A Battle Cry To Reverse The Poor State Of The Nation – Part 2

by Bode Eluyera

   We must never, never and never entrust our destinies, lives, politics and economy into the hands of the North to toy with again. Enough of the sorrows, pains, and tears that their reigns have brought the South – and even their own people –  which we are yet to recover  from up till today.

 Just look at the presidential candidates from the North: IBB, Atiku, Buhari, e.t.c. They want to complete their evil experiment that will consequently destroy the South totally; and send the whole of the South into perpetual immigration.

 Compare the presidential candidates from the North to the calibre of the list of the potential presidential candidates from the South-South and South East alone being proposed for voting on. What if we add another list from the South-West to the list? Can you see the difference?

 Do you understand what I mean now when I say that for every Northerner occupying a federal government post at any level, there are at least 100 Southerners that are more qualified but are being denied the opportunity. This assertion applies to all posts; ambassadorial, ministerial, diplomatic, secretarial, legislative, advisory, clerical, e.t.c.


  The North has no other people to present to Nigeria except IBB, Atiku, Buhari, Mua’zu, Makarfi, Gana, Abdullah, Sonunu Turaki, e.t.c. Coup plotters, old cargoes, political opportunists, prostitutes and thieves that looted our treasury and destroyed our economy are being recycled all over again for us to consume. Thank you! NO!


 People without principle and party allegiance are bracing up to rule the country. What can you say about Sonunu Turaki, Governor of Jigawa state, who was voted into power on the platform of ANPP, but in order to achieve his presidential ambition has been recently attending caucus meeting of the PDP at gubernatorial level?

 What about Atiku, who has decided to dump the PDP – that he was among founders – for another party in order to accomplish his selfish political ambition.


  The South must insist on producing not only the next president, V.P. and key ministerial posts, but equally demand to rule the country for at least 20 years in order to correct the economic, political and social disasters that the misrule of the North for more than 35 years has brought the country.

 If they refuse or reject our demand, then we should tell them to go to hell! We should break away! It’s for the better. We won’t miss them. We are tired of subsidizing them. They are a pain in the neck to the South.

 I honestly can’t understand why a region that is heavily subsidized is insisting on producing the next President? Can somebody please explain to me why a region whose contribution to our economy is virtually nothing lay claim to power, or at any moment in time always produce either the president or the vice president? On what basis?

 On a serious note, it’s high time we started asking these questions openly. What a bunch of ingrates. Personally, I regret that Ogboru did not succeed in his coup. I’m sure that had Ogboru succeeded in cutting the North away from the South, the North in a couple of weeks would have crawled on their knees and begged the South to take them back. If we decide to take them back, we would have done so on our terms. They are very lucky to be part of Nigeria and not Chad or Niger republic that live in abject poverty.


If the North wants to be president, let them be president over their cattle, long non-existing groundnut pyramids and their Talakawas or beggars that are all over the country. We don’t have to be diplomatic about these issues with them anymore! We should tell them right to their faces. ‘T’eni ba d’ake tara e a ba dake.’


  It was announced recently in the news that Atiku while unveiling his presidential program said that no sacred cow in the war against corruption will be spared. Atiku was also quoted to have said that he intended to focus on the economy, with emphasis on wealth and job creation through agriculture, and small and medium scale industries; infrastructure development and maintenance.

 Thank you very much for your kindness Alhaji Atiku. Civilian Maradona in waiting!

 First, let Atiku give Nigerians details of his activities at the Nigerian customs: which is considered the second most corrupt government establishment; after the military of course. What are his achievements there? How did he fight corruption there? Second, let Atiku give us details of the sources of his wealth. Where did he get the money to purchase a house in the U.S.? Where are his companies located? What do they produce or deal in? Did any of his companies benefit from federal government contracts at any point in time?  How did he get the capital to set them up? Can he publish a detailed financial statement of his companies for the last 10 years for public scrutiny?


  On a serious note, why do Atiku, Buhari, IBB and his Northern brothers think that they have the brains to rule ‘successfully’ such a sophisticated country like Nigeria when his  (Atiku) impact was not felt when he was at the Nigerian customs?

 Alhaji Atiku, I want to inform you that the South does not need you to create wealth or develop infrastructure for us. We have more than enough people from the South who are much capable than you and can provide for us what you promised us. We don’t believe you Alhaji and thank you, we don’t need your service. Try another joker. That won’t work.  Your brothers IBB, Buhari and Abacha had promised Nigerians much more than you, and we still remember how it all ended. We don’t want to experience ‘such happiness’ again.

 However, if Alhaji Atiku and Buhari are determined in serving Nigeria, then, let them gather all the Northern beggars that are scattered all over the country and create jobs for them in agriculture and cattle rearing. We in the South can take very good care of ourselves without you.


