A Prayer for Nigeria after  her  National Re-birth

The Nigerian political community has shown extreme tenacity of purpose in voting for the President of their choice. They will now sit back and watch how their decision will translate to improvement in their lives. They will be disappointed if the old order prevails. They expect the material prosperity of the country to improve considerably.

Non-performance by governments in the last ten years had led to despondency

I have observed that some Nigerian commentators on Nigerian affairs have been inoculated by hellish thoughts when discussing our country. They seem to think convincingly that when they let out a string of curses on Nigeria, they sound tough and learned.
There are some foreign states, which descend upon developing nations with evil proclamations, wishing that the heavens fall on them. They incite opposition groups to rise against their governments. This often leads to mayhem and social dislocation.

It is on record that evil wishes about Nigeria’s disintegration has been a constant theme among satanic analysts and those, who delight in causing discord among brothers and sisters. If they cannot bless Nigeria, let them not curse her.

Nigeria does not need “The utterances of Balaam, the son of Be’or, and the utterances of the man, whose eyes are opened.”Numbers Ch 24:15. We need “the utterances of him who hears the words of God and has the knowledge of the Most High. Who sees the vision of the Almighty.”Numbers Ch 24:16.
A careful perusal of most articles published before the recent elections in Nigeria saw the outpouring of the most demonic curses and evil wishes by the advanced party of the anti-christ, which are capable of causing disaffection and cause the loss of confidence in our ability to conduct our affairs.

There are commentators, who copy Western ideas and regurgitate them in order to look impressive. The do not know how destructive certain pronounments in the name of free speech can be.

If you cannot live in Nigeria, you may migrate to the cold regions of the world, where you will find no enemies but winter and rough weather. We do not appreciate what God; the Father has done for us in Nigeria. We do not have earthquakes, monsoons, floods, tornados and murders that shock the soul which are prevalent in states that reject God’s acceptance and salvation.

The fallen angels on Earth are responsible for planting evil thoughts in men and women. They encourage disobedience against God, the Father, God, the Son and God, the Holy Ghost.
“For the nation and kingdom which will not serve you shall perish. And those nations shall be utterly ruined” Isaiah Ch. 60:12
Do not join the chorus of evil wishers because Nigeria is a blessed land, which has been turned into a land of conflict by satanic occultists, who seek futilely to destroy her.

As long as the Rivers Niger and Benue flow, no harm will befall our nation. We pray to God, Almighty and to Allah, the Merciful every day. There are nations that do not know Him and they use the medium of television, novels and other mass culture hits to inundate our minds with satanic filth.

This will become a routine in the Era of the Gentiles, Atonement and the Brotherhood of Man until God’s acceptance and the acceptance of salvation gains universal recognition.
Nations must plead for God’s mercy in the Era of the Gentiles, Atonement and the Brotherhood of Man, in order to escape from the wrath of the Most High God.

“By the blast of God they perish. And by the breath of his anger, they are consumed “Job Ch 4:9

The glitter of material wealth no longer impresses anyone as we watch the possessions of life times washed away in tsunamis.
The Spirit of the Lord is our strength. Our strength does not lie in cluster bombs. There is illogicality in not blaming manufacturers of these harmful weapons but we blame those who use them. The ideal thing is to stop nations that sell weapons of mass destruction.
The struggle for survival expressed vividly in Darwin’s law of natural selection has become so acute that some nations are bewildered. In their frenzy, they no longer respect international laws.

Nigeria has just ended its traumatic years of confused governance by strongmen, crude men, irreverent men, occulted men and women. The veil has been lifted from our tabernacle, where pestilence and famine were entombed by evil men.

Yahweh, Adonai, Kyrios (Greek) Dominus (Latin), is sending the cherubs and the seraphs to do battle with the destroyers of Nigeria. We shall soon enjoy the beneficent outpourings of the zodiac and all those, who wish Nigeria destruction, will know no peace.
Divine institutions will soon be established in the spiritual realm to oversee Nigeria’s development as from the date the new President of Nigeria will be sworn in. The Gates of Hell will no longer prevail over Nigeria. AMEN!!!

The Luciferian hierarchy has been put to shame. Those who ruled Nigeria by force, by intrigue and subterfuge, with clenched fists and steel mien have all been shown by Nigerians that Nigerians can do what is right.

