900 Africans Drown As NATO Ignores Humanitarian Catastrophes In Near Libya!


Horrific and horrendous, is the news emanating from inside Libya, waters around Libya and on the Mediterranean Sea! The North Atlantic Treaty Organization with absolute military command, control and occupation of the area, continues to ignore and neglect the dire humanitarian disaster in and around Libya and its environs.

Humanitarian catastrophes and disasters are occurring under the nose of NATO, even though NATO had in fact used preventing humanitarian catastrophe as the pretext, excuse, cover and camouflage for its direct military intervention in Libya’s political crisis.

NATO continues to pursue its vindictive and vengeful core mission against Gaddahafi, a revenge policy against Ghadafi for his affront against western nations in daring to challenge them and compete with them on sundry geopolitical issues over the years. The political crisis in Libya finally provided an excuse and an opening for western nations to settle a score with Gadahafi who has been a thorn in their flesh!

It is getting clearer by the minute that NATO had no such thing as resembling efforts to avoid humanitarian catastrophes in and around Libya. Whether on land or at sea

More than 900 persons have drowned in the sea while fleeing the conflicts in Libya. Internal conflicts which is compounded by the barrages of bombardments and air sorties by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s military.

It is public knowledge that France, Italy and most of Europe have persistently denied refugee status and entry to those fleeing from the revolts and ensuing violence in Libya.
It is public knowledge as well, that western nations through NATO have directly intervened with bombardments in Libya which continues as Libya remains under foreign siege by western militaries.
Libya is being manacled by western nations through NATO, while NATO or western nations have parsed words and arguments in pretense that the political crisis in Libya is somehow different and distinct, in comparison to Syria, Yemen and Bahrain where thousands of peaceful protesters have been mauled and mowed down and murdered by their governments.
In the lead up to NATO intervention in Libya and even now, western nations made specious and spurious distinctions between Gadahafi action is violently crushing and brutally repressing armed rebels opposed to him;

Compared with identical extra-judicial murders and daily killings which continues to take place in Daraa and Homs in Syria, with videos of these carnage-rampage by the government of Bashar Al Assad which have left more than 1,300 civilians dead in Syria

In Yemen, the government there has violently repressed peaceful protesters killing over 1,000 with little murmur by way of tepid public remarks from western nations regarding importance of democracy and economic reforms, and the risks dictator face which may amount to sanctions of some sorts.

Saudi Arabia marched into Bahrain with troops in a stampede to crush peaceful protests and support Bahrain and facilitate her violent political repression efforts

The only difference is really actually that the dictators, the tyrants and totalitarians in Bahrain, Yemen, Saudi Arabia etc, are puppets of western nations and so, they are insured and protected by western nations which looks the other way, while their puppets murder their own citizens to maintain power, and then “stability” to protect western “vital” interests.

Thousands of persons have been displaced and dislocated, among them Libyans, but, primarily, and mostly comprised of continental African migrant workers, who have died at sea in the past week under NATO’s watch.

Various news sources, Democracy Now, The Guardian Newspapers of London etc, have been reporting that boats filled with African Migrants Fleeing Libya Left to Die by NATO, European Units.

Hundreds of African migrants “were left to die in the Mediterranean Sea after a number of European and NATO military units apparently ignored their cries for help”. “The boat had left Libya bound for Italy” and other European nations.

The drowned African migrants, including women, young children and many others seeking refuge from the violent conflict which continues in Libya

There are, now multitudes of reports of several drowning of vast number of these hapless Africans were waters patrolled by NATO forces by air and by sea.

It has become public knowledge that so many Africans fleeing from NATO’s bombardments of Gadhafi forces, have died of hunger, thirst after their boats were left adrift for an extended period of time; news reports have these Africans as drifting over open waters for 16 days or more! These poor Africans were left to drown and die lonely deaths in the bowels of the Mediterranean Sea

Clearly there were calculated decisions by NATO to the effect that the lives of these multitudes of Africans are expendable. NATO ignored endangered Africans to perish at sea.

