A Battle Cry To Reverse The Poor State Of The Nation – Part 2

by Bode Eluyera


 The federal government may meet its waterloo at the Niger Delta. If the Federal government is stupid enough to use force in resolving the problem, it may lead to war. It will be a wrong and stupid calculation on the side of the federal government if it thinks that it has the military prowess to force the Niger Delta militants to submission.


 There are many countries waiting to arm the warring sides. The Russian mafia is looking for new regions to sell arms. There are more than enough ammunitions in Russia alone to fight wars in the whole of Africa for the next 100 years. To them, it’s just business and nothing more. Nothing personal. The access of the Niger Delta to the ocean is a strategic advantage. Large amount of arms could easily be shipped to them. Moreso, the militants have mastered the act of guerilla warfare in the creeks.

 What kind of information do you think that the Israeli spy that was arrested recently for espionage by the federal government was interested in? Please think very well. Your guess may be as good as mine.

 If war is allowed to break out in the Niger Delta, it’s going to be a totally different coalition. The Ibos are just waiting. They will definitely join the Niger Delta people in their liberation struggle from bondage. The Yorubas will not be on the federal government or to be precise the North’s side this time around. It will not be like 1967, when people that fought on the federal side thought that they were fighting a just war and for the unity of the country. People’s attitudes have not only completely changed, but are much more enlightened and aware of the present socio, economic and political situations in the country.

 To be sincere, based on the North’s attitudes to the plight of the Niger Delta people, it will be no exaggeration to say that they are ‘a colony’ of the North. By definition, a colony does not have a say in how its resources are used or exploited, most importantly, it practically does not derive any benefits nor receive any compensation for its use and exploration. In general the North’s policy to the rest of Nigeria has been that of Modified Black Apartheid (M.B.A.) like in the racist Peter Botha’s South Africa many years ago. The Federal government instead of addressing the genuine grievances of these long deprived people – that are also not only human beings but fellow Nigerians as well – has chosen to label them ‘terrorists’ for its own selfish reasons. What all this means is that all along, we are being ruled by heartless and arrogant military leader, who is also out of tune with the situation.


 If we ever have military historians in The Nigerian army, then, I want to implore them to read about the two very bloody civil wars that were fought within the past 10 years between Russia and Chechnya republic  – the oil rich Russian territory – that wanted to break away from Russia.

 Let them read about the heavy casualties from both sides including the ethnic hatred and demographic catastrophes that were the consequence of the war. Russia paid a very big price for victory – if we can really call it so – over tiny Chechnya; despite its huge financial resources and military prowess.  Actually, It was a victory ‘without triumph’ for Russia.

 If not for its huge financial resources, the Chechnya war would have brought Russia down to a state of no repair. But thanks to its huge energy resources, it is gradually recovering from the war. It will take not less than 50 years for Russia to recover fully from the economic, political and social damage the Chechnya war caused it. Up till now, The Kremlin is still leaking its wounds from the war.


  In my opinion, the North is like a gangrene that needs to be cut off by the South.

 If you have gangrene and you don’t cut off your leg to save your life, the gangrene will eventually spread to all parts of your body, paralyses you and eventually kill you.

 Try to imagine the South as an overweight athlete full of fats or as a bird eager to fly but being held down by a rope. The North is the fat that the overweight athlete needs to get rid of if he wants to be healthier and run faster.

 The North is the rope that the bird needs to get rid of if it wants to fly higher.

 I strongly believe that a Nigeria without the North will be much better: better managed, stronger, richer and command respect all over the world. The British purposely merged them with us as a strategy: to cause chaos and slow down our development and most especially, to have a control over our economy.

  There’s the need to redress the evil act of the British. After all, when we were merged there was no referendum and neither was the consent of our leaders sought on this issue. They just put us before the fact.


  In case we’re not able to get rid of the North and are compelled to live with them, then, we must put in place some mechanism that will minimise the damage that may be inflicted on the South, in case either through hook or crook method any lunatic ruler or dictator like IBB or Buhari or an incompetent Northern civilian president – like Yar’Adua – comes to power again.

 In my opinion, one of these protective mechanizm is the PRONACO recommendation which advocates for a real confederation or regional form of government. 


  It is our collective responsibility and duty to make sure that people like IBB – alias evil genius and his other Othman Dan Fodio evil brothers like Buhari, Yar’Adua or Atiku -who is a product of one of the most corrupt institutions (the Nigerian customs) in Nigeria, never, never, never again rule the country or manipulate the political process to their advantage again.

IBB symbolises evil in all its ramifications.

 It’s still unbelievable that that this evil man whose reign brought immeasurable sorrow, sufferings, deaths to many Nigerians and caused irreparable harm to the economy is traveling the length and breath of the country playing the role of a kingmaker, statesman and now a potential presidential candidate!

