El Salvador etc

Mexico particularly, has in recent years bore the brunt of these cycles of violence sprung by illicit drugs and narcotics consumption which in turn, feeds the drug trade and attendant violence which is the nature of the beast.

President Felipe Calderon of Mexico declared a national war on drugs and narcotics trade and the gang warfare which is often associated with drug trade, as drugs and narcotics traffickers compete for turfs in the illicit trade in profitable markets for mind altering substances.

The focus of efforts of President of Mexico, has led to an escalation of violence between the narcotics traffickers on the one hand, and the government forces battling all the crime gangs on the other.

It has been extremely brutal, with decapitation or beheadings and most gory violent killings of private citizens, drug dealers, bystanders, police and soldiers and sundry government officials of the Mexican government

Recently, a kindergarten teacher in Monterrey Mexico received a national award and recognition in her heroic efforts to shield toddlers in their classroom which became a battle zone in which barrages of gun shot rang out like Afghanistan or Iraq or Libya. The kindergarten teacher tried to diffuse the surreal moments for the toddlers, by engaging them in singsong of chocolate rain and chocolate raining from the skies, a far cry from what was actually happening right then in the general vicinity of her kindergarten class.

It is public knowledge, and an indisputable, incontrovertible fact, that drugs and narcotics trade requires a great degree of violent intimidation and brutality. It is also, similarly beyond dispute, that drugs and narcotics trade violence is inflicted with dangerous weapons, mostly with firearms or guns.

Stemming the tide of murders, maiming and extreme mayhem in Mexico drug trade, which has claimed 30,000 lives in 2 years, will require Americans to act. Multiple pronged courses of actions will have to be pursued most aggressively and simultaneously. Curb the demand and or consumption of drugs and narcotics. Demands and consumptions fuels suppliers or traders who are in for the extraordinary profits

It is urgent, important, and crucial that America impose strict, strong and robust gun control laws. Guns are not some sorts of farm implements or equipment needed for productive economic activities. American fascination with guns, the warmth, fuzzy feelings and excitements too many Americans feel for guns defies my understanding, given that gun deaths in America annually is in the tens of thousands! America is not a hunter-gatherer medieval society.

Access to guns should be exceedingly rare for a majority of American citizens, notwithstanding the antics of Second Amendment agitators.

America should support Mexico, a neighbor and a democracy, to stimulate the Mexican economy, which will in turn lessen the temptation for Mexican citizens who are lured into to drug trade due to poverty. A buoyant Mexican economy will also act as bulwark against mass migration from Mexico to the United States and the perennial complaints against Mexicans immigrants who migrate north to seek prosperity in America. I have always wondered why Mexico, an American neighbor and a democracy, can be so poor, even despite her proximity to America, and in this twenty-first century!

There is no controversy

at all, the fact is even agreed by both the American and Mexican governments that the bulk of guns used in Mexican drugs and narcotics trade, have their origins in the United States, in fact, Mexican authorities have repeated stated that 90% or more, of the guns used in drugs and narcotics trade in Mexico, are from the United States!

This situation is dire, precarious and quite honestly unacceptable. Americans familiar with the statistics and trend in regarding drug trade flow from Mexico to the United States, and the flow of guns from the United States to Mexico, are all agreed on this point. This drug trade and violent epidemic are a combined misfortune for Mexico; it is double whamming. The inflow of guns into Mexico from the United States and the violent deaths of over 30,000 Mexicans within two years, as direct result of drugs and narcotics consumption in the United States, sans Uzis, and AK47s etc

Americans in all probabilities care for Mexican families affected directly and indirectly, by the drug violence which have claimed 30, 000 Mexicans, in needless and untimely violence induced by consumption of drugs and narcotics and the horrible brutality which is part and parcel or associated with trafficking in drugs, narcotics or controlled substances.

Americans surely care more about 30,000 Mexicans than American dogs, cats and other family pets!

Americans spend over $3billion dollars a year for pet care, pet medicines and pet burials etc, Americans are that sentimental, kindhearted and generous with emotions, feelings and care for domestic animals, and even farm animals. Americans go all out and to the end of the earth literally, to ensure that farm animals are treated “humanely” before such animals are slaughtered and readied for dinner tables

Americans are often heard to spend and invest emotions, time and money to ensure there are no child labors involved in the production of products consumed in America. Americans have been known to be critical about labor practices at home and abroad.

