A Paper Delivered By Dr. Carl-Collins Ogunshola Oshodi To The International Association Of Roman Catholic Knights On It's 105th Centenary In the Vatican

March 19th, 2008

Although men were created for a cause far more divine, yet in the course of this divinity our values as men are tested, and sometimes misplaced by the too many woes that befalls us on our strive towards the highest most salient good. In governance the role of a knight are those with tedious but acceptable responsibility, those which any one will pray for. This is so in order for democracy to be carried in the grace of hard work, faith and hope to the heart of the people, and in the purpose for which it was first established. The role of the true knight is to protect, defend and if need be to sacrifice his very own for the purpose of his mutual existence, so that the general good can supersede his own.

In knighthold, the truce of leadership is not to be lord over the people, but to be servants, and to be used as a sacrifice to ensure the welfare of the general good. So many people who assumes the title of knighthold actually do not understand the essence of being a knight, and this is not encased in some scrolls or some pamphlets, the ideal of a knight is thus in us by the coefficient of what we believe in. nevertheless, if it is better understood to a concept of grace alone, this will be better served, but a true knight extends beyond this earthly passage, its goes beyond wealth, might, and pride. In warfare, a knight must die for what he believe. He must not do so because of some temporary benefits, he must ensure it and anything whatsoever for the purpose of truth alone. He must, if me must so die, should be for the cause of honor itself. Truth must revolve round his grave in the wind of the east shore. Such knights are not buried in some little lonely cemetery, their Ashes are cast into the east wind, so that in the end of time, their purpose and their passage on earth will be echoed in the memories of the future, and men will preach such eulogies.

In our later years in later, wealth and serene enjoyment is not wondered for in replacement of adversities. Our souls may move freely in the realm of freewill reserved for those souls that have attained the height of pureness. To be pure in our conducts as knight is simple, as the writer, I may not be pure seemingly for some other purposes in which I have preffered to die, and to be remembered for. For the purpose of freedom and justice in essence of our land, this we all must collectively join hands so that in the glory of passing generation, the ideology of hope may linger on. Nepotism, Corruption and injustices will only prevail, when the good men of the society fail to realise that they are the very tool of the weak to uphold the humiliation of the powerful.

In the lives and glory of a knight, we all automatically belong to the legendry and decimated Calvary of gallantry fighters in our strive to behold our eternal knightship even unto death in the line of duty. Our leadership must be tested beyond all manners of equations, and the hypothesis of faith. our faith must take us above the height of probabilities and impossibilities into the wages of our sublime battle. We may behold the lives of other knights in their freewill in a cause that far more supersedes their entire freedom, which of course revolves round their Original land, and the memory of their legendry ancestors. Other may follow us if we so chose, they may some day be ours to lead as our ancestors before us had done.

Consequently, yes, you will be their commander in battle. But with this title comes a sacred responsibility to protect, to defend, to value their lives above our own, and should they perish in battle, to live our lives gloriously in honour of their memory. In considering their freewill, it is always fallen to a few to sacrifice for the good of many, the world isn’t a perfect place. But perhaps people like you, me and those numerous Leaders can make it so; so that the world can be victorious in all its legacy.

If we must die in battle, let us do so with our gallantry knights at our side, we must not forsake nor leave them. In pure leadership we must defend them with the sacrifice of our very own life. What other purpose do we serve if not for such a cause? Yes, others even our very trusted comrades may accuse us for believing in a world that will never exist. To believe in such a world of total sacrifice and freewill is a decoy to unravel our true purpose of life itself. Not fearing that we may lose our breath for this singular purpose is freedom in perception, and if our comrades fails to know this, then our only option must be to sacrifice our very own existence for that to exist – a world of serene Legacy and Peace.

Everyman will surely die in the battlefield of politics, and anything, whether of their own chosen of not, but if it be that such one as sacrificing for the lives of many, then so be it. And the request of a brave comrade to his fellow knights is that, should he fall, they should not be buried in little sad cemetery, they should be burnt and their ashes cast to a strong east wind, such is the solemn request of a true valor, and this is what I have subscribed to.

The men of great virtue are strong, but they have need of a true leader, and we must necessary transform ourselves from the pure state of weakness and nothingness into such great and requisite personality of leadership. When the people see and could grasped this in our characteristics, then for sure, they must do nothing other than their conscience being relieve, and their hope, faith and perseverance being targeted to liberation. They will follow you to the rare earth even unto death, because they believe in your ability to conjure possibility, and reawaken their euphoria and dreams. They will believe you can do anything in as much as you are willing to lay down your live for the actual existence of the feeble and weak. To defeat our greatest enemy, there is need for a master of war, and that is where we come in to our people, to represent such decimated and legendry leadership to champion the cause of freedom from all political or otherwise twisted contemporary enslavement – these are the purpose of true legacy which we must leave behind for our eulogies to echo into eternity.

