A Sad Commentary on Nigerians!

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Gosh!!! How did we get here is an unpleasant question unendingly begging for an answer in our self-induced conundrum. The minds of some Nigerians are a sad commentary in the national and international spotlights!

The head of your household was allegedly or purportedly denigrated by an international nihilist and you’re celebrating it with joy and profundity, my compatriots, you need to take a look at your wellbeing or examine your cognition! The infatuated political love some of my compatriots in Nigeria have for president Donald Trump has given me a clearer picture and understanding of why we are where we are in Nigeria. The other day, it was Wole Soyinka some of my infertile compatriots denigrated because of Kongi’s courage and moral convictions! Why do Nigerians hate the best in them only to canonize the worst in others who are the worst in their own climes? Why do my people always dance to the celebration of their own defeat? Why do they resent their saviors only to, with contingency lick the boots of their opportunistic and corrupt leaders?

The trafficking in the purported fouled language from a petty president of the most powerful nation on earth by some of my fellow Nigerians speaks volume about how the country has lost its moral compass. Nigeria is in dire deep problems beyond what one can imagine. For some Nigerians to celebrate and recognize a man who has no respect for the nitty-gritty of truths, moral decency and dignity of others; disregard of the dead and denigrate the living is preposterous.

Furthermore, who cursed the soul of Nigerian nation? Who will give Nigeria a collective palliative treatment in thought process and her moral revival? How do we recoup the lost glory of Nigeria? These unending questions will soon begin to haunt the conscience and consciousness of the children of corruption and their sociopath masters.

Nigeria is in a cocoon of African renaissance. How to reactivate its glorious culture is now dauntingly concerning! Our nation is used to taking one step forward, and then with ten steps backward! When this man denigrated the continent of Africa recently, these same Nigerians vested their support for this narcissistic behavior, and with immoral justification.

The impending eulogies of Presidents Barack Obama and George Bush, and other Democrats for a maverick and conservative late Senator John McCain should shame these agents of division and their architecture of immorality in our country.

As usual, in times of political argy bargy, and the naughtiness of some of Buhari’s citizens, Buhari’s forbearance is emulating! President Buhari shouldn’t allow supporters of this bigoted and vile statement to distract him for the sake of ordinary impoverished Nigerians who are boisterously helpless, voiceless and yearning for egalitarian society. For goodness’ sake, this seemingly doomed generation of Nigerian youth needs redemption. Only redemption can salvage the remnants and the fate of Nigeria.

Our current youth’s signature in Nigeria is everything that’s abnormal and immoral in the wellbeing of the nation. Nigeria needs a true fervent revival to veer her away from hateful and resentment paths it has found itself. Nigeria has lost her moral code, and she needs to recode it to save her future! We will not rest in our oars to continue to weaponize ourselves with LOVE to dismantle their sense of hatred!

Written by
Yahaya Balogun
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