Abia’s PDP-Woodpeckers and Kalu’s Overpowering Influence

by Odimegwu Onwumere

If a pregnant woman does not spit, wouldn’t people know that she is
pregnant? This was what came to mind a fortnight on reading that the
performance-bedridden Abia State Governor Theodore Orji, Colonel (rtd)
Austin Akubundu, Prince Vincent Ogbulafor, and Senators Nkechi Nwogu
and Eyinnaya Abaribe ran to the People’s Democratic Party, (PDP)
National Working Committee, (NWC), Abuja, like pupils in school, who
were beaten up by a senior member, to lodge their torment that, the
party should not allow the re-entry of Dr. Orji Uzor to the party.

It has become obvious that the fear of Kalu is the beginning of
political wisdom in not only Abia State, but in Nigeria, if the like
of Orji are having nightmare, because of Kalu. Even the footprint of
Kalu, it has become glaringly glaring that Orji is afraid of it; if
the breeze is blowing, Orji must come out to see if it was Kalu, who
is passing by. These suffer one to ask about the type of unstoppable
power that Kalu has wielded for himself. If we were in a developed
country, scholars would have swooped on research to find out.
Although, we are sure that so many of them are rightly researching to
understand the phenomenon called Orji Uzor Kalu. It was as a result of
this that many books have been written about him, each author writing
a linear view of the dude, yet none has come to tandem in full, to
tell the world, who Kalu is. This is not possible, though!

At the mention of Kalu, Orji would be crying, even as Kalu has not
touched him. Why was Ogbulafor also running at the mention of Kalu?
But please, who are Akubundu, Nwogu and Abaribe? Let’s talk of
something else that is of importance!

It was an intended insult to Kalu, when these so-called Abia PDP
elites made the goof called trip to the PDP headquarters Abuja, to
make their unsubstantiated petition against Kalu known to the party,
about their ill-conceived re-turn of Kalu to the party. But, imagine!
For the persona of Kalu, the PDP (NWC) stood still, when the political
gangsters that we have known for do-nothings in Abia State, opened
their mouths to gossip Kalu, before a bewildered PDP unsuspecting

One thing again came to mind, was moreover that these
lacuna-politicians in Abia State, wanted to provoke Kalu to re-turn to
the PDP, knowing that if they make this passing, he might be budged
with their unwarranted challenge.

We know Kalu as a man with the wand of power and that, anything he
touched, becomes gold. But what is there in the PDP that the
tyro-politicians of Abia extraction, compared to Kalu, do not want
Kalu for? Yes, they might not want him, because he has brought the
party under serious criticisms that, it was retrogressing in seeing to
the needs of the electorate than it is progressing with the shamefaced
news of improprieties in the matter of handling our collective
commonwealth. Is this why they do not want him? Or, do they think that
he would follow them to share in the spree of financial oddities that
has been going on in the country, than Nigeria had ever recorded in
her history? Inubekwe! This was a man who gave the PDP N500m in 2008,
when many of these political-woodpeckers, without any significant
groundbreaking in politics, were but toddlers in monetary matters.
Don’t mind that they are now billionaires. Hooey!

The trip that the Orjis made to Abuja is one of the many mistakes
woodpecker-politicians like them can make. Who are even Nwogu and
Akubundu? It will never be proper to make them popular with this
perfidy called a protest to the PDP against Kalu. So, let’s leave

It has become understandably today by this protest, that there were
people behind the screen, who have been misleading Orji, not to
perform as governor, while using Kalu an excuse. They don’t want Kalu,
because of the allocations from the Federation Account to Abia State
that we read in the newspapers, but do not see where they are usefully
used. They do not want Kalu, who has become a mighty political force
to surmise within the Nigerian politics, because he will tell them to
walk their talk. Kalu was a man who has made a name in the Nigerian
politics, no matter the selfish discordant un-rhythmic voices of the
like of Ogbulafor, a supposedly Prince, who was hounded out of
politics, wearing shame like a garb.

