A Disease Called Broklysis!

by Fola Ojo

In the history of creation, it is one of the deadliest diseases ever to strike mankind. There are many people recorded in the Bible who were afflicted by this disease. When this disease strikes a man, it can rattle the brain, dry up the blood, shut down major organs of the body, and can cause man to lose weight and worth. This disease afflicts the white man, black man, Asian man, any man.

I know ex-governors who are suffering from it; ex-senators are not exempt from this crippling illness. When the table turns against a business man, it’s sure that this disease has come calling. Many try to avoid the disease by going to school, but school is not a guarantee that you will not catch it. Many attend seminars to skip it, but seminars only provide semi-cure. Sometimes it is generational but not genetic; sometimes it is institutional but not constitutional. The dreaded disease is called BROKLYSIS!

Don’t bother looking for it in the Medical Dictionary because you will not find it, and don’t try to “Google” the disease, technology cannot yet pick it up. But in Fola Ojo Exclusive Expository Dictionary, BROKLYSIS is defined as; “a state of abject poverty and lack. A state of persistent cry of “I am broke”! He is working but always broke! He has a business but always broke! You ask him for $5, the response is the same; “I am broke”. Whichever way you stroke him, he is always broke! BROKLYSIS is so bad that even doctors hate it. I have prayed for people who would tell me “pastor, please pray for me, it’s my asthma, my headache, my arthritis.” Many ignorantly “own” these diseases and call them “my…”. But BROKLYSIS is so hated that no one has ever asked me to pray for “my BROKLYSIS”. No one wants to own it! No one wants to own poverty! When a man is broke a man is bound, and when a man is bound a man cannot abound.

I am praying to God on your behalf that God will crush this disease in your life. You will no longer be broke one day in your life. Your heaven will open, and the rushing mighty wind of prosperity shall hit your life. Poverty will die, lack will die, and famine will be far from you in Jesus name!

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