A Limitation to Papal Liberalism: the UN vs The Catholic Church

This is the Era of the Gentiles, the era of spirit consciousness. It is also a period when the anti-Christ devotees have become more active in promoting debaucheries unknown in the 1930s. Men and women dressed appropriately; visited dance halls.
In attendance were the big orchestras. Morality was regarded as a virtue.
Men behaved well and women were proud of them. Then came funk music, the Beatles, then the flower girls and the hippie culture affected the morals of many youths, who became wild and unconscionable.
The economic downturn resulted in the wearing of jeans, which were worn only by cowboys became fashionable, first in America, then throughout the world.
Young undergraduates regularly dropped out of school, embraced the drug culture. Since they could not extricate themselves from their difficulties, they grew gloomy and morose.
Crime, imprisonment and the ruined life were the results.
In Cologne, I sadly watched boys and girls,” the peculiarity of their faces, that shone with the artless charm, and celestial impress of the noblest nature”, became wrinkled, with dewy eyes and depicting the arrival of early insanity. They were the burnt-out fraternity of the hippie movement.
With cannabis, marijuana available in every street corner in Euro-American states, the “gonnas” multiplied. The crises deepened.
Some states gave licenses to prostitutes, legalized the use of marijuana and approved the clinical prescriptions, were regularly abused. The debauchery deepened.
States defied the United Nations Charter and regularly intervened in the internal affairs of other states and went a mile to actually promote rebellion against governments.
Human deaths, social dislocations followed in unimaginable proportions.
In schools, children are shot as game. Mindless violence in Iraq, where full democracy was “restored” to the jingles and cymbals of victory, mayhem now shows.
With this scenario in mind, why should the United Nations, which acts belatedly or not at all until the chickens come roost set up a probling Committee to quiz Cardinals.
of the Holy Roman Catholic Church under the shibboleth of seeking answers to the Church’s handling of child abuse.
The UN has to open its records and tell us what it did about the abuse of social humans in most countries of the world.
The UN is adept at organizing donor conferences after which pledges trickle in. Some states donate paltry sums.
I can do better!!!
Now, there should be a limit to Papal permission, for agnostics, Luciferians, and other groups, who are opposed to Roman Catholicism to rubbish the Church.
Where were these moralists during APARTEID, SLAVERY, COLONIALISM, and the use of social humans in conducting scientific experiments?
The Catholic Church must consider the biological demands of its clergy. Sticking to the dogma of celibacy in the 21st century, where pornography and ,dirty dancing on TV titillate a normal man.
As St Paul said, those who can practice celibacy let them do so. There are also others, whose biological make-up cannot withstand the heat, will find ways for self-gratification. It is only human.
Those UN interrogators are hypocrites! None can remain celibate for one month. So, what is the joy about? Chem radost?
The Bishop of Rome should not be taken in by Luciferians, with asps under their tongues, who are agnostics and liars. They seek to cause confusion by putting pressure on the Holy Catholic Church.
That was how they harassed Pope Benedict and Pope John Paul 11.
There should be a limit to Catholic liberalism.
The UN is a man-made institution. The Catholic Church was established by Jesus Christ and the gate of Hell shall not prevail against it.
Per omnia secula seculorum. Amen.

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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