The Gay Madness and Canada’s Rubbish!

When the gay madness sprang up to confront sanity, decency and natural decorum I did two write-ups in the Vanguard newspaper of November 22, 2011 and December 21, 2011. I wish to draw from both works because they are as timely now as when I wrote them and because they place great challenge in good governance on Goodluck Jonathan, being the only way we can stand tall to the crude affront of the West which affront few days ago came to a new head with Canada’s cancellation of Jonathan’s visit to Canada because he bent to democracy, public opinion and societal values to assent to the anti-gay legislature.

In the aforesaid first piece, “Homosexuals or Less than Homo sapiens!”, I wrote inter alia: “An Omniscient Creator never intended it so. Nothing can be more unnatural. Nothing can be more irksome to nature. Homo sapiens know it is bestial. And only demons could sponsor it; only their apparent viceroys among men (like the David Camerons of this depraved world) could sell it; and only persons who devils have first married themselves to could buy and consume it. It is roundly satanic, one of the peaks of Satanism. Get there and you move from being Homo sapiens to a form of being only cursed principalities really can define! They call it civilization, we name it gross depravity”.

I argued that sodomy, homosexuality, lesbianism or gayness is being less human, even being less than lower animals, and that Gayness does not only sift you from Homo sapiens and drop you to the level of beasts, but that it actually lowers you deeper for beasts of the same sex don’t copulate or even pretend to; but gays are even now ‘marrying’, sodomy at its unthinkably silliest level!; and that all gays need pedagogic lessons from lower beasts. From there I sped ahead to teach gays lessons from the world of lions, dogs and lizards; and how the last two, though indiscriminate in sexual matters, do like all animals, stay within their natural bounds or what the Bible calls ‘estate’. They copulate just how God created them to do; and that the moment men leave their estate it is only a matter of time before God reacts. You only cross the divine divide to your peril.

When Cameron had the temerity and effrontery then to threaten to cut off aid to Ghana if Ghana does not legalize homosexuality, I responded that would have been even unbelievable in the Stone Age. “But the leader of a leading nation said that in this century. That was reckless confidence that must attract the ire of all Africa. He couldn’t have said that alone though. An unseen satanic principality may have pumped him from inside, jacked his jaws open and gave him those words to empty on Africa. Cameron must have shameless nerves.” It was gladdening that Atta Mills, Ghana president at the time came pointedly: “I as President will never initiate or support any attempt to legalize homosexuality in Ghana”. Therefore Cameron, he said, should keep his aid. But I cautioned then, however, that while we rejoice with President John Atta Mills of Ghana for rubbishing Cameron we do hope that African leaders will now begin to govern us well. And I may quickly preempt here my concluding thought on the present Canada’s rubbish: Jonathan must recall our Ambassador to that country NOW, and then get into good governance.

Because the madness continued after my first piece I had reason to write a month after. In “The West’s Woods-ward Walk!” I stated: “Now Britain and Canada are rubbishing Nigeria because the Nigerian Senate wants Nigeria to stay within civilization and be driven by civilized values. Too irksome, the thought of African nations in the Commonwealth renegotiating or coming out builds up inside. But you can’t canvas that yet. We’ll canvas a better alternative hereinafter!

“Britain and Canada and the continents they represent are daring us for sure. And whilst still putting this piece together Barack Hussien Obama, hitherto unseen driver of this diabolical assault, openly came into the fray. He has since opened little vent for us to know the real being to expect of him in the days ahead: He ordered all U.S. government agencies, including those handing out aid, to put gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender rights at the center of US foreign policy and ordered U.S. Ambassadors to ‘police’ the nations, and promised to take the matter to the global arena where he seats and rides as usurper of sovereignties … But we can put an end to all these insults only one way … Purposeful, assertive, frugal and prudent, endearing and people-oriented, and so result-overwhelmed governance, is the answer. This is what can stop this grossly disgusting assault on values in Africa. It may be this off-putting same-sex marriage today. If Nigeria and Africa play timidly, it may be a more disconcerting human-beast marriage tomorrow.”

Already, in that now heathen cultures of the West and North America there are humans copulating with beasts today. And I wrote that what we don’t hear yet are human-beast copulation rights activists!, but in the West anything is now possible in the name of human rights, it being almost a totally shameless clime and that if today this type of rights movement gets off ground there, and graduates to human-beast marriage rights movement, and silly defenders of very nauseating ‘rights’ movements lead them, all Africa will be expected and called upon to further this jungle walk except we stand up today. See where so-called human rights have led us, I queried hypothetically! But I gave the timeless clue: “Only good governance back home can make us stand tall and make us stand full back to these calls from Britain, Canada and their friends to come join them in the woods. African leaders must rear their heads and govern us well; and those modern heathen nations will begin to listen to us.”

So, Jonathan should first and foremost IMMEDIATELY recall our Ambassador to Canada. It is action time. But then, too, it is good governance time. Good governance is the answer to this crude and stone-age affront. The West and North America do not equate the world. Africa properly governed can do without them. As a step further, Jonathan should lead good governance in Africa, position Nigeria to be of relevance and economic assistance to Africa; after all, God has blessed and potentially positioned Nigeria to play that role, a role if we rise up and work ourselves up to play Africa will listen to us and Nigeria will be able to lead Africa in this war against our sublime values.

Written by
Eferovo Igho
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