Africans must Unite…

by Carl Collins Ogunshola Oshodi

There was a time when Africans had no well-established recognition, which perhaps was due to the impediments of Imperialism and the adverse nature of Colonialism. With time, changes began to come up, Africans in America who had succeeded in liberating themselves, they then push and extended the fellowship of brotherhood to their African kin in Africa. This was a breakthrough in ancestral linkage, a package which saw and met with the evils of its time by the white racist.

Although the era of Racism is gone; the era of segregation was debated, treated, and won by the very species of Humanity who saw brotherhood in human existence as the only creation of the living God, who is all-knowing. These very actors saw with time the importance of living together, the joy of fellowshipping and worshipping with great enthusiasm towards and to a God which is one, and which was an extension of the ideologies of brotherhood, borne out of Unity, peace and social communion today there is a perfect blend of human integration.

Through the world today, there is inter-racial Marriages here and there; Political progress in terms of democracy has been copied as a gesture of the providence of a global friendship in diversity. Now Economies issues has been liberated in nations which was far below in terms of Economic issues and who also has seen the adverse nature of social, economic and political depression.

At a given time in the world order, a recession broke out which caused a revolution in technocratic ideologies of the west. it was as a result of this gear to survive that the West with unrelinquished ego to live, and be liberated from Hunger, that they developed the weapons of survival and savaging, with this, they went ahead into the hinterland of the Dark forest tropics for food, and agents of survival. But if this was the only option the White man has, to simply savage these hinterland for the necessities of food, it would have been better. Others had a different motives, because they on their visit to these hinterland of Africa saw richness, and they made their resolve to savage this riches for the necessities of their social status, for national prosperity; for a more economic and power built states of the west.

In the later years to come, other well equipped Nations of the west also held of the savage folk-tales, and sailed from the Indies, shores of Indian ocean, the Polaris of America and Europe came forth the British, the French, the Americans, the Portuguese and Germans. They with the motives to savage this wealth, and take a well established hold, they fought gallantly with each other. This wars though was necessary by only need to cannibals being recreated among this savages. A define mix of structural man-eater was born, a reformed and ego squeezed human-haters came on board.

Before this events, in the BCs, the the Romans has already done a forensic study of the Hinterland of Africa. This later served as a basis for the exploitation of these forest richness.

While the white was Busy finding routes into the heart of Africa’s main wealth, which comprises of the peoples and culture, the plantations, the timbles, the mines, the gold deposits, the agricultural essentials; Africans where either living happily or in a confine of inter-tribal or perhaps clans battles. In a separated investigation carried out from available archives, Africans from time had be build to pay total allegiance to their clan alone, it was a personal model aim at forming a mechanical solidarity such that the problems of the clan will remain supreme. It was a personality growth system built at training Africans for the Africa’s Ideological society of the close ties systems. With this notion of growth system, and socialization, these offsprings of the later years Product of this hypothesis became very attached to their own confined societies. All others coming from the outside was regarded as enemies. This in my Opinion was what the white man saw, and thought that Africans had hated themselves, and the ideal African was a Beast, and thus, Africa was a zoo.

African Scholars later refuted these theories, but thence, the deed has been done. They collective tried to build afresh an Original ideals of the African society, but it all fell on deaf ears, it all fell on wanting ground of global audience. It books where seen as racial, ethnocentric and what have we.

Today, Africans have stood up for what Africa truly is. Africans have started its crusade to liberate once and for all, all that concerns Africa. They have seemingly told their white brothers to return its properties and wealth, which was stolen from them. Today, it is evident that Africans are coming together, and that Africans are now serving as a pathfinders in global Unity. I think now is the Time when Africans will leave History and deal on the present and future. We have no time to correct historical wrongs, we have corrected it before now, let’s not dwell in Ambiguity. Africans must unite by all means necessary in Truth and Justice Alone!!!

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Sarah Osimabia Ibim Johnson May 30, 2007 - 3:32 pm

It was well written…You are a true son of Africa


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