  Buhari while declaring his intention to contest for the President said: ‘The issue of the country’s corporate indivisible existence has been overcome, despite increasing threats” Undoubtedly this statement show how myopic the former Military dictator is in his views as regards to the real political situations in the country.

 I will like to advise coup plotter Buhari, who was lucky to escape firing squad for staging a coup against an elected and legitimate civilian government to take some courses in world history.

 I am a living evidence of history. I came to The Soviet Union, but now live in Russia. I want to remind Buhari that the Soviet Union consisted of 15 independent republics and co-existed as one country for about 70 years. However, it took just 3 people; the Presidents of Russia, Ukraine and Byelorussia respectively, and 10 minutes for them to dissolve the Soviet Union!

 Mr. Buhari needs to take lecture in the Balkan history too especially ‘The modern history of Yugoslavia.’ There are now more than 6 countries; with Montenegro and Chernogore being the latest, to have emerged from the former Yugoslavia.

 What about Czechoslovakia? The two republics, Czech and Slovakia decided to part peacefully without firing a single shot. And Buhari let me tell you Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union were much united countries than Nigeria. Nevertheless, they broke up eventually.


 Who could ever imagine that the invincible Soviet empire could break up without a single bullet being shot. Buhari must either be daydreaming or has lost touch with reality in Nigeria to have made such a useless statement. There are more grounds and reasons for Nigeria to break up now than ever before.


If the Ibos were happy with the union there would have being no need for MOSSAB and the circulation of Biafran currency at Onitsha market. After the civil war the Ibos were totally purged from the military and all influential positions, and were marginalised despite the ‘No Conqueror, No Victor’ declaration made by Gowon.

 In addition, they are fed up of being slaughtered by the North, and playing the role of ‘ball boys’ or ‘3rd class citizens’ in Nigeria.

 Nigeria is a country where monkey dey work baboon dey chop. Of course, the monkey is the South and the baboon is the North. Now the monkey is aware of his situation and wants to put a stop to this exploitation once and for all. 

 The North has for long   been stealing the oil revenues from the South, using part of it to develop their territory, winning/rigging elections or/and destabilising the country.


 The eyes of the Delta people are open now, and they are also saying enough is enough. Even Abacha’s cold and callous murder of Saro Wiwa has not dissuaded the people, instead they are more than determined now to fight and die for their economic and political rights that the North has for long ignored or denied them.

They are tired of living in abject poverty!

 They are tired of living in darkness; 50 years after the discovery of oil at Oluobiri!

 They are tired of walking hundreds kilometres to bore holes just to get drinking water; despite the fact they are virtually surrounded by water!

 They are tired of not been able to farm or fish because their land and water are polluted!

 They are saying enough is enough! They are registering their protests in different forms.

 Taking foreigners hostage is just the least of what could happen later. The Niger Delta militias are not only well armed to the teeth, but are also well trained and are now challenging the federal government openly. The whole delta region and country as a whole are tensed up because of injustice. The country is sitting on gunpowder of injustice and marginalisation that may explode anytime from now.

 Therefore based on this analysis, I think Buhari must be either be deceiving himself or be daft to have said that ‘the country’s corporate indivisible existence has been overcome, despite increasing threats.’ Buhari, please always think before you speak.

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prince kennedy Iyoha January 18, 2007 - 4:45 pm

Mr Bode Eluyera.

As long as we belong to the same country, people form the North has the same right as people of the south to inspire for any position of government. We from the south are quick to lay blames as if we would have done better, beside the south have been involved, or have been part and parcel of all the military regimes, headed by people from the north. Nigerians have a habit of criticizing, government for their personal ills, and particularly government headed by someone form the north.

I can agree with you when you mentioned the calibre of persons from the north contesting for the office of the president, but Northern Nigeria is bigger than the people have mentioned in your article, such as Babangida, Buhari, etc. I studied in the far north, Maiduguri, and was lucky to have interesting friends. Intelligent and hard working people, that do not want to know anything about politic.

So when you are criticizing individuals that have in one way played some important role in the making of what is today Nigeria, please dont generalise, because by doing so, you are hurting innocent Nigerians that do not know or what to know anything about politic.

Meanwhile all the government headed by northerners have important members of southerners in very key positions like the finance, Education etc. these southerners did not make a difference in their ministries. Many Nigerians do not support your idea of separating the north from the south, because the north though dont have a large deposits of natural resources like crude oil, you need to live in the north to know how much they are contributing a very important part in the economy of our Nation.

Lets look for people of good mind that will lead the country out of it present situation, a Nigerian no matter what part of the country he hails from, someone that have the nation at heart, and that can go all length to bring sanity to our social and economic lifes.


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