They knew that Kalu still holds the political mace, as far as any
political party is concerned in Nigeria. The Orjis are just chasing a
shadow of him, when he is not even chasing them. Imagine what could
have happened to many of the PDP-woodpecker politicians, if Kalu had a
character in pulling people down, just as they have, many would have
been in a transparent political oblivion by now. Nevertheless, why has
Orji and his breed of politicians bent on riding the once precious
Abia State on a goat instead of on a horse? They are just fixated with

Kalu has a good calculator is measuring politics. That Kalu was shown
the side with a heavy arsenal of security men, when he contested for
the position of a Senator, has not changed anything about him. This is
why men like Orji are always in fears about him. T.A Orji is most
mystified, driven like a bucolic cab, by his new found political
godfathers and mothers, in the persons of Ogbulafor, Nwogu, Akubundu
and Abaribe. But like we know, they are just a bunch of sinking ship,
not like the Titanic. At least, the Titanic had men and women of
integrity in it.

It is very comical, when the propagandists the Orjis surrounded
themselves with, open their large mouths and say that Orji Uzor Kalu
is no longer relevant in Abia State, yet they are on the run at
sighting Kalu. Can we imagine the type of brains that characterize the
government in Abia State? Very poor brains! Does Kalu need the PDP,
when he has not lost any relevance, to say that, he direfully needs
the party to re-establish himself, whereas in earnest, it’s the party
that needs him like a droughty desert begging for the rains? Can the
National Chairman of the PDP come up tomorrow and vehemently announce
to the world that the PDP does not need Kalu? This cannot be done!

What was expected from the Orji’s escort was to tell the PDP NWC that
he has failed and needs the members help to beg the people of Abia
State he has for years tortured with selfish-governance, for
forgiveness and, not to be using the name of Kalu to slightly fill in
the gap that he (Orji) knew that he has created in the state; and that
without the mention Kalu, as he has wrongfully been doing, no one
would hear Orji’s name.

For one, Kalu would not have gone to the press to join issue with Orji
and his bunch of marooned woodpecker-politicians; but like as we knew
in journalism, any allegation that was not challenged, automatically
becomes a dubious truth. If not, it is a waste of time joining issue
with Orji, who has perfected the dishonesty perceived, is in
governance. This should have been the opinion of the persons that
escorted Orji to the PDP. They should have been protesting that he
should tell them why he has not been doing any work that the eye can
see in Abia State. However, our elders were not wrong, when they said
that, birds of the same feather flock together.

It is conspicuous that why the persons did not protest against Orji
was because, they want either Nkechi or Abaribe, to contest for the
gubernatorial elections in Abia State come 2015. So, they are
beginning to see Kalu’s overpowering influence in Nigeria, as a
roadblock to them, especially now that the electorates are becoming
more sensitized in electoral matters. They do not want Kalu, be

they are at peace with the state’s coffers and, do not want any
external person, to know their antics. This is PDP’s members for you?

The answer that was given to the in-job, but the jobless Orjis, by the
PDP National Chair was coherent: “My mission is to reconcile without
confrontation.” This serves them aptly, whereas they expended the
already impoverished Abia people’s money in a protest of shame. Why
will the Orjis not come to agreement that Kalu is overwhelmingly than
they are, although they knew this and, that was why they ran to Abuja,
hoping that their headmaster could hear them, but it was unlike the
doubtful PDP, they got themselves swimming in the groan of shame. This
serves the Orjis very well. Ho! Ha!!

The answer that the Orjis got in Abuja has proved disbelievers of Kalu
wrong: Kalu is much needed everywhere in Nigeria. The Orjis are on the
run, if not, why has Orji Uzor Kalu become the beginning of their
political wisdom? Like it’s observed succinctly: Orji is just
frightened and ashamed of having the man he has mischievously spat on
and politically buttonholed back in the same party with him.

The information is that Abia people are not just happy with the PDP,
because of the Orjis of the state. And they are now recruiting into a
different party that will deliver the state from the polluted Orji-led
government in the state. So, the Orjis that went to protest against
Kalu have shown that the PDP in Abia State is a beehive of
unchangeable elements that do not even need any form of change to meet
them. But, for how long shall the people live like this?

As a man of peace, Kalu has shown a high level of maturity that the
Orjis cannot prevent him from coming back to the PDP, if he so
desires; but for the men of hate the Orjis are, they do not want to
see Kalu, because they drink with hate, bath with hate, and move along
with hate. Can’t we see these in them? It would have been a good idea
to suggest to the Orjis to leave Kalu alone, but this might not make
any sense, because the Orjis are being haunted by their own demons.

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