Paul I. Adujie

Paul I. Adujie, a Nigerian who lives in New York City, is Lawyer, Writer, Pubic Policy Analyst, News & Current Affairs Commentator, Essayist and Radio Show Host. He considers himself a global citizen. He is passionate about public policy formulation and implementation. Public Policies have far reaching ramifications. A good public policy is a great opportunity to have a meaningful impact on the lives of multitudes of people. He believes that Nigeria is destined for development, advancement and greatness. He discusses Nigeria with fervor, vigor and a vibrant sense of patriotism. An unflinching believer in one indivisible, strong and united Nigeria where all citizens are equal regardless of region of origin or religious affiliation, Adujie talks about Nigeria in very strong terms. He worships as his religion Nigeria, Africa and people of descent.

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Despite the upsurge of Christian and Islamic fundamentalism and fanaticism in Nigeria, there is dearth of volunteerism in Nigeria. Volunteerism is profoundly absent and yet, Nigerians are said to be the most religious?