Americans have been known to worry about labor practices in China for instance, in which prisoners and prison labor are said to be involved in manufacturing or production of goods and services in China for export to the United States

Americans are known to worry about sustainable agricultural and farm production practices. There are these frequent concerns expressed by Americans about the lives of farmers. And even the new attitude towards sustainable harvests and organically grown and harvested foods with less chemicals and mindless automation etc

Americans frequently express concerns for how farmlands, farmers and farm labor are treated. Americans are known for demonstrating and indicating keen interests in sustainable farming and harvesting of legitimate crops and food production for human needs.

Imagine the contrasts and comparisons between such genuine concerns for legitimate agriculture and food productions, with the completely illegal and illegitimate planting, harvesting of poppy and the manufacture of cocaine, heroin and other narcotics in which there is complete detachments as to the death of more than 30,000 persons within 24 months in Mexico alone! 30,000 deaths in one nations, more than the number of American military personnel killed in real and actual wars declared and ongoing in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan since 2001, in the aftermath of the attacks on September 11, 2011!

It is hoped that Americans will not want to be directly or indirectly connected with the deaths more than the 30,000 Mexicans who have already been killed in drugs and narcotics trafficking and its consequences.

This has to be a national emergency for Mexico, and it is in fact, a global emergency, a humanitarian catastrophe and disaster! The death of 30,000 persons and counting, all within a short time period of a couple of years! It is indeed, worse than most wars, civil wars or international wars between two or more nations.

Americans are good people, and therefore, Americans will not accept and tolerate further needless murders of Mexicans under any circumstances, and particularly, in relation to illegal drug trafficking to satiate the appetite of some Americans, who are addicted to drugs, narcotics and controlled substances.

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Paul Adujie June 6, 2011 - 3:28 pm

Ah ah ah!!!! Laughing out loud!

Mr. Akinola, the Nigerian DEFENDER of America abi beko? Beni

Mr. Akinola, the Onakankanfo of America?

Do you know about The Second Amendment? AND if you do, how come you are obviously oblivious of First Amendment? Ha ha ha!

Mr. Akinola, in writing my article under review here, I was merely exercising and relying on my constitutionally guaranteed FIRST AMENDMENT!

Besides, there are multitudes of essays/articles and sundry other coverage by the press, journalists and commentators etc on the same subject by the BBC, CBC, Fox News etc

Just Google 30,000 Drug Murders in Mexico and you will see!

Unless of course your anger at me, is that, as a Nigerian, even though I live in New York City in the United States, I have no business writing about drug abuse and American role in Mexican drugs and gun trade and the consequent violence?

It is such a tragedy, that you would think a Nigerian should not comment on American and global affairs!

Nigerians, Americans, Europeans and other people do not hesitate to criticize Nigeria, whether warranted or not, but, too often, some Nigerians such as Mr. Akinola, seems to think that Nigerians such as myself, have no business criticizing anyone, any entity and any nation, other than Nigeria? abi?


Paul Adujie June 4, 2011 - 10:47 pm

Who rated without comments? What is the basis, factual or sentimental?

Akinola June 3, 2011 - 8:29 pm

Paul Adujie, why, in the name of Almighty God, would you describe the murder of “30, 000” people, all of whom are NOT Mexicans as your headline screams, as “Made in the USA”?

In your own mindset, are peoples still responsible for their own action or inaction or are they all victims of USA? Why is your initial reaction to whatever is wrong anywhere in the world to blame America first?

Like the Iranian mullahs and the Islamonazi Hamas, why do your rhetorics ALWAYS suggest that a world without America is desirable?

And then you decided to dabble into an area of American Consitution about which you know nothing by writing thus: “Access to guns should be exceedingly rare for a majority of American citizens, notwithstanding the antics of Second Amendment agitators.”

What are you? A dictator? You must be if you believe that the road map for America should be ignored in favor of your own feeling and desire.

Your country of Nigeria does not have the equivalent of America’s Second Amendment. Maybe you should consider relocating instead of treating this Nation’s Constitution with such contempt and blaming her for the murderous acts of foreign drug dealers!


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