On Your Marks, Get Set…

by Uzoma Nduka

The fight has not started. When it does, we will all be aware. It will strike like thunder and bring down its actors. We will all be by the sides and watch and cheer…

The tango between Chris Uba and his brother Andy Uba is just bubbling started. They are just in the preliminary series.

As we learnt, some days before the gubernatorial (s) elections in Nigeria, Chris Uba was invited by the Inspector General of Police Mr. Sunday Ehindero for some discussions. As was confirmed by Chris Uba, he was neither molested nor mishandled by the police. It was a peaceful and “pally-pally” parley between him and the Inspector General of Police. The core of the confabulation was securing peace and harmony between Chris and Andy Uba.

Bringing my readers down memory lane, Chris Uba is the celebrated godfather of Anambra politics. He claims to have entered the political terrain long before Andy, his senior brother. He also purports that he is more popular and homegrown than Andy. Chris Uba says his name is synonymous with ancient and modern Anambra politics and it overshadows that of his brother. To Chris, Anambra State, as it were, is his and his alone. And for anyone to decide what happens in Anambra he must convene, chair and control the conference in which the decision is reached. The Godfather part one.

Andy Uba, who claims to have a doctorate degree from an American university like Chris, lays claim to Anambra State as well. He sees himself as the liberator and savior of the Anambra people. He has been applying the power in power politics to get what he wants. Andy Uba, as we all know, sits close to the corridors of power in Nigeria.

He dines and wines and shines with the president. In fact he is the Kings watchman. And knowing the power he possess as the presidents’ man he exercises it as he wishes knowing full well that he has the backing of his boss. He seems to grasp the full turn of politics. He understands how the political steering curves and gears shifts. He plays the obedient servant and “yes-sir” role to get what he wants. He bootlicks.

Chris Uba has also mentioned baba’s name in this. From his mouth he voiced that baba has mediated and is still mediating in the imbroglio between the two brothers.

Mediation is a good art. It matters in both personal and family lives. When countries are in turmoil, mediators play important roles and significant part. Mediation and diplomacy are interchangeable and synonyms. They are good tools and more effective in both domestic and global politics.

But in my opinion it is misused and misapplied by both President Obasanjo and the Inspector General of Police, Sunday Ehindero. The interest being protected here by the two men above-Obasanjo and Ehindero seems to be more personal than national. The state interest is far from being shielded and guarded by President Obasanjo. The later is pursuing personal political points than national goal. He seems not to be interested in what happens to the state of Anambra so far as his stooge or boy is the executive governor of the state. This has been evident since the President took power in 1999. It was even more glaring during the crisis of the Chris’s i.e. Chris Ngige-ex-governor and Chris Uba, the acclaimed godfather. The world knew and saw Obasanjo’s position in the fight of the soul of Anambra at that time.

Clearly, the President didn’t hide his soft spot for Chris Uba. The President rose in Chris Uba’s defense using all executive artilleries and machine-guns. Obasanjo supported Chris Uba with all state machinery and apparatus while the elected governor struggled and begged for state support and subvention. The President looked away from the governors concerns and aspirations for the Anambra people and listened to the godfathers’ petition for non-payment of Okija-agreed deals.

The present power tussle between Chris Uba and Andy Uba and the President’s involvement is condemnable and unconstitutional. In what capacity is the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria involved? Is he acting for the Republic or the individual? Whose resources is he using for the mediation? Whose time? Is he being paid for the hours spent in this mediation?

What about the Inspector General of Police? Is he enforcing the law or adjudicating it? Where is the separation of powers? If two parties are in dispute, commonsense and logic says they should go to the courts to settle matters. But instead of Chris and Andy Uba taking their troubles to the court of the land, the Inspector General took it upon himself to intervene.

If President has this enormous power for peaceful settlement of matters why hasn’t he brought peace in Darfur? Why hasn’t he provided the President of America, George W. Bush the panacea for Iraq War?

Those who fetch insect-infested firewood should suffer its consequences according to my people.

Chris Uba and Andy have reduced Anambra to nothing because they hold the ultimate power. They have made the efforts and achievements of people like Azikiwe, Achebe, Ekwueme, Ojukwu look like B.S. These legends and nationalists are no longer mentioned in the dailies nor their faces featured in the televisions rather they have been replaced with the voices and faces of political and intellectual nobodies.

Ultimately, Obasanjo wants to dissolve the Igbo power which he knows hides under the Overhead Bridge. His goal is to destabilize Igbo unity by destroying the Amazon. The President seeks to rubbish the ambition of the Igbos by sowing confusion, instability and inconsistency in Anambra. President Obasanjo knows that if Anambra State succeeds the entire Igbo race will follow suit. And as a matter of fact this will hunt him. So he prefers to be dead than see Anambra live and Igbo succeed. This is the undertone of the President’s ploy. This is why he’s interested in planting plunderers and looters in the state. This is why he’s exerting so much energy in mediating between Chris and Andy because one of the duos will carry out Obasanjo’s assault on the Igbo nation.

However, like my mother will say, when his cup of sin is full, it will certainly explode. The trouble between Chris and Andy is just opening its petals. By winter we will see its buttocks. It is what one sow one reaps (Ife onyocho k’ofu).

Look at what a family is doing to a gazillion other families. Look at what the Uba’s are doing to the Okeke’s, Mmadike’s, Onyejekwe’s, Nwosu’s, Okonkwo’s, Aniekwe’s, Okocha’s, etc. The selfishness and greed of the Uba’s strangles self and collective development of the Anambra people and Igbos. Their uppity attitude keeps at standstill the growth of commerce and trade in the Igbo heartland thereby making life unbearable for the Igbos. Again, what one sows one reaps. Also pickin wey say im mama no go sleep, sleep no go touch dey pickin eye. Let them keep on doing what they are doing. One day, one day monkey go market im no return.

Sit back and watch my countrymen.

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