A Language so Global…

Music can be defined by some, and to some, they are daft on the proper definition of Music. Some people think singing is fun, and part of Human random living to survive so they say. But hey, do you know what I think about this, I think Music is beyond fun, it is entrapped in the spirit of the Human, because through it the soul flows Para-crux. When people sing, they think all they do is sing and people listen to music from their either natured voice in what manners they might come from. But I have a different opinion about this; it is not a general one though, yet it might be right or wrong it all depends on how people perceive it in terms of how views of reasoning.

Music is just like the simple illustration of the psychological TAT (thematic Aperceptual Test), which is used in testing IQs in most cases. When you line up a music quiz for people to change from, they will certainly choose different, at least we all have our physical and biological otherwise physiological mind-set and body frames. It also boils down to the bio-chemical reactions within the innate man as they say. People that sings, do not just do so because they love it, no, this is not what drive they to music, rather they are displaying the uncontrollable well nigh controllable in them. As they sing, a mystery of the inner world is revealed and through poetic diverse, it is exposed for somehow first time to the audible hearings.

From the realm of Music comes the power that makes this flow perfect, and that is the lyrics and the vibes. They come in stratas such as sounds and the melodies, the cues they albeit themselves, all this combined to make us dance without sometimes understanding what we are dancing to. In our present day ICT, modern and sophisticated world of science and technology which is called “Jettism” by the apologist of modern science. Music has both healing and destroying powers. When we listen to both side effect of it, they are both advantages and disadvantages in themselves. When you listen to either of them, there is usually the magic flux generated, and this takes from the ordinary to the extra-ordinary.

From the world of reason to the world of ideas. Plato was paramount in this claim when he said that whatever we do, there is something which is not part of any created thing. We see it as being created by our effort through talents, and in this ranges music, artistic, intelligence and popularity. We also go from here to say that we are thus demi-gods and should be worshipped by this very yet a god of itself. We cannot lord over what we do not see at all; rather they lord over us, because they are the threshold that determines our reality. So in essence, Music comes from the world of perfection otherwise called the real world, the world of pure-ness. Music is pure, and no matter what sources it comes from, it is nevertheless pure. But even in the purity of this rhythm, there is NESS and Clemency of Un-NESS.

Music is like laughter and verse versa. When it comes, it takes charge of our being and consummates the soul; it locks in the corridors of contemplations and wonders. When the spirit of music finally takes full control, the soul is no where to be found. The soul is hidden for a great spirit to take pre-eminence. And whatever this spirit is, be it music, unexplainable joy and euphoria, I don’t care, but in as much as it can lock the soul and rover for a long time in the pure-ness of the humanity psyche, therefore, permit me to say that this is Lord over Man, and the care-taker of Humanity here on earth. When its ready to activate it vital force, all but it moves, while everything remains motionless except what it has possessed, which in this case is the human body.

Even the so-called Religion bows to this Force and spirit. In the height of their reason, Saint Augustine liken music as “with him without Equal”, here he succeeded in admonishing our church fathers that without music and strings of time.

The debate over music has never been won by any contemporary critic of music. The real critics of music are like the atheists that believe in the non-existence of GOD, yet when they are asked how they come to exist, they stand firm in their ugly stiffness to pronounce and support as evidence to their claim the theory of Mendel’s and evolutionist of the 18 century. So say Music is a folly is to look at the mirror and ask yourself who you are, or where you came from. This is pure Irony!

But what else can we say other than, Music has come to stay, and as far as I m concerned, in my professional opinion, Music is all that is, and all that exist in the beginning of time. In the beginning, God fashioned the worlds and all that is in them thereof out of sounds, and through the strings of eloquent interplay of sounds, and the co-efficient of effervescent musical models, the very structures of the earth, heavens and the firmament was formed.

In a nutshell, Music is what has become the global language which every human entity seems to understand. And in this wise, I think if men are careful enough, what happened in the biblical text to the tower of Babel will happen likewise if man are cautious enough to dramatically conjure to the healings flows of Music, as correcting all the wrongs of humanity.

I am done!!!

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