In the honour of great knight, knights must be at his side to once and for all witness the very last and best of his gallantry in order for eternity to bear witness for such a purpose so that many tales, eulogies and folklores will be told of such a knight when he is finally gone into the dust of this life. In solidarity, knight must defend their leader in whatever condition they find themselves, they must do so, to preserve antiquity, and to sacrifice their own life collectively in pursuant of a common good. Their souls shall not die but live on into the remix of many known existence in the field of heavenly glorification. In the honours of fallen knights we must live!

Comrades, the gift of freedom is ours by right, but the home we seek resides not in some distant land, or in some unrealistic havens for our self pity, it’s in us and in our actions on the day if we take up such awesome leadership, to do good and protect the integrity of lives and of the feeble. If our destiny is to fall together in battle so be it. In the twilight of time, let history remember that as free men we chose to make it so, and nothing whatsoever will change that. This are the Ideals of a true Knight and a leader.

Written by
Carl Collins Ogunshola Oshodi
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  • This wonderful…..You have opened my eyes to so many things in life thank you and feel free to send me some write ups and things i need to know anytime anyday. I am an African

  • Dear Mr Carl Collins Ogunshola Oshodi

    I have for some time now, followed your writings. Which to my humble assessment, impart knowledge to those who have the opportunity to read your essays. In relation to the subject of your article; I am convinced that most of the people that hold the knight title are conscience of the implications of that calling. Like the title of a Pastor, a Bishop, etc. this mentioned titles are designs to help people that have the zeal to serve. But in the concept of Africans and particularly Nigerians, this positions or titles have help many to steel and enrich themselves from the ignorance of our humble but God fearing citizens. Here in Spain, pastors are normal people that work in different fields of life, industries etc… And also perform the vocation of their callings as pastors when it is necessary. But in Africa and particularly our dear beloved country, the priesthood is a full time job, and the congregations often are expected to see them as next to God. Like the knighthood, which you defined in your article as being the truce of leadership which is not to be lord over the people, but to be servants, and to be used as a sacrifice to ensure the welfare of the general good. So many people who assumes the title of knighthood actually do not understand the essence of being a knight, and this is not encased in some scrolls or some pamphlets, the ideal of a knight is thus in us by the coefficient of what we believe in. nevertheless, it is better understood to a concept of grace alone, this will be better served, but a true knight extends beyond this earthly passage, its goes beyond wealth, might, and pride. In warfare, a night must die for what he relieves.

    Most of the religious leaders in our country today do not have the attribute mentioned. Contrary to what they preach or say, religion is an avenue to making ends meet. The difference between a church founder and a businessman is that businessmen do not pretend to be angels, and therefore do not use decept through the name of God to enrich themselves and their family. It baffles me a lot, that Nigerians have never really ask why most of the Bishops and church founders have their entire family or at list their wife’s and children in the boards of directors of their church, and when they pass away, their wife’s automatically takes over the helms of leadership, as if the church is a family property. The other day, one pastor here in Spain approached me to help write a constitution for its church, which I agreed to do without financial rewards, after completing the constitution in Spanish language, I had to explain to him in English language what the constitution contains. When we got to the article that talks about the roles and responsibility of the general assemble, he vehemently disagree with me, because the constitution states that the general assemble is the highest authority of the church, and is responsible to amedending the constitution, and the election of members of the executive breach of the church. He informed that in Christianity, there is nothing like elections or democracy, and that the church functions with vision. These views of his go contrary to the act that established the foundation of churches in Spain. We finally resolved the issue, when the pastor said that the constitution will be for his eyes only, while he will only show the certificate of registration to its members. It is possible that most members of churches in Nigeria don’t have knowledge, or don’t have information as regard the constitution of their beloved churches.

    I have referred to the above authorities to help analyse the reality and responsibilities of religious leaders. The knights is not know to the general public but only to the catholic society, while majority of Nigerians are protestant or evangelicals. Undoubtedly the church is increasingly becoming a very powerful instrument for grassroots development, and also useful as tools for politicians that want to play on the sentiments and sincerity of the larger society, this same tactic is being applied by politicians of the Muslim faith.