My Boss, You Devil!

by Okey Egboluche

It is very common for us to start looking at our employers as monsters. We see them wanting to squeeze all the juice in us, the same way an orange is savoured. It either makes us wallow in self pity, get bitter and arrogant or become pragmatic-looking out for other better opportunities and taking the job as a learning process. It is better you choose to be pragmatic. The quote below from Henry Ford would give you more insight about how corporations work.

“It is not the employer who pays wages — he only handles the money. It is the product that pays wages.”– Henry Ford, Industrialist

We would enjoy our stay as employees better if we start seeing our places of work from Henry Ford’s point of view. O yes! Some bosses could be out rightly exploitative. But sometimes the problem is just us! Running a corporation could be hectic-salaries, over heard costs, taxes and things that ensure that the business stays afloat.

Take out time and look at your boss today, smile at him but say under your breath, “Hey, you are not happening to me, you are happening for me!” Under your breath, I did say! Love him or her. Learn! learn! learn not just your immediate job demands but as much as you can about the way things work there. You never can tell- you could be on your way to becoming a business owner tomorrow and the place you are, could just be an opportunity that life offers you to learn! Besides, it is best to leave a company with a good name; it is always something good for your resume (CV). And it is indeed a small world; you could meet your former boss or colleague somewhere again!

Ask yourself, if I were in my employer’s shoes, would I run this ‘show’ better? This would give you a more objective view about your own entrepreneurial desires. Take out time to give your self an appraisal study to know if the job is actually adding value to your short term and long term goals. Sit down and reflect on what you have learnt as well as what you can still learn from the job. Reinforce your resolve to grow by associating more with colleagues who would add value to you. There could be ways you can add value to your place of work too, even if you may not be rewarded for it, remember that it opens doors for more innovations from you, for you and for others. After all, your job is just a phase of your journey to greater heights.

Clients often notice the attitudes that staff of corporations put up. And believe me, when you are good, many of them will follow you, even if they find you in another firm or in your own firm tomorrow. So stay cheerful and be your best. The next customer could be a ticket to your progress tomorrow.

Your boss may not just be that devil you think he is. You are on a journey to the top. Give your game the best shot! Be your best self. You should be known to be good in that job you do. And you can look yourself in the mirror and whisper, “I am on top of my game!’

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