A State Sired By Racism

Image: Pixabay.com

The American Police were the slave patrols of yore. They were the lynch squads of yore. They lynched the black bodies in the past; today the are lynching black bodies in such a manner as to gain the tacit acceptance of White America. 

White America has always supported lynching Black bodies. Don’t forget that tickets were sold in the churches for Christians to go watch a black man lynched. 

Never forget that White Grandmothers of today were the young girls of yore that screamed at that black girl wanting to get a education in a desegregated school. Don’t forget that none apologised; did penance or showed remorse for those corrugated show of diseased bigotry. Don’t forget that they begot daughters. The White lady store manager that called the Police on two Black men in the video above; is a descendant of those Grandmas; and a testament of what those infernal devils passed on to their daughters. 

Never forget that Carolyn Bryant Donham; the woman that lied against Emmett Till and got an innocent kid murdered; don’t forget that she begot children. 

She only came out to say she lied, decades after she dipped her hand in the blood of another woman’s son. She compounded her evil by swearing under oath to tell the truth; but abjured all that is good; and lied like the daughter of evil that she is; and compounded her guilt; that no detergent can wash away. 

Don’t forget that they had daughters. 

And those descendants of these devils are still prowling round like roaring lions looking for blackmen to devour and feed to the beasts of America’s structural bigotry. 

Don’t forget that Bull O’ Connor had kids. We wouldn’t know what that inveterate racist taught his kids. 

We know what the KKK father of Donald Trump taught his son. He taught him to be a vile, immoral racist that is nothing but psychopathology on two legs. 

This is the mixture out of which America is made; and why many White Americans are using the Police as an extension to enforce their bigotry. 

Gwazia ndi yard unu

Written by
Onyemaechi Ogbunwezeh
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