Muhammadu Buhari
Muhammadu Buhari

“Buhari too dey Shame! But im Belle no gree am”

I told you guys that Nigeria is a neo-colony of Britain. 

That is why Buhari preferred to present a speech at Chatham House, instead of appearing for a presidential debate before Nigerians, with Goodluck Jonathan in Abuja. 

He proved to you that the Nigerian electorate had no role to play, in who gets to rule this British warrant-chieftaincy called Nigeria. 

This was why at his election, a few weeks to his inauguration, he secretly flew off to London, like a man secretly going to rendezvous with a harlot; without caring to tell Nigerians what was so urgent as to compel a president-elect to bail on his charge. 

He under the clouds of his health, went to receive his instructions at the court of St. James. Those who gave him power called to tell him how to exercise it. He went. After that visit, all his anti-corruption rhetoric became the malodorous farts of a village drunkard. 

He was instructed to overlook that British Agent seconded to Shell BP, Deziani. He got his instructions. He came home. And Nigeria continued going to that hell, for which he criticized Jonathan ad nauseam. 

Today again, Buhari has gone to London to give his situation report to her master; this time Theresa May, and to ask her for tenure extension. 

Even in the midst of a crises, where his fellow countrymen and women are slaughtered daily like animals; he prefers to tow the equivocating garrulity of an absentee-landlord. He was even not ashamed to accuse a dead man; who is no longer there to defend himself; Mummar Gaddaffi, as the reason why Fulani herdsmen are murdering Nigerians in their sleep and sacking their cities and villages. 

He is doing that before his masters. 

Gaddaffi has been besmirched in Western narrative of the moment. Any quisling, who wishes to gain sympathy points from the rapists of Africa, only needs to wave an anti-Gaddaffi flag to gain admittance to an audience of tigers, that would wait to hear him first, before continuing on their vocation of gobbling up his country by installment. 

Buhari and those glorified warrant chiefs ruling Nigeria at present, like their kindred spirits of yore, know they owe Nigerians no explanations or favours. Elections are not won in Nigeria. Once the Court of St. James rubber-stamps you, i jeebego!! 

That is why your president hides in London to “eat” your money; Nigerian peoples’ money. And you cannot do twat about it. That is why he hides there; without any clearly defined objective on how his visit would impact on his governance strategies or translate to better life for Nigerians. 

He went to beg to be granted a second term. 

The president knows what shame is. He knows that no Western leader would come to Nigeria for holiday. He knows that only African and third world fools do that. 

But when a man’s belly, or salary is tied to doing what he should normally be ashamed of, he will swallow his shame bravely. He will continue to equivocate and to redefine what shame is; or move the goalposts of shame a bit further. 

Fellow Nigerians, I just want to announce to you; that your president knows all these things. But his hands are tied. They are tied with, and to his intestines. 

Buhari dey shame but im Belle no gree am. 

Gwazia ndi yard unu

Written by
Onyemaechi Ogbunwezeh
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