A Banner Without Stain

by Dele A. Sonubi

Because of ambition of third term Obasanjo did these obnoxious things to us as a nation, and tarnished his own image internationally. It is easy to imagine how much international community would have cherished the wisdom of Obasanjo after this April Election. But because of ambition, he destroyed his own wisdom! Incidentally all our heads of state since Gowon had behaved like this; destroying their own legacies because of ambition of the last minutes. The leaders usually waited until the last moment of their shining glory and spoil their several years of work for mere ambition. One remembers the period of Gowon who fought civil war, won, became the hero of the triple R (Reconciliation Rehabilitation and Reconstruction), few months to leaving office, became drunken by power that he announced he was not leaving as earlier scheduled. He was ouster by Muritala. Another one, Babangida staged a democratic that peaked transition with a model “option A4” – the best ever. Then because of power, he annulled it and thus went his fortunes as “holy genius” because then he became “evil genius.” Abacha did his own; he tried to transform from military to civilian head of states as he being the only candidate for election. His disgrace in history was a divine accident that eliminated him amongst his air-tight security. Now Obasanjo has undone himself too. Because he wanted to remain longer in office (third term/ term elongation) he rubbished his own image, destroyed the credibility of EFCC and dragged El Rufai into the mud of political “area boy”. What a pity? The legacy Obasanjo is leaving behind is that of eight wasted years. Why do Nigerian histories keep repeating themselves?

What banner is OBJ handing on to “our” children? What brand of banner? Can he stand before Nigeria, holding the flag which is the symbol of our political and sovereign aspirations that he had directly worked to make the banner he will hand over to us that without stain?

Ah…I work hard in this country to the best I can. I do the very best things in this country; obey law, follow order, respected the guidelines and rules and show generous regard for constituted authorities. I am not alone; there are hundreds of millions of Nigerians who are like me. Yet, OBJ mortgaged our future like this. Ehe….

Henceforth, I stand on the words of the most high God and pour the following curses as I declare that;

every public servant who had taken the trusts of the Nigerian people for mock, who had stolen from the treasury of his or her people will die painful and inglorious death from something purchased with that stolen money. Ogun, the fearful god of iron will wait for the day he or she will be celebrated before publicly grinding him and his blood on the street.

any leader, who has put Nigerians in mess, who had deliberated messed up our collective aspirations, will swim in unsang ignominy! They will fall; one by one they will fall. Darkness will descend on their household and horror shall beckon to them as partners. Death will not come quickly and easily; there shall be torture or immeasurable quality. They will stand and witness the re-transformation of this country to better and each development will bring unbearable torment to their soul.

anyone who worked and collaborated with others to make sure I and my peers do not witness credible elections in this country and during our lifetime, debar us from celebration of true justice in this land, to enjoy reformed and improved life as a Nigerian inside Nigeria, will bath in his or her own blood and each year wasted for me will transform into each different level of pain for them.

These curse shall not be limited to the direct player of our doom alone; every sibling, every child, every one who spend from their fortune, who use their obnoxious names to get favors, every family member will share of these curses unless they repent and come out publicly on the side of the side of the Nigerian people!

I look forward to one day when truth and justice will prevail in this country. I pray o god, let this happen at least once time before I die. I have been loyal to this country; I deserve to see it prosper. Until then I will sing;

O God of all creation,
Grant this our one request,
Help us to build a nation
Where no man is oppressed,
And so with peace and plenty
Nigeria may be blessed

[1] Nigeria’s first anthem, written by a British expatriate, was in use until 1978, when the government changed the anthem. (This anthem still can be heard in Nigeria as a form of protest against the government.)

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Dele A. Sonubi May 24, 2007 - 2:51 pm

Dear Gbolade Sonubi (same name?) No, unfortunately I do not have any US distributor. but if you reach me directly and give me your mailing address, i can have copies sent to you. And if shola, the adminstrator of this site should say you are a regular on the site, who knows i might just send you copies free and with autographs.


gbolade sonubi May 24, 2007 - 2:18 pm

like to get my hands on your

novels. Any US distributors?

dele4you2@yahoo.com May 15, 2007 - 3:44 am

Thank you sir for your comments. I quite agree with your views that action speaks louder than words. but its only words, and words are all i have- to remind history of the errors of today. and my dear; curses do work. the yoruba will say; "iyan ogun odun si gbona felifeli" the pounde yam of 20 years is still as fresh as ever. my curses will remain fresh until they are ready to take effects. I had spoken those words and nigerians will see revenge one day. I cannot carry arms (there are others equiped and good at that) I cannot go to jail (there are many who dont care) but I can write and that is what i try not to get tired of.

Again thanks for your views. I respect them a lot


Anonymous May 14, 2007 - 11:08 pm

What is "truth"? Mr Sonubi. You live in Lagos (Surulere) and elections in that part of Nigeria was free and fair. True winners were declared in State Assembly, Federal Assembly and Gubernatorial in Lagos. Even the Presidential results in Lagos were authentic and you have not disclosed in this piece who you think won the Presidency against whom Yar'Adua rigged. Could it have been Buhari? Could it have been Atiku, whose victory in Lagos was lanslide?

The Yoruba idea of "epe" has never resolved anything. Since the day you pronounced curse on Abiola's killers what has happened to them? If President George Bush had sat down in the White House and pronounced curse upon Sadam Hussein or Osama Bin Ladin, would he still be alive today? If Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu had pronounced curse on Igbo killers in 1966 would he still be alive today? Just as you have reported what you did to get registered and vote, report something you did to remedy the "rigging" (But you must first define who rigged against who. You cannot just say like the iconoclasts – "cancel the whole election".)

If you feel so mad about Obasanjo (1999-2007) or about 2007 Elections, take action – ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS. God helps those who help themseves and faith without works is …. Nigeria's problem is that those who should act are full of words but words have never changed things as ilustrated in the above examples. You will witness credible elections in this country by the Grace of God but you must work towards it, it doesn't just happen! Those public servants who have stolen will have to be prosecuted by Ribadu becuse your "ogun"'s justice is not observable etc etc


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