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A Choice Election: Buhari and Fashola’s presidential ticket

The best president Nigeria never had was Late Chief Obafemi Awolowo
who in his quintessential wisdom had vibrant and genuine vision for
Nigeria. Nigerians were denied the opportunity to eke from Awo's
political gymnastics and economic wizardry. He died before everyone
woke up to nag their teeth and realized what they have lost. Nigerian
history is stunningly repetitious. We have never learned from our
nauseating history which has been piteously a circumlocutory
experience. His dreams for Nigeria was never allowed to materialize by
the powers that be, and the result of which we are all involved. Every
fabric of Nigeria now stinks unless we want to deceive ourselves.

On June 12,1993, Nigeria was literally on the road to greatness as we
unequivocally spoke with one voice. Though, initially there were
injections of tribal and religious sentiments but truth prevailed as
Nigerians from every corner of the country jettisoned ethnocentrism,
religious bigotry and other political idiosyncrasies to unite through
election and vote against the dictatorial regime of Gen. Ibrahim
Babangida. Tragically, Babangida and his collaborators aborted the
wishes of millions of Nigerians in the historic June 12 presidential
election. He callously sentenced the nation back to darkness and we
are yet to recover from it.

Res ipsa loquitor (fact speaks for itself). The current state of
hopelessness and despondency should not be allowed to continue. It is
obvious that the political clime in the country is infatuated with
rogue politicians who have recycled themselves over decades, but why
don't we look for bewitched and incorruptible individuals who have
proven track records of accountability in the affairs of Nigeria. It
dampens one's morale and hope to see us celebrating failures of our
leaders instead of chiding them for encouraging corruption in all
spheres. The likes of Muhammadu Buari and Governor Fashola epitomize
the mind of leaders whose political personae go beyond selfishness and
hedonism. Buhari's honesty, history of probity and integrity qualify
him in today's Nigeria, he is imbued with impeccable credentials and
unblemished political career. A man who has proven time and time again
without any foreign account and other flamboyant lifestyles that
characterize typical African leaders. He is a man that is ready to
declare his assets anytime. Fashola's accomplishments in Lagos state
is also sterling and is a litmus test for the greatness of Nigeria.
The rare combination of the two will be an engine of change for a new
Muhammadu Buhari: courtesy Punch Newspapers

Meanwhile, instead of the Nigerian youth to rally round the
incorruptible leaders amongst them now to bring back our glorious
days, they are being used as a wedge in the hands of those who do not
care about their future. These people in government travel to Europe,
America, Dubai, and Saudi Arabia and see the taxpayers monies in
action. Their prodigal children schooled in Europe, Asia and America,
and the poor masses are at their own mercy. Yet, we the poor, our own
psychology is our deadliest enemy, once that wrongly wired psychology
is re-wired according to Prof. Pius Adesanmi, every other thing shall
be added unto it.

Concisely, with the abysmal failures and performances of PDP
government where security of life and property is not guaranteed;
where corruption is codified as not stealing; where corrupt leaders
flaunt the wealth of the nation with impunity, and where mediocrity is
embraced in place of meritocracy. When the soul of a nation is in the
wilderness, it will be exposed to free for all vices as we witness in
today's Nigeria. The 2015 presidential election should be a piece of
cake for Muhammadu Buari in a sane society considering avalanche of
oddity in GEJ's administration. APC should hire the strategists that
designed the Hope 93 for MKO Abiola, then mobilize door to door
campaigns to sensitize the populace of the need to uproot every trace
of PDP cancerous corrupt regime from Nigeria. This writer also
recommends the following: ‪#‎enoughisenough‬ for APC to use in
all their jingles and newspaper adverts. The collective participation
of all well meaning Nigerians is crucial in this defining moment in
our nation's history.

We lost a monumental opportunity on June 12, 1993 elections to correct
and re-engineer the structural defects of that great hapless country
(I am too sure that Gen. Babangida, and his cohorts who conspired with
him to do injustice and castrate that country are not happy men and
women today).
February 2015 is around the corner when we will be determining our
fate and the future of our children again. The question about this
coming election should be a choice between FAILURE and HOPE. This
forthcoming general elections should be similar to Hope 93 with our
collective voice through vote, unless we want to remain on this
famished road to no where. Mobilization should start right now from
every corner of Nigeria and in the diaspora to bring back our past
glory. We should wisely avoid sentiments, hatred and mundane issues(
religion and ethnicity) to becloud our sense of reasoning. More than a
decade, PDP government has been abysmally ruled and ruined our lives
and mortgaged the future of our children. Nigeria is unique and a
great nation whose lost glory can still be optimistically restored.
Enough is Enough as we do not want more of the same. A word is enough
for the wise!!!

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