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Yes, Mr. Integrity and his Adversaries!!!

“He did not send anybody to Mecca for Hajj. He did not buy Sallah rams, cows, and rice for anyone with States’ funds. And nobody dared to send trucks of rams, cows, and rice to him for Sallah either, because he is not like our former Presidents. He does not collect bribes or kickbacks in any form. His name remains Muhammadu Buhari, President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria till 2023.” – Edafe Oghenebrume

I am a proud and unapologetic Buharist. Some call us Buharideens! It’s equally self-edifying and satisfying! Whichever one of the two names is convenient for you is very much welcoming!

It’s heartwarming to be associated with this man of conscientized people. The man is President Muhammadu Buhari of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Buhari has immeasurably shaped and influenced my life and the lives of others I have known in a tremendous way. He has given millions of us the definition of LOVE and HOPE of a bright future. He has also taught some of us how to use unblemished LOVE to dismantle HATE in the face of resentment and hopelessness!

In spite of grotesque illusion of lies and hate against the person of Buhari by the children of corruption, Buhari continues to amass supporters at a rate we have never seen before in our country’s political history. The more the machinations of the likes of egbon Fayose are uncovered, the more the unscathed persona of Buhari remains untainted in the court of public opinions. Buhari’s financial frugality and zero tolerance for indiscipline and corruption are a great asset for the country.

The most important take away from Buhari’s mien is how he is being surreptitiously instrumental to the forceful and disgraceful retirement of the vultures and tortoises in our polity. The tortoises are fast becoming irrelevant in the political equation of Nigeria. This new development alone is an achievement on its own. And it will also be a clean template for reordering our lost national values and identity. Once we involuntarily retire these tired-but-not-retired vultures and tortoises from our political space, Nigeria will begin to breathe a sigh of relief and activate her outlook into the promising future. In order to take our country back from men of yesterday, we must form a progressive group or union around Buhari in order to shield Mr. Integrity to save us from ourselves!

In recent times, Nigeria was etching gradually into the abyss of time. The previous administrations created a dystopian state where lives were short, brutish and nasty. Our contradictory nature nurtured the Hobbesian society and translated our country into a prodigal nation. Freebies became citizens’ signatures. Kickbacks, kickforwards and graft were ingrained in the national psyche while suffering and smiling (e go better, e go better) became a national anthem and dialogue. Some of our folks are enablers of our mindless leaders; the children of corruption are selfish and disingenuous to facts and indisputable information and evidence of the direction we’re trying to engineer for our future.

Men of yesterday rented a crowd in the unsuspecting people’s subconscious minds unimpeded. Their political machinations flourish with impunity, and they incentivize hate daily to divide unsuspecting people. While these sociopaths feast on the people’s intelligence, the people themselves constantly dance unceremoniously to the celebration of their own defeat!

It is extremely difficult to function well in a dysfunctional society. Our contradictory environment has always been our greatest huddle. But Buhari remains undeterred, calm and very focused to save Nigeria from some of her ruinous citizens and politicians. Despite the children of corruption’s hate against Buhari, Mr. Integrity continues to soar in the minds of some of us who are using our today’s nuances to predicting our future in order to create it for an enduring tomorrow. As a human being, PMB will be fallible, but where Buhari errs and gaffes, we will not wink or relent in our efforts to constructively criticize him to make some amends.

Moreover, as this writer remains committed to the historic aspirations of my incubating and contemporary political aspirants; in this political dispensation, my indefatigable friend Sowore and others must look beyond 2019 presidency. Buhari is preparing an enduring template for Sowore and others to flourish in 2019 and beyond. If Sowore and others are smart, they must strategically uphend the system to their own advantage. With the impending look of things in Nigeria, we may not need Mr. Tortoise or political godfathers with illegal cash to sponsor the youth for the mantle of leadership in future. The politics of “do or die affairs” may become historical nostalgia in our national conversation. It’s imminent!

Buhari must be reelected through this participatory democracy to finish the daunting tasks ahead of us. We pray for the rejuvenation of his frailty and good health. Men of yesterday are seeing the ominous signs and handwriting on the wall, that’s why they are being rattled by consciousness of guilt to prevent Buhari from coming back. Please, tell them wherever you see them that, we are not going back to the immediate past. We have vowed that Jonathan’s administration and his coterie of looters will be our last collective journey to the past!

Advertently, as we are predicting our future, we are looking forward to creating it to the consternation and admiration of Buhari’s adversaries and Buharists respectively. Next year 2019 will be a very crucial year. It will be another defining moment in redrawing the forward maps for our determined future! We must be part of our collective geography.


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