She Gives Birth On The Road

by Odimegwu Onwumere

BEYOND RELIGION AND CULTURE: Those who are realistic always have miracles
following them. Everything in their lives is miraculous. Providence always
has upper hand in their lives. Their being realistic activates the
incessant miracles that follow them. These were the words popping up my
head as a woman was delivered of her baby today (September 5, 2013) at
about 10am on the Aba/Port Harcourt expressway, Oyigbo, Rivers State. The
woman was in a commercial bus from Aba, Abia State. Her co-travelers said
that she started experiencing labour at Obehie area of Abia State. Over
many miles to Rivers State, the driver searched for hospital as he was
driving, but was unable to see any situated along the expressway. He hoped
to take the woman to hospital in Oyigbo. It was say a pole to the Oyigbo
express junction that the woman couldn’t bear the labour pains again and
she was helped to alight from the bus. Immediately she came down from the
bus, women and men in the bus alerted women traders along the road of the
plight. They provided wrappers and fenced the woman. It was not upto five
minutes the woman came down from the bus, she gave birth to a Bouncing Baby
Boy. We, the passersby had rushed to hospital to invite medical experts.
They arrived and the woman was moved to the hospital. I moved on to where I
was going to. My people! the woman is a miracle. Her hands are ‘clean’. But
I’m not sure what could have happened if there were no women who still wear
wrapper to give the woman cover, as she lay beside the road, because many
women these days loathe to wear wrapper with arrogant pride. The woman has
further affirmed my belief that miracle is a natural occurrence. Only be
realistic, truthful, and upright and represent anything that is positive.
Don’t be in a hurry. What will come must come; what must not come must not
come. It does not require a cleric to assist if you live uprightly. Always
have a positive mental attitude and don’t follow many who have been
brainwashed to pray and believe in easy live. This is what they know and
mean as miracle. No! Let’s do the best we can, everyday, to activate the
potency of miracles to happen in our lives.

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