 I was embarrassed to read an article on a Nigerian web site titled: ‘Why IBB can’t be president again.’ That is not the issue that we should be discussing now.

 At this stage, the question we should be asking ourselves is:’ Why is IBB not in prison or hell by now after all the atrocities that he committed while in power?’

 Each day spent by IBB in freedom and not in prison or hell is not only an insult to Nigerians, but a ridicule to any government in power; most especially the EFCC that is claiming to fight corruption.

 How long will it take Ribadu and his team to gather enough evidence against IBB? Is Ribadu playing politics with Nigerians? If he wants to be taken serious about fighting crime and he intends to leave a legacy as a genuine economic crime fighter – and not the federal government’s puppet or another Maradona – then he should understand that IBB is ‘the biggest criminal/fish’ he needs to go for and have in his net. Ribadu’s credibility depends on arresting and bringing to trial IBB.


 Charles Taylor is presently awaiting trial for crimes committed against humanity. Ironically, IBB whose crimes surpass Taylor’s in terms of sufferings and deaths inflicted on Nigerians is not only plying our streets with confidence and presidential escort, but is as well flaunting his wealth and using it to destabilise the political, economical, military and social structures of the country, and dears Nigerians to do their worst!


Arresting IBB and making him accountable fully for his evil deeds should be a matter of principle for Nigerians, n

o matter how long and difficult it is going to take.

 In any case, I strongly believe that his days are already numbered. He had deceived some Nigerians some of the time but he can’t continue deceiving all Nigerians all the time.

 The day Ribadu presents IBB to Nigerians handcuffed and in prison uniform, I can bet with anything that on that day Nigerians will troop out with joy and shout ‘Ribadu for president!’

 However, no matter what IBB does, no matter his entire Maradona maneuver, he can’t escape arrest and prosecution. There’s no hiding place for him any more. According to the Yoruba proverb: ‘Ti iro ba s’are fun ogun odun, otito a ba lojo kan,’ which literaly means that: ‘if deceit runs for 10 years, it will take the truth just a day to catch up with him.’

If Ribadu is not bold enough to do it, somebody else will definitely do it when the time comes. In my opinion, arresting IBB will boost his chance of becoming Nigeria’s president if he ever intends to. And, definitely that will be a turning point and unifying force in our relationship.


  It’s very sad to read the news that Bisi Abiola – one of Abiola’s wives paid a visit to IBB together with other IBB well wishers and even declared their support for his presidential ambition come in 2007. It just sounds incredible!

 Taking into consideration the fact that it was the same IBB that annulled the freest and fairest election held in Nigeria’s history. Abiola eventually lost his life during the struggle to claim his right and restore democracy. It’s 10 years exactly today since the cold murder of Kudirat Abiola by Abacha  – another devil from the North – hit squad during her defense of democracy.

 Kudirat Abiola stood firmly and boldly by her husband despite the danger, numerous threats and intimidation. It’s very sad and disappointing that Bisi Abiola has not borrowed a leaf from Kudirat Abiola, but has instead decided to sell her conscience for a pot of porridge. She has not only betrayed her late husband, but has as well betrayed the Yorubas and the democratic cause.

 Undoubtedly, Bisi Abiola is one of the Judases among us that need to be curtailed in any form before they inflict more harm to our course. Nemesis will definitely catch up with her too! In Yoruba land, such people are referred to as ‘omo-ale.’ 

                  TO BE CONTINUED

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prince kennedy Iyoha January 18, 2007 - 4:45 pm

Mr Bode Eluyera.

As long as we belong to the same country, people form the North has the same right as people of the south to inspire for any position of government. We from the south are quick to lay blames as if we would have done better, beside the south have been involved, or have been part and parcel of all the military regimes, headed by people from the north. Nigerians have a habit of criticizing, government for their personal ills, and particularly government headed by someone form the north.

I can agree with you when you mentioned the calibre of persons from the north contesting for the office of the president, but Northern Nigeria is bigger than the people have mentioned in your article, such as Babangida, Buhari, etc. I studied in the far north, Maiduguri, and was lucky to have interesting friends. Intelligent and hard working people, that do not want to know anything about politic.

So when you are criticizing individuals that have in one way played some important role in the making of what is today Nigeria, please dont generalise, because by doing so, you are hurting innocent Nigerians that do not know or what to know anything about politic.

Meanwhile all the government headed by northerners have important members of southerners in very key positions like the finance, Education etc. these southerners did not make a difference in their ministries. Many Nigerians do not support your idea of separating the north from the south, because the north though dont have a large deposits of natural resources like crude oil, you need to live in the north to know how much they are contributing a very important part in the economy of our Nation.

Lets look for people of good mind that will lead the country out of it present situation, a Nigerian no matter what part of the country he hails from, someone that have the nation at heart, and that can go all length to bring sanity to our social and economic lifes.


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