The determination shown by Nigerian citizens, who went to the polls to cast their votes have sent a spiritual and temporal message that they shall resist wicked governance, lack of meaningful governance, vague promises that never materialize and the inability to select advanced souls to govern Nigeria.

They have decided that primitive politics by clowning political leaders will no longer draw laughter because in this new dispensation, they will revolt against foolishness, unserious attitude by “dealers”, who only look upon the national treasury.

Accountability shall be the order of the day. The corrupt can no longer hide. The incompetent can no longer hide. The press will no longer cut pet names for destroyers of Nigeria. The tired bones of “former this and former that’ must be allowed to rest. They shall no longer stultify our development forward march. They carry the flags of failure, which the Confederal Republic of Nigeria has broken away from forever.
Foreign meddlesome interlopers, who purport to know more than our enlightened citizens should be politely told that they should repair that broken down states and not harass us with unsolicited misadvise and self-serving admonitions. We need to select, not kinsmen, favour and fortune- seekers but talented Nigerians to assist in the governance of this potentially great nation, that has been retarded by evil forces and dark spirits that have bewitched our nation and have tied its progress to the totem pole of familiar spirits.

Our President must receive Gideon’s gift to do what he has to do for Nigeria. This excludes unwarranted seeking after populism, endearments at the expense of a 15- hour working day that leaves no room for entertaining visitors to ASO ROCK, round the country gallivanting, the donning of colourful hats and gaudy outfits.

Presidentialism in this new dispensation must control the vagaries of democracy. The harmonious cooperation between the Executive, the Legislature is imperative. There should be no horse-trading in budget approvals and an account must be given about how the previous budget was spent before any approval should be given to the new budget. It is unconscionable for Federal governments to spend monies without public knowledge of how the funds were spent in the immediate past year.

Yet, the bogey of accountability is bandied about. An enlightened government must avoid “the whimsicality of unsupported habit, the insignificance of inherited position and the uncouthness of force without intelligence.” The new dispensation should be the most intellectually endowed. Cosmopolitanism, sophistication, enlightenment should be self-evident in the choice of ministers, advisers and other ranks. The complexity of Nigerian politics makes it mandatory for democracy to be promoted by impassioned faith and not only an appeal to its doctrines. Except the state defines concrete strateg

ies to apply democratic principles to governance, democracy will remain largely a dead letter and incapable of solving any problems.

Under the Freedom of Information Act, the press will be covered if the newspapers publish relevant information otherwise, “there will be no heaven for the priest”( Ogali A Ogali).

Some Nigerian politicians are “a passive and enervate race, ready to swallow anything; with intellects incapable of distinguishing right from wrong, and with affection alike indifferent to just causes, obsequious only to the whisper of self-interest and to the beck of power.”
The evidence can be gleaned from the crossings by politicians, who jump from one political party to the other, in search of posts.
In this new dispensation, every living soul must seek after righteousness, so that our nation will be exalted.

We must regularly call on JEHOVAH Jire, JEHOVAH Nissi, JEHOVAH Adonai, JEHOVAH Rapha, JEHOVAH Rohi. JEHOVAH El Shaddai and JEHOVAH Sharma. Every Nigerian should say this prayer:

We pray that God forgives us all our sins. We hereby confess our sins both those we committed knowingly and unknowingly. We cover our sins with the blood of Jesus. We believe that Jesus is our Lord and Saviour. We are hereby released from all forms of foundational bondages especially ancestral linkages of ancestral demonism. We break all negative covenants and cancel all curses in the name of Jesus. All attachments to our lives by demonic spirits, kindred spirits and informant demons, we break in Jesus name. All invitations into satanic cults, we reject today. We also break with evil traditions and all demonic associations in whatever manner. No satanic bewitchments can affect us as from today, in Jesus name. We break with negative principalities and powers, witches and wizards forever. The blood of Jesus has washed us clean and we are free from all curses and covenants. Prosperity shall be our portion and inheritance in Jesus, who liveth and reigneth in unity with the Holy Spirit, one God world without end, AMEN.

Allah kawo Alheri, Allah Bamussah, Allah Biabukata.Amin

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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