African migrants fleeing Libya were ignored and neglected by NATO, while all NATO efforts is concentrated on regime change through the killing or overthrow of Gaddahafi. NATO’s direct intervention stands with very tenuous legal foot and NATO has indeed exceeded that very tenuous mandate which it procured and arm twisted from a United Nations always willing to do NATO and western nations’ bidding at every beck and call.

In all of these, NATO pretends to give some coloration of International Law to NATO’s direct intervention in Libya, using the auspices and toga of the United Nations. While simultaneously, NATO is using Qatar and the flimsy Arab League as proxies and straw men, with useless appellations and labels of partner and coalitions members! Anyone with a minimum understanding or discernment can see that NATO is engaged in deceits.

NATO argued and defended its intervention in Libya as purely humanitarian efforts. NATO pretended that it was engaged in altruistic and benevolent rescues of persons in Libya, as NATO argued that there were risks of certain-death from Gadahafi onslaught as the political uprising in Benghazi progressed.

NATO loudly and ostentatiously announced to the world that it directly intervened and continue to bomb Gadahafi forces and Libya’s infrastructures to smithereens and to stone age, because NATO is intent on avoiding mass extermination of civilians in the hands of Gadahafi forces.

There are now humanitarian catastrophes and humanitarian disasters galore in and around Libya! What is the purpose of NATO’s intervention and continued bombardments of Libyan structures? Reconstruction contracts for western nations perhaps? And what follows will be awards and reallocation of Libyan petroleum between western nations?

NATO have ignored and neglected to protect African migrants despite calls from a religious leader in Italy who had contacted NATO with details of the Save-Our-Souls or SOS message which the religious leader relayed to NATO from the African migrants while they were in dire straits.

These African migrants were said to have been adrift in their boats for several weeks on the Mediterranean Sea traveled frequently by ocean going vessels and NATO’s armada.

It is noteworthy that NATO has had control of the entire airspace for months now. NATO has the entire area saturated and constantly patrolled. It has been reported during the past several hours that NATO intercepted a small booby-trapped boat with mannequins and rigged to kill, maim or injure on contact with persons or vessels in the area

How possible is it then, that NATO can spot such improvised boat-craft, while the same NATO have been arguing vigorously that it missed the drowning and perishing ships carrying African migrants. We know that this is a lie. If it were true, it means that Gadhafi or anyone else could have deployed military materiel troops, arms, ammunition with ships in an area now dominated and saturated by NATO and NATO would not have noticed such ships, even aft

er such ships with 900 African migrants drifted in the waters for over 16 days!

Even though NATO has overwhelming military presence in the air, on land and at sea, particularly at sea which NATO have been using to supply Libyan rebels

Hundreds and thousands of African migrants have been left in limbo in the aftermath of the Libyan violent uprising. Thousands of African migrants fleeing from the violent conflict in Libya have been caught in the crossfire between NATO, Ghadafi and Libyan rebel forces. Extreme hardships, sufferings and desperation have become pervasive in and around Libya.

These hapless African migrants in attempts to escape these violence conflicts have led to avoidable deaths. NATO has refused to provide humanitarian assistance which is mandated by International Maritime Law. It is the rule to the effect that it is incumbent upon vessels within the general area or vicinity of ships in distress to rescue or call for rescue of ships and persons in peril.

This is the rule, whether or not, the ships required to engage in such rescue efforts are commercial mercantile ships or military ships. And here, we have the full presence of NATO armada with the advertised pretense of efforts at avoiding humanitarian catastrophe, as the predicate or foundational basis of NATO’s direct intervention in Libya internal political crisis in the first place!

The legitimate question which arises therefore is, why did NATO look the other way, ignored and neglected to provide humanitarian needs and protection for these 900 perished or drowned African migrants or what exactly is NATO’s purpose and intent for intervening directly in Libya?

NATO forces obviously consider these hapless poor African migrants as expendable collateral damage in NATO’s more important mission of regime change in Libya, to dislodge Gadahafi, an old foe of western nations, in order to settle old grudges and then allocate Libyan resources to themselves, and none else!

Clearly, NATO’s deceitful pretexts for directly intervening in Libya is now exposed for what it is